How do I earn stars in Bubble Witch Saga?

You earn stars by clearing levels. For clearing a level you earn one, two or tree stars depending of how high you score. You can see your score at the bottom right corner when you are playing the level at PC or Mac and monitor your progress. The mobile version of the game doesn’t have this feature.

If you have earned one star on a level the first time, you can come back to that level later on and try to earn more stars. Every level with a guide here at the Fan Site have noted how many Points you need to get 1, 2, 3 Stars. You can use the level tags to the left to find your desired level. Or just CLICK THIS LINK to get to the Level index for Bubble Witch Saga.

You can not get even 1 Star at a level, even if you have the score needed, unless you have cleared the ceiling, aka got at least 9 holes up there to break it.

Stars unlock Magic Potions and Magic Charms and Extra lives.

E.g. 70 stars unlock the potion that gives you extra holes in the ceiling and 90 stars gives you an extra heart!!!

There is a separate listing of all known achievements in Bubble Witch Saga.

There is 4 kind of different potions to unlock in Bubble Witch Saga

Earn stars to unlock potions


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    • You have to reach the needed Score for a level to earn Stars. I have tried to implement the amount of Stars needed in the walk troughs of the levels at this site.

    • When you play a level successfully for the first time you, you get at least one Star, that is added the the Stars, that you already have. At the right bottom corner, you can see how many Stars you have.

  2. I have gotten the number of points needed to get stars. I have done level 3 over and over. It tells me that I got 3 stars. When I try to clear the level that I’m on, it tells me that I need at least 1 star. Why? I had just earned 3 stars?

    • It is an ingame bug, but sometimes it can be fixed by updating your browser and clearing out cache. Search this blog for loading issues to get more information on howto.

    • Yes– you got 3 stars in the level you just passed. Now you are in a new level–and need 3 stars on that level as well. Hope this helps.

  3. I have completed Level 155, Level I of the Eternal Isles and have gone through many of my lower star levels to collect more stars to open stuff up. I have 3 stars in almost every level. I am trying to get more than 1 to 2 stars in the Eternal Isles and so far, even after using all my lifelines (potions and stuff) – (I have eternal lives so lives aren’t a problem)….I am still unable to get more than 1 star in Levels 2, 6, 7, 8 & 10 of the Eternal isles. I don’t think it will advance until I have completed the 30 stars required….any ideas or suggestions on how to gain more stars so I can proceed?

    • The game will proceed when they launch new levels. :) Click on the Tips tag to the left to get great general Tips for the game. :)

  4. i am stuck on level 41 feeling so frustrated i have already gathered about 80 stars and still cannot break level 41 I am just about ready to quit playing Bubble Witch Saga and i am trying to find a web site that can teach me how to beat the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t understand this game. There is no directions to help me anywhere. All says get stars and I’ve played level 14 many times and says no stars. I have no idea what I have to do to get stars etc. very annoying game. There is no where that tells me what I do have.

    • You earn Stars by clearing the level for certain amounts of points, each level have different amount of points to earn for 1,2.3 Stars. Use the tags 1-170 here to learn how many sTars are needed for each level.

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  7. Stuck in level 35! How do i gwt the most points to earn 1star so i can finally go to the next level? Ive be stuck on this level for 2 weeks and i have cleared all bubbles a lot but continues to says that i have to earn at least 1 star or more! Help

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  9. I have reached level 279 and for some reason I’m stuck at 404 stars. I have not received any stars in some time now. The last levels I’ve passed, I’ve received no stars, and the daily bonus wins have again added no stars. I’ve gone back and replayed previous levels, and still no stars. what’s the problem? I’m on 404 stars, and I figure I should have about 420 or so. Can you help>

    • You get stars when you upper your star count, like, if you have 2 Stars on a level, you can play it for 3 Stars and 1 star will get added, but if you play it for 2 stars again, no stars can get added. The last reward at the moment for collecting stars is at 400.

      • I have a friend with 418 stars. I am earning stars but they are NOT showing up on my star counter. I see a problem here. I am not getting stars when I earn them by winning a level or by winning the bonus round each day. My total count is 404, and will not go higher even if I get 1, 2 or 3 stars more. It seems there is a problem with the game as far as I can see. Do you have a better explanation?

    • Sometimes the game just jam up and you need to replay the level for at least one star in order to proceed.

    • Sometimes the game does that and there is unfortunately nothing else to do than replay the level until it turns over to the next level.

  10. Hi I was wondering if you have deleted our being able to add more lives. I have 435 stars and a cap of 5. Will this ever increase? Or has this been lost forever?
    Thank you :)

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