Farm Heroes Saga Level 70

Level 70 Farm heroes Saga at Facebook

Video, strategies and Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 70 by Farm Hero Saga Help Admins.

This is the last level of episode 5. Today is 22th April 2013 and we are waiting for more levels.

To our big surprise it’s not a that hard level! So enjoy it and match 38 blue droplets, 65 suns, 65 strawberries and 65 onions with 24 moves. If you match 4 or more the same colour… the score will be higher… Good luck. :)

Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga have all the level videos uploaded, please subscribe!

Upper video for Level 70 is played without any boosters by Lynette Lawrence, thank you Lynette for sharing! <3

Lower video is a walkthrough played with the shovel booster, that you can buy with Magic Beans.

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