Farm Heroes Saga Level 62

Farm Heroes Saga Level 62, Video, strategies and Tips for Level 62 by Farm Hero Saga Help Admins.

66Only 15 moves to obtain all your matches, try to get a good flow of colours dropping so some of your matches make themselves. Making all your matches between the bubbles with raindrops in them will give you blue to match and the other matches will come almost for free. Not an easy level so don’t forget you can use your boosters too if you need them.

Editors comment about the Boosters: I would save all the Boosters for the Rancid Level 63, it is MUCH harder than this. :P

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5 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 62

  1. I don’t “get” level 62 and also, I don’t have “bubbles”, just buckets that fill when items match at the right points, and it takes 3 matches to get drops out of a bucket.There is no way I can see to get beyond this level

  2. Première fois que je n’arrive pas à passer ce
    niveau 62 . Impossible de récupérer l’eau .
    Trois matches pour remplir les seaux et
    .seulement 15déplacements .
    Plein de plantes et 3gouttes d’eau .
    Help help , un conseil !!
    Meme les vidéos ne m’aident pas .

    help , help

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