How do you play the game? BWS and a lil’ ’bout BWS2 too. :-)

Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Witch Saga 2 are available for all popular handheld devices and if you have a  PC/Mac with Internet connection you can acceess new levels BEFORE they are available at any mobile app. Only Bubble Witch Saga 2 have at some rare points managed to have as much at GooGle Play to give as we get while playing BWS and it’s little sister BWS2 at Facebook.

HOWTO PROGRESS without paying reall money in Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Witch Saga 2

You need either a Facebook account if you want to play with friends and advance faster without paying real cash. If you have a Facebook account, you can go to the app/game Bubble Witch Saga and accept it. Then the fun begins!

HOT CHEATSHEATS –> Bubble Witch Saga 2 tricks AND TIPS

You can also download apps for Bubble Witch Saga to your iPhone/iPad or Android and also for your Kindle decive. appstoregoogle_play_icon You can watch the 3 first levels as an introduction if you want to. Bubble Witch Saga begins with the map of the country of the witches. Start with episode 1 to discover the first levels. You have a limited number of shots in each level, so think before before you shoot, if you don’t get a star on a level, you will loose a life. The challenges will be harder as you move up in levels. Combine at least 3 bubbles of the same colour to explode. A spider appears when the bubbles break. In falling, the bubbles bounce on spiders, which increase your score. You lose two spiders if you shoot a bubble without popping bubbles. The number of remaining shots is indicated in the magic cauldron in the bottom. Tips: Bank your shots off the walls to access bubbles in more difficult areas. Use the spacebar to change the bubble colors in cauldron. If the spacebar just send you down on the page, use the CTRL key in combination to the SPACEBAR key. Mobile users switch colours by tapping the cauldron, this will also work on PC/Mac. To proceed with next level you will need a certain amount of points to earn at least one Star. You can’t pass a level unless you have managed to make 9 holes in the ceiling to drop all the bubbles. To get the maximum fun out of Bubble Witch Saga, you will need at least three active friends that play Bubble Witch Saga, or be prepared to pay small amounts of Facebook Credits to move on between different areas in the Saga. The 17th January 2013 29 Eternal Isles and 265 ordinary levels are available for PC/Mac and 165 ordinary + a bunch of EI levels for mobile devices. Special tips from the Bogdan in Bubble Witch Saga Fan Page Group (feel free to join)

When a level finishes and you have a certain number of bubbles left in the cauldron, only half will go to the jars. For example if you have 10, 5 will come out. If you have 11 or 12, 6 will come out. And if you have only one left, it will come out of the cauldron as well. There is a cap for max 10 bubbles to come out from the cauldron in the end.

Happy bubbling! Tigimon-aka Tatjana about Bubble Witch Saga: “The most important thing on Bubble Witch Saga is to have patience!” Vicki Murray: “Feed your addiction, cast your spells and you will see, all will be well!” Teresa Atkinson: “My tip for passing any level is…… just wing it!” Heidi Johnson: Most gotta have friends on BWS, you will get help, advice, some BS and a lot fun getting to know this BWS group as you proceed in the games.. The Admins are here to help, and they are all friendly, funny and wonderful people to get to know. With a Google+ account you go to the game/Bubble Witch Saga and accept it. ALL Google +games have been removed 30th June 2013.

306 thoughts on “How do you play the game? BWS and a lil’ ’bout BWS2 too. :-)

  1. I bought the bubble witch full life. it is supposed to refil my lives instantly but it does not do that. I have 47 stars and i am on level 34 Can you help explain why this full life is not working?

  2. I bought the bubble witch full life. it is supposed to refil my lives instantly but it does not do that. I have 47 stars and i am on level 34 Can you help explain why this full life is not working?

    • It can take up to 3-4 hours for the purchased goods to appear in your account! :S There is some kind of frustrating glitch between Facebook and sync of the credits. I have experienced the same thing as well. When I looked into it I was fortunately not billed for the item bought that I didn’t get, even if it was told me so on Facebook’s BWS app page. So I just purchased again.

      If you have been charged and not got the purchased item(s) I advise you to follow these Steps:

      1. Go to your Payments Tab in your Account Settings
      2. Click to view your Credits Purchase History
      3. Verify that your transaction was successful by reviewing the receipt associated with your payment
      4. Ensure that the item(s) you ordered have not been delivered in Bubble Witch
      5. If you have confirmed that your item was not delivered, notify Bubble Witch Saga by clicking the “Didn’t receive this item” link in the Detailed Receipt
      6. Follow the instructions to notify Facebook and contact the developer regarding your problem receiving virtual items
      • thank you for the tip I will do that however it has been going on since last wednesday.
        Could you please explain the full life bubble witch charm?

        I do not know how it works

        Thank you again

        • There is no Charm named precisely that, do you mean Charm of Life or maybe Charm of immortality? The Charm of Life gives you a higher cap for max life’s and the Charm of Immortality gives you never-ending hearts.

        • if you go to wilbur store (upper left of screen under his specials you will see a red heart and it says bubble witch full life. if you put your curser over the heart it says will restores bubble witch lives right away. but it does not do that.
          Can you help please
          thank you

        • It seem that you have a heart there
          that I do not have. :o The only way for me to buy more life’s is through this poster in the game.

          If you have lost money(been billed) on that heart you need to contact the app-maker as explained higher up in the comments.

  3. there is 2 charms 1-charm of immorality this one give you unlimitet lives and cost 399 fb credit second charm of life gives you 3 extra lives if you have 5 +3 6+3 7+3 or 8+3 depends haw maney stars you have cost about 90 fb credit and the one with red heart is one time deal if you buy 2 charm together somtimes they sell 3 and the tird one is full life but this only refil you lives once ful lives cost abaout 9 fb I now sand nice 3 charms for some specilal price o boy full life o.k it is full buy only once so dont wait foe refil
    I hope this was helpful

  4. wher you have pictures of charms you are not seing any thing with red heart thh red hert coms only with spacial ofer so prabably it dit refil you lives once

  5. and is sais refil you lives instantly dosent sais once no price closed to it so prabobly a lot of people make this mastake boy I almost didt it today locky i couldnt pay on that acc Admin I think this is good for sepered post

  6. How doyou know which ceiling bubble to shoot to end the level? It seems to change and I can’t see any clues to tell me which ones are the magical ones.

    • Thank you for the question, there is no special bubbles that you need to burst, just burst 9 random holes in the ceiling and if you have enough points to get one Star you can move on to the next level.
      (I also edited the post to match your question, it was a very good one. :))

  7. My friends send me extra lives but it never actually gives them to me?!?! How can I use the extra lives my friends send me? Are they stored somewhere? Do I just not get to use them if they send them at a time when I don’t actually need them? I can’t save them for when I need them?

  8. It depends on how many bubble fall at once and when they do, wich jar they fall into. Third drop give you 15 point per bubble and the score increase with 5, but if you don’t hit 2 bubble or you hit diffrent coulors it start counting from beginninr 15, 20, 25, I dont know if this a good explanation.

  9. I have been playing Bubble Witch Saga on Facebook and now I cannot see the bottom of the screen anymore. I can’t see the cauldrons or my score. I don’t know what happened…Help.

    • I switch with the key CTRL and Spacebar, but I think that most other have normal computers and use just the Spacebar

  10. Something happened to my screen while playing Bubble Witch Saga. My screen is huge now and I don’t know how to make it the normal size. Help please!! Thank you!

  11. Bubble Witch Saga – Been playing for months and finally got to 155 & there is nowhere to go. It just makes you repeat 155 which costs money. Are there more numbers to play and, if so, where are they? How do we get to them? Frustrated!!!!!!!


  12. Okay, I found that and I see blue bubbled, witches and a yellow arrow but nothing do makes anything let me open te game.

  13. I can’t find where to put this comment ,,but BWS won’t load , I updated the adobe flash player and cleared cache etc , is there something or somewhere else I can go to check ??

  14. I have evidently lost connection with my Charm of Wealth. I was suppose to get coins every day I opened this up but I get none. Please note I paid for this.

    • You are not the only one that seem to have that problem. My advise is to clear out cache daily and if not working for two days, contact King.Com.

  15. More than two days and my Charm of Wealth is not working.
    You need to fix. I paid you for this.

  16. I got the Charm of Wealth back 6 hours ago but it’s not working now. Do I get a refund?

  17. That is you attitude. You’d rather loose a discouraged player who has paid hundreds to your game that fix the problem. Why treat your players this way?

    • Eleanor, I am a Player just like you and keep this site at my spare time, you need to contact King.Com with this issue.

  18. Quick note to say thank you for this great site. It has obviously taken you some time to compile – fantastic compilation of info. Cheers Ann

  19. OK, OK, OK I give up. How do you get a golden ticket to unlock Eternal Isles level 8. I have completed all the levels with the exception of Eternal Isles level 1 board 10. Does this board have to be completed? Do I need more stars? Someone please help. Thanks

  20. I have lost my game of Bubble Witch Saga. I have been playing for months and was up in the first round of new games just put up and now I can’t find my game anywhere in my computer. If you want me to contact King, please tell me how. I never get through to them. Thanks

  21. I am at then end of section 8 & cannot find a way to get to 9. I’ve tried everything I’ve done in the past and cannot get to 9

  22. Love this sight but hate waiting for new sections to open. I play for a week, them can’t for two weeks. Help!!!!!

  23. I am certainly not paying to buy facebook credits to get a golden ticket that allows me to tear my hair out for the next 3 weeks or more trying to pop little bubbles and stop bombs killing :-( If Bubble Witch could actually have the decency to say…this ticket is only available if you pay for it….or the ticket will be available if you do this, this and that…but at the moment we are just guessing as to where it is and how to get it….come on ….tell us nowwwww!!!!

    • For some reason many of the big online gaming houses have taken up the practice of indicating stuff or being unclear about upcoming features. That is a good way to leave space for ditching bad ideas an replacing features without confusing users.

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