Farm Heroes Saga Level 91

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 91 by Farm Heroes Saga Help at Facebook

Farm Heroes Saga Starting SetUp

Starting Moves 15.

Is a Rancid level so you not expect be an easy one.

Clear the ice at the bottom, then once the Ice is cleared, try and make rows of crops on the grass and you get extra points.

You can buy some extra damage with the beans at the beginning to try and help you out, also shovels and any boosters you may have.
If you are low on beans though, this level should be doable without extra damage, it costs much less beans to buy shovels and try many times. 😉

As usual with Rancid it is about knocking him out with as many matches as you can with the moves you have.
Good Luck!!

Video gameplay for Level uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

    18 thoughts on “Farm Heroes Saga Level 91

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      • The raccoon scoring has been changed so that we now need a certain amount og hits instead of %. the same amount of matches are still required.

    2. I am quitting Farm Heroes until you fix level 91 so that I don’t have to get to 295%!! And it’s not points, it’s percentage on my machine!! I don’t need to waste time like this…..

    3. The 295 points is impossible. I have spent money on trying to complete this level. Bought gold bars and extra bonus’s etc…can’t get any lower than 95! It is merely a ploy to make money!!!! SO flipping angry….they get ya hooked so you have to spend money!!

    4. On Facebook, the game starts with 291 points. As you make good matches the number drops. WHAT IS THE GOAL to beat this game????

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