Did you got a free life by watching advertisements?

[update] There are no more Adverts in Any of the King Games since June 2013, this post is no longer accurate, but remains here for historical reasons or something like that… :P

I haven’t managed to lure any ads to pop up in-game, but I am working on it. I played Bubble Witch Saga and used Facebook in English until today. My friend that is using Facebook in Swedish have got five free lives in the past 24 hours. At first when she told me that she is getting free lives from thin air, when reached 0 energy I didn’t believe her.

poster for free energy, free life, free heart

She couldn’t tell me what she clicked to get those free hearts or anything. But fortunately I had the opportunity to sit beside her earlier today and could see the in-game ad popup myself. It IS real!

One other difference that I sadly can not reproduce with our accounts is that she NEVER ever use facebook coins. But I have now changed my facebook to Swedish and I have high hopes for free lives. :D I’ll keep this post updated!

About 30-40 games later, no free lives, no pop-ups for any commercials:

Nothing yet and the “wrong” language at Facebook starts to irritate me. I know that fb-apps tends to be treating customers differently overall, but it isn’t fun AT ALL when one self feel mistreated…. :P

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I got the picture from my friend today, so here is a picture that someone really get the free lives. The funny thing is, she clicks to accept watching a commercial and then there is a white screen for a second and she gets her so much wanted extra life. No ad seen.

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  1. I know! It seems NOT to work for those who ever used Facebook coins. My sister always gets free lifes and I never do. Just like you, I changed default language on Facebook thinking it would help but it didn’t. It’s NOT fair. ALSO DO NOT BUY CHARM OF MAGIC, it’s a RIP OFF. IT DOES NOT WORK, you will only lose money. Emailing King.com won’t help either you will only get automatic generated answer not related to your complain.

  2. Oh, you found an e-mail address? That is always something! My friend with the free life’s also seems to get offers for FB-coins 80% off all the time, she never uses the offers though. I updated the post with a screen cap that she could deliver me today.

  3. I’m by no means an expert at BWSaga, but I do have a few observations to share.

    Green spiders seem to fall on the opposite side of the 5th cluster.

    As mentioned elsewhere, using http://www.facebook.com/?sk=app_256051837747677 you can harvest your own shared coins, making a 250 coin share into 500 worth of coins for yourself.

    Infections give priority to shots that make clusters. If you have a situation where you have two bubbles and can’t help but hit an infected bubble as well, the infection won’t take your shot away.

    I only have two charms, but they have served me well: the charm of scrolling (thanks to level 55) and the charm of netting, which has often turned a two-star game into a 3-star one. I’m saving my pennies for the mega-expensive eternal life charm, since no one gave me one for Christmas… ;o)

    • Wow! That is really great input! I’ll test your insights right away and add them to post mentioning those stuff! :D

      And about Christmas… I didn’t receive any Charms either, should we make a complaint to Santa?

    • As an addendum to my earlier post – the charm of webbing puts a spiderweb over the two biggest cauldrons, allowing whatever bubble that falls on them to bounce back to hit the spiders again. This goes on for 18 bounces, then the web dissolves. I’ve had it bounce a bubble back to a green spider which then took me from 2 stars to 3. Fun to watch!

      I usually use it toward the end of a round, after I’ve gotten 2 green spiders and can hit the ninth star. Bubbles all over the place!!

      • Thank you very much, I am seriously thinking of purchasing that Charm, I don’t think King.Com would let you in on any commissions for that , even if they should, :P


  5. I have not received any earn a life by watching commercials for 3 weeks now..I used to get them once a day..my friends play the game and gets this consistently. Tried to get some answers through contact the app on fb but no response..wonder why I stopped getting them.

      • I am no longer able to earn a life by watching video advertisements, because I clicked on a scam by Bubble Witch to pass a level foe free. They tell you their is no obligation and take your credit card info, but the minute they do this they cut you off from earning lives like this forever. If this is not a scam, I don’t know what is. Pretty sad.

  6. I get the commercials all the time but no free lives, it says if you close this you will not get your reward, so I leave it but still no life??? maybe sometimes I did before I knew what it was but now I am checking since seeing this page, hopefully its just a temp glitch and will be getting free lives next time :)

  7. Bisher habe ich immer die Möglichkeit gehabt ein freies Leben durch die Beobachtung Werbung zu bekommen. Seit gestern funktioniert das nicht mehr.Können Sie mir die Ursache dafür erklären und ggf. ein Tipp dies wieder zu korrigieren?

    • If you have bought something in the game (or in any other game from King), then the possibility to get lives disappear. if you haven’t done that, ther might be a problem with the ad serving from within the game. There have been reports for other games the last few days that ads are not showing up as supposed to, so there might be a bug that we can’t fix ourself.

  8. en el juego de pet rescue saga me aparecia el corte publicitario y me dava una vida ahora no me aparece ningun corte publicitario y tengo que esperar hasta el dia siguiente no entiendo el poque tengo amigos que pueden seguir jugando y yo no alguien me puede explicar que paso

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