Farm Heroes Saga Level 87

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 87 by Farm Heroes Saga Help at Facebook

Starting moves 30.

Needed: 4 flowers, 40 carrots, 40 beetroot(onions) and 40 strawberries.

You have to match 3 to break through the ice to get to the flower, also it’s 3 matches to make the flower grow, flower and pick.
You also have to watch out for the grumpies as well.

Not an easy level, so it is good to keep in mind that the shovel can be used on both flowers and the ice. Focusing on first breaking the ice in the middle and then make the flowers grow from “the inside” have been a successful strategy for many players playing farm Heroes Saga level 87.

Good luck.

Video gameplay for Level uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

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