How do you play the game? BWS and a lil’ ’bout BWS2 too. :-)

Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Witch Saga 2 are available for all popular handheld devices and if you have a  PC/Mac with Internet connection you can acceess new levels BEFORE they are available at any mobile app. Only Bubble Witch Saga 2 have at some rare points managed to have as much at GooGle Play to give as we get while playing BWS and it’s little sister BWS2 at Facebook.

HOWTO PROGRESS without paying reall money in Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Witch Saga 2

You need either a Facebook account if you want to play with friends and advance faster without paying real cash. If you have a Facebook account, you can go to the app/game Bubble Witch Saga and accept it. Then the fun begins!

HOT CHEATSHEATS –> Bubble Witch Saga 2 tricks AND TIPS

You can also download apps for Bubble Witch Saga to your iPhone/iPad or Android and also for your Kindle decive. appstoregoogle_play_icon You can watch the 3 first levels as an introduction if you want to. Bubble Witch Saga begins with the map of the country of the witches. Start with episode 1 to discover the first levels. You have a limited number of shots in each level, so think before before you shoot, if you don’t get a star on a level, you will loose a life. The challenges will be harder as you move up in levels. Combine at least 3 bubbles of the same colour to explode. A spider appears when the bubbles break. In falling, the bubbles bounce on spiders, which increase your score. You lose two spiders if you shoot a bubble without popping bubbles. The number of remaining shots is indicated in the magic cauldron in the bottom. Tips: Bank your shots off the walls to access bubbles in more difficult areas. Use the spacebar to change the bubble colors in cauldron. If the spacebar just send you down on the page, use the CTRL key in combination to the SPACEBAR key. Mobile users switch colours by tapping the cauldron, this will also work on PC/Mac. To proceed with next level you will need a certain amount of points to earn at least one Star. You can’t pass a level unless you have managed to make 9 holes in the ceiling to drop all the bubbles. To get the maximum fun out of Bubble Witch Saga, you will need at least three active friends that play Bubble Witch Saga, or be prepared to pay small amounts of Facebook Credits to move on between different areas in the Saga. The 17th January 2013 29 Eternal Isles and 265 ordinary levels are available for PC/Mac and 165 ordinary + a bunch of EI levels for mobile devices. Special tips from the Bogdan in Bubble Witch Saga Fan Page Group (feel free to join)

When a level finishes and you have a certain number of bubbles left in the cauldron, only half will go to the jars. For example if you have 10, 5 will come out. If you have 11 or 12, 6 will come out. And if you have only one left, it will come out of the cauldron as well. There is a cap for max 10 bubbles to come out from the cauldron in the end.

Happy bubbling! Tigimon-aka Tatjana about Bubble Witch Saga: “The most important thing on Bubble Witch Saga is to have patience!” Vicki Murray: “Feed your addiction, cast your spells and you will see, all will be well!” Teresa Atkinson: “My tip for passing any level is…… just wing it!” Heidi Johnson: Most gotta have friends on BWS, you will get help, advice, some BS and a lot fun getting to know this BWS group as you proceed in the games.. The Admins are here to help, and they are all friendly, funny and wonderful people to get to know. With a Google+ account you go to the game/Bubble Witch Saga and accept it. ALL Google +games have been removed 30th June 2013.

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    • To travel into the next episode you need help from 3 friends to break the spell that blocks the path. You can ask your friends to help you, or buy instant access.

      1. Ask friends (performing this action will give you 10 free gold bars)
      2. Pay 9 gold bars (using Facebook)
      3. Either make an IAP or pay 30,000 coins (mobile)

      If you do not have any credit cards set up and you don’t have enough coins, play the Daily Bonus Levels to boost your balance!

      For me, I only have two other friends playing, so I usually choose the 30K coins option.

  1. Please, please , tell me what I am doing wrong!! I get the bubbles crashing down and have as many as 5 left. The banner comes by and says sorry you need at least one left. you loose. I have asked all my riends about how to use coins, don’t know. Most of my friends have sopped playing and I am just about at that point

  2. how do you use coins. I have aked a my frieds and no one knows. I would like tp play more games , by time I figure it out I have lost the the want to, oh yes . I love thhe trick about the space bar, it’s grat to know. The have a difffernt name in mt plave. some one mad it to my space. I don’t want her to et credits for how I do, it that changeable

  3. I have 3 people tell me they stopped playing this game because of this very problem . I contacted one of my friends about what to do and she told me she no longers plays. She got to where I was stymied and stopped . I think I’m going to do the same. I think it is impossible and facebook just wants money, not fun anymore .

    • Yellow Spiders double the score of a bubble that bounce into it and green spiders splits the bubbles into two bubbles.

  4. question, I like doinf papa pear. On live 44 I lite the barrels and it did not move me to the next level. I played the same level again and it happened again. It said wonderful, level completed . It did not go on. I clicked on level 45 and it said I would have to pay a fee to jump. I no longer play the bubble saga, most of my friends have stopped because no matter how many times we clear the ceiling it does not work. I really like papa pear because it reminds me of pin ball at the arcade at the beach. Do you have the ability to get in touch with facebook and see what is going on? They did change on game that now shows how many daisy you need to bring down

  5. I am getting hooked playing this challenging game?
    I also have a question. On level 40, I can get all the bubbles to fall, but I am always just short of points to get a star. It has been suggested that I put webbing on the outer tops of the side jars. How do I go about this?

  6. I big bag keeps appearing on the screen, can you tell me what that means. And there is a line on the top above the game which show markers and I am slowly moving across them??

  7. I would love to learn to play this game however there are several mentions of stars coins scrolls jars webs potions etc. With no instructions or anything that even eludes to or helps you guess as to their o

  8. how to you control the dotted lines. I’m having problems getting the line to turn or go in a certain direction

  9. I have reached level 90 on bubble witch and it seems to end there what do I do? Per the info u have it should continue.

  10. If I click on gold bars it says that”my purchase was successful. I am on a mobile device. Am I really getting charged somewhere, and where does the charges appear- on my Verizon account???

  11. Can anyone tell me what this means in BWS2? This banner appears on the right side of the screen what seems to be randomly. It is there for a few seconds and goes away. I have no idea what it means or what I should do with it, if anything:

    ! 5 hits (sometimes the number is 3 or 4)

    Does anyone know?

    • The banner is telling you how many successful hits IN A ROW you have had so far. It starts when you have had 3, then 4 and 5 … when you hit 6 thats when you get the Hot Pot and double points for each successful hit (3 balloons or more) after that. It will continue as long as you keep busting bubbles.

  12. Am at level 90, and can no longer play. There is no floating ghost to tap on. Any other ideas on how to advance?

  13. Am at level 90, and can no longer play. There is no floating ghost to tap on. Any other ideas on how to advance? No floating ghosts on my map : (

  14. Some of the bubbles vanish on this level. I have just fired 2 green bubbles in a row at a green bubble and they have all vanished without removing the green bubble there in the first place!

  15. For the eternal isles ..are they just bonuses in the game ? What is the purpose of them ? Or are they just separate adventures from the main game.

  16. I could not go past 90 even though I beat it several times. I played on my cell and tablet. As soon as I played on my laptop I was able to move to the next level. Hope this helps.

  17. Since I downloaded the last update the Orange screen comes up that says king and then it just closes back out! If I delete it and then download it again I will lose all my levels. What can I do? I have already restarted my iPad. Help!

  18. Why when starting a level with, example, 50 bubbles to shot you only get 20 – 30 and then ends saying you are out of bubbles?

  19. Had to change iPads. Was on level 385 previously, set up new pad and I’m back at level one. Please help me get back to my previous level. I WILL NOT start back at level one. If there is not a fix to this issue, I’m done with King Games. Thank you, Jerry Collier

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