How do you play the game?

You need either a Facebook or Google+ account if you want to play with friends. If you have a Facebook account, you can go to the app/game Bubble Witch Saga and accept it. Then the fun begins!

You can also download apps for Bubble Witch Saga to your iPhone/iPad or Android.


You can watch the 3 first levels as an introduction if you want to.

Bubble Witch Saga begins with the map of the country of the witches. Start with episode 1 to discover the first levels. You have a limited number of shots in each level, so think before before you shoot, if you don’t get a star on a level, you will loose a life. The challenges will be harder as you move up in levels.

Combine at least 3 bubbles of the same colour to explode.
A spider appears when the bubbles break.
In falling, the bubbles bounce on spiders, which increase your score.
You lose two spiders if you shoot a bubble without popping bubbles.
The number of remaining shots is indicated in the magic cauldron in the bottom.
Tips: Bank your shots off the walls to access bubbles in more difficult areas.

Use the spacebar to change the bubble colors in cauldron. If the spacebar just send you down on the page, use the CTRL key in combination to the SPACEBAR key.

Mobile users switch colours by tapping the cauldron, this will also work on PC/Mac.

To proceed with next level you will need a certain amount of points to earn at least one Star.

You can’t pass a level unless you have managed to make 9 holes in the ceiling to drop all the bubbles.

To get the maximum fun out of Bubble Witch Saga, you will need at least three active friends that play Bubble Witch Saga, or be prepared to pay small amounts of Facebook Credits to move on between different areas in the Saga.

The 17th January 2013 29 Eternal Isles and 265 ordinary levels are available for PC/Mac and 165 ordinary + a bunch of EI levels for mobile devices.

Special tips from the Bogdan in Bubble Witch Saga Fan Page Group (feel free to join)

When a level finishes and you have a certain number of bubbles left in the cauldron, only half will go to the jars. For example if you have 10, 5 will come out. If you have 11 or 12, 6 will come out. And if you have only one left, it will come out of the cauldron as well. There is a cap for max 10 bubbles to come out from the cauldron in the end.

Happy bubbling!

Tigimon-aka Tatjana about Bubble Witch Saga: “The most important thing on Bubble Witch Saga is to have patience!”

Vicki Murray: “Feed your addiction, cast your spells and you will see, all will be well!”

Teresa Atkinson: “My tip for passing any level is…… just wing it!”

Heidi Johnson: Most gotta have friends on BWS, you will get help, advice, some BS and a lot fun getting to know this BWS group as you proceed in the games.. The Admins are here to help, and they are all friendly, funny and wonderful people to get to know.

With a Google+ account you go to the game/Bubble Witch Saga and accept it. ALL Google +games have been removed 30th June 2013.

238 thoughts on “How do you play the game?

  1. Please, please , tell me what I am doing wrong!! I get the bubbles crashing down and have as many as 5 left. The banner comes by and says sorry you need at least one left. you loose. I have asked all my riends about how to use coins, don’t know. Most of my friends have sopped playing and I am just about at that point

    • try not to use the magic Potion that makes 3 holes in the ceiling if you have this problem. Also, don’t match away big clusters, always let ‘em bubbles fall freely if possible. Have many spiders under your falling bubbles.

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