Farm Heroes Saga Level 63 – watch the awesome video walkthrough by Lynette!

Farm Heroes Saga Level 63, Defeat Rancid the raccoon!

Video walkthrough without boosters and +2 damage with Magic Beans by Lynette Lawrence.

You have only 12 moves to defeat Rancid. Go back to the very first levels to play them over and over again to get more Magic Beans in order to use extra damage to defeat this nasty little vermin.

Work your way from the bottom up, this will give you a bigger chance to remove a lot of resources at once.

bone-remove-ALL-boosterThe Boosters charges up over time, so if you have the patience to wait, you can wait for any of them to charge up to use. The purple Booster that removes all is real great to use if you have it. Wait to use it until near the End and count the damage percent’s it will make before you place the bone (1 point = 1% damage). The green +1 Bonus Booster is also a really great option to use, since it will boost up the damage really good!

All of us got 20 gold bars in the beginning, so the first times you buy something in the game you don’t need to pay.

If you buy extra moves before you start a level they cost 6 gold bars and if you buy them in the End they cost 9 gold bars.

The highest value a gold bar can have if you buy it is 1 Facebook Credit.

Tips for Level 63 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Admins. We would love to hear your comments on how you defeated rancid at Level 63. This is a really hard level indeed! :)

9 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 63 – watch the awesome video walkthrough by Lynette!

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  2. How do you claim lives that are given as gifts? There is no point in collecting them at the beginning of the game when you have all 5 lives,I don’t see a way of finding them again ???

  3. After finishing Farm Heroes Saga, how do I return to Level 1 to start over again? I am SO hooked on this game !!!!!

    • You can drag yourself around the map with the mouse and find lower levels to upper your score. If you want to completely start over you will need a second account at Facebook. It is against Facebook TOS to have several accounts, but I have never heard of anybody getting cought for having only 2 or 3 accounts. I have 3 accounts, 1 for this blog and community management, that is my main account and I pay for items in the games. i also have one for playing non paid games to make awesome videos and then I have one account for my family and friends that just went and unfriended me with the gaming acocunt, lols. :P

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