Farm Heroes Saga Level 71 – Meet the Grumpy Cropsies

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 71 by Farm Heroes Saga Help at Facebook

grumpy1Welcome to new levels of episode 6. :) There are new exciting levels and new stuff. Look out of the grumpy crospies because they will cancel your match that they are a part of. In the picture you have one example :)



With 28 moves match 25 carrots, 25 strawberries, 25 blue droplets and 25 suns. This is mostly a training level for the Grumpy Cropsies, so it is quite easy to pass. :)

Video walkthrough for Level 71 to be find at Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

3 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 71 – Meet the Grumpy Cropsies

  1. Level 77 or so. The game has become impossible and is therefore NO fun whatsoever. I used to enjoy it, but now you must spend money to advance. I won’t be playing anymore, the grumpy crops are a joke!

    • I hated those little grumpy buggers as well, when they first arrived. But 400 levels later, believe me, they aren’t that bad after all… ;-)

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