How to solve loading problems in Facebook Games?

Common fixes for loading and network errors in Bubble Witch Saga, Candy Crush Saga and other popular King games. (PC/Mac)


This is almost making me crazy, when seen

Make sure that you have the latest version of your browser. Make sure that you use a resent version of flash, todays version can be checked at Adobe.

Removing the game and installing it again is sometimes the key. You will not lose any progress by removing your King app at Facebook and reinstalling it.

You should also try emptying the cache and delete cookies: Always hit CTRL and the function key F5 at the game page after clearing out your browser. That will reload the page better than just reopening your browser. You do not need to restart your computer after clearing out your browser though.

Try to log into the game on another computer. If it works there you know that it is your computer that is having the issues, not the account.

If you haven’t turned off your computer in a while, just turning it off and on again sometimes fix your problems.

Clear out your cache and cookies! (this will log you out from Facebook)

Internet Explorer (click here for Microsoft’s explanation for IE9)
Click the Safety button (Click for Pics for location of Safety Button, opens in new window), and then click Delete Browsing History.
If you do not want to delete the cookies and files associated with websites in your Favorites list, select the Preserve Favorites website data check box. If you have game in your favourites, this should NOT be checked.
Select the check box next to Temporary Internet files and Cookies.
Click Delete.

Firefox (<– click for Firefox support article)
Hold down the three keys <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <Del>
Select the check box next to Cache and Cookies.
Click Delete.

Google Chrome (<– click for Google’s Help Page)

  1. Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar. (Upper right)
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Select Clear browsing data.
  4. In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove.
  5. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select beginning of time to delete everything.
  6. Click Clear browsing data.


  1. Install a new browser. 

Linux-users can if in a hurry just delete the hidden config-directory for your browser and restart the browser. But you loose every other personal data too then. :P better rename the old one as backup. :)

If clearing your cache doesn’t help, you can always try another browser. My personal favourite is Chrome and King have recommended Firefox (2012).
Download Google Chrome
Download Firefox

Linux users can use Chromium variant of Chrome from source packages simply by pasting this into the terminal:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

This is SOOOO frustrating to see for a longer period


AVG PCTuneUP is a great tool to get faster and in all ways better performance, it comes shipped with it’s own uninstaller, so it easy to get rid of, if you just get the free trial and don’t like it. Download it from AVG’s website. Any other site to download it should be considered unsafe. 


**If none of the above help**
  There is one final thing you can try:

Go to your control panel on your computer and find your list of programs.  Uninstall your Adobe Flash Player.  Clean your cache and then reboot your computer. Now enter the game and on lower left corner click on “Upgrade Flash Player”.  Then reinstall Adobe Flash Player.  If you are unable to open game then go here to install:

123 thoughts on “How to solve loading problems in Facebook Games?

    • That sounds like a really nasty issue. Have you had the opportunity to try to play in another browser or at another computer? You might want to try to use the Report-link at the right corner below the gabe at facebook to contact them for solving this issue.

      • I have been stuck on level 55 for a week or more.
        Got 126000= 1 star, didnt record it !!
        After another week stuck on 55 scored 139000=2 stars
        and didn’t record, said to low!!!!!
        What is up?

        • There is a lot of fans that have experienced the same thing on different levels. There is a contact link at the right hand bottom corner of the app. Some fans tells that they have got help that way. I haven’t yet needed any official support myself, even though I sent for an automagic answer from the contact page. Try to answer to the automagic email you get and let the id in the title remain untouched. I am not sure that is the way they screen, but it would be quite an efficient way, because the email has it’s own unique id. Please let us other fans know how it goes.

        • Have you gone through the tips in the post? What else have you tried?

  1. I love Bubble Witch but am so dissapointed it wont allow me to move beyond level 37 even though I have achieved 3 stars. Keeps saying, ‘no more bubbles’. What can I do?

    • Please read the post above your own. I hope you rapport back on how the problem was solved, so other fans can get help as well.

    • Some people have been helped with this by cleaning cache and for most people it seems to stay for a few days before they start asking. Most people never report back on forums and Fan hubs, so we actually do not know what it is that really helps. This is a Fan Site and we do not know if the devs have possibilities to fix this issue.

  2. I have tried clearing the cache, cookies, etc; removing the app from Facebook and re-adding, playing in both Firefox and Chrome and I cannot advance past level 37 even after earning 3 starts…very frustrating

    • Li, I am so sorry to hear that. You should be really persistent in trying to get an answer from King.Com. If you don’t get any help from them; As a last option you can make a new FB account. One of my friends got stuck this way on a much higher level and abandoned her old FB account to play with a new one. Remember that FB rules states that noone should have more than one account. (I don’t now why I put in that warning, in reality FB couldn’t care less, many of my friends have doubles and one stated that (s)he has seven or eight…)

  3. I’m sorry I can’t run the game. I have downloaded flash, I tried all the browsers, deleted cookies+cache, deleted and added the app again, created another account. I even made sure that flash is enabled. I don’t know what to do anymore, it always freezes at 76%.

  4. have passed level 155 am playing eternal isles and now the gam wont load but i am losing my lives tried removing app and reinstalling but still the same my flash player is up to date please help me

  5. Bubble Witch Saga will not download for the past 4 days now . I have followed all the tips etc and it still doesn’t work . It is the only game I cannot get into .It says Internet Explorer cannot disply this webpage .Any help would be appreciated , it is my favorite game .

        • Hmm… Have you had the opportunity to try n another computer? If it does work on another computer, but not on yours, you could try some basic Tuning for your PC, AVG PCTuneUp is a good program for that.

        • I too am having the same problem. Tried different computers, tried uninstalling all programs, reinstalling programs, tried all tips, tricks, and even stood on my head but can’t get it to load. Says there is a connection problem on all 4 browers that I have tried. In Opera I can get it to load to 100% only if I turn on the opera turbo and then it just sits there and won’t budge. I;m at my wits end,,,,, I was on level 135 and was making such great progress. All other games work but I loved this game!!! Any suggestions? It’s been almost 3 days now.

        • Teresa, it seems that you have run ot of options to solve it by yourself, so you’ll have to try to contact the support team at King.Com. You do that by using the contact link under the game. You’ll get a automagic anwer first, you need to reply to that and tell about your problem.

    • It is important that you include the number(In the subject of your reply) generated in the first mail when you reply.

      • I have also sent 3 messages to and no replies back ,You are the only one that has replied to me , and I thank you for that . I will keep trying different things .

    • hi Teresa , I finally got the game back ! I had to update the flash player ,( which I had tried a couple of times ) but this time it worked ! Give it a go and see if this helps you as well

  6. fcuking games, fcking enggineer n fcking suggestion… all not working…

    to admin or owner of tis game…. solve it fast or fired yr enggineer… they useless..

    • I am sorry to learn that you have tech issues. Please try to log into the game on an other machine. And please be sober when trying to resolve your problems, computer games and alcohol aren’t a good match.

  7. Bubble Witch loads – it will not let me get into my level. I click onto my picture with the yellow arrow and it does nothing. I have upgraded Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Java – cleared all browsing, temp internet files, cookies – turned my computer back to when Bubble Witch was working – nothing is helping here.

    • Download a browser that you do not already have on your computer and try with that. this way you get a clean slate to start with. :)

  8. my bubble witch froze about 3months ago,it loads,the map comes up then nothing no friends pics or anything tried deleting the game reistalling it etc please help im on level 55 and would like to have my game back ty

  9. @ Donna P Wellington, I had that problem and tried for days to play. I then noticed a magnifying glass top left hand corner I clicked on that than it allowed me to play when I clicked on my pic. Don’t know if that helps ?

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  11. emerald isles level 13 has not loaded properly it has kept the stars from level 12 on the second stage completed stage 1 but no stage 2 ,so cannot proceed to stage 3 help

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  13. I installed the game on my Ipad and was given 20,000 coins to use.

    When I play now it is showing that I have minus 15,000 coins and every time I reach a new level or one of my friends gives me some coins this are deducted from the minus total. Why is it showing as minus? I am not able to get more bubbles or help as it is telling me to buy more coins.

    What was the point in giving away 20,000 yet now you have taken them away?

    Comments please from admin….


  14. Hi, I can’t ask my friends to break the spell. It asked to ask my friends for help, but when I click on it, nothing happend. Maybe you can answer it in Dutch for me? Greetz Miek (Holland)

  15. I’m looking for help, my bubble witch is not loading past 39%. I’ve deleted the application and reloaded it, updated flash player, tried another browser which will load it but not load onto a level. I’ve also cleared the cache. I’m using internet explorer and have logged onto my friends account on my computer and it loads on her facebook page without any problems. it was working fine until last night. Please help

    • I suggest you try a third browser. As it seems to be acco related it might not help though and you should maybe consider contacting King.Com. I hope for bug fixes in the near future, so waiting 18 hours and see if they have fixed can also be enough.

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  18. So I’m having the “connection lost, please reload” problem. It’s been like that for a week. It got to be a problem with my user because my husbands account works just fine on the same computer in the same browser etc. I’ve cleared all my cookies, uninstalled and re-installed–I even sent an message through and never had a response. Is there a way to contact someone directly through google plus?

    • I have contact directly with King.Com and they have told me that they are aware of the problem and have located it. As it now can be reproduced we can assume they’ll have a fix out quite soon. Making multi platform games aren’t easy though, so we need o be patient. They gave their best devs on this and have been very efficient fixing bugs in the past, I don’t think we need to be disappointed with this problem either. You keep trying again with the fixes listed and one day very soon… BAM, it works! :D

  19. I can’t get rid of the “Connection lost”!!! Tried all your tips and tricks and still won’t let me get back to the game. It’s the same on another computer. Would appreciate some help here.

  20. Where is the Safety button on Internet explorer? I am trying to clean cache on this browser as well. Thank you.

  21. I just beat level 185 and sent the requests to friends to break the spell. One was to my bf, so I logged into his fb to accept the request.
    However now my actual FACEBOOK will not load, saying server error. I try again with my bf’s facebook, and his loads fine. He said to me that he got flooded with requests from Bubble Witch just after I crashed. Any ideas? Is it something to do with BW that needs fixing your end?
    I have already cleared cache and cookies, used different browsers, reset my router and rebooted. Nothing works.

  22. I have a problem,and I don’t know how to fix this….I pass level 185,and now I need 3 friend help….but it doesn’t open the list of freeze..I can’t play now…:( I try on other computer but it is the same…do you know what to do…?

    • Try to uninstall the app and reinstall it again. Before you reinstall it you might want to clear out your temporary Internet files(cache).

  23. I used to be able to earn lives, but after paying one time for lives, it won’t give me the option to Earn a life. What’s up with that? I would like to earn a life by watching a commercial. Can you help with this?

  24. I downloaded the game to my new iPhone and linked it to Facebook. Now when I try to play in FB, after I choose a level and click “Play” – the game freezes on “Loading”. I have tried all of your fixes listed – is there anything different if it’s an iPhone vs FB issue? Any help would be appreciated ~

    • oh… oh my. :S
      There is indeed a difference, the sad thing is that I know too little to give you any specifics.
      As silly as it sounds, it might be worth a shot… Try to disconnect the iPhone app from Facebook –> clear out your Computer cache(again, yes) and try go into a Level. Try a few different Levels, some persons have reported that only one level have been the jammed.

  25. Ok I have not been able to get past the error about downloading the new version of the flash player. Everything Cache & temporary file cleanned. Uninstalled and reinstalled Bubble Witch Form a different computer and IT STILL DOES NOT LOAD! So I go to an old XP version I have (of which I am sure the Flash Version is more the 2 years old and it works on that! So, instead of making us jump through hoops, check out the problem and fix it please. It’s been over a month since it loaded on the laptop I use to play the game on. HELP!

  26. I have loading issues with a new macbook, Mac System is 10.8.2 on Safari an Firefox, what do I do? This issue seems to have really increased in the last 2 weeks or so.

    Thanks, Mary

    • Here is the general explanation for RB Bubble:
      There is a problem with rainbow bubble that causes it to be seen only in the mobile version of the game, not in the game at facebook, was that what you are talking about?

      Can you explain your problem with the infected bubbles a bit more?

  27. cheguei na fase 102 e passei,mas nao aparece mais nenhuma fase.Tem uma ponte mais a frente,que imaginei que precisaria de ajuda dos amigos para atravessar,mas nao aparece mais nada,nem se o jogo acabou. alguem sabe se nao tem mais fases depois da 102?

    I got 102 and went on stage, but does not appear any more fase.Tem a bridge later on, I figured he would need help from friends to get through, but does not appear any more, or if the game is over. Anyone know if we do not have more phases after 102?

  28. I can’t load the game on my iPad or iPhone. Works fine on my computer… I’ve tried deleting the app and then downloading again. And I have tried restarting my ipad. Please help!

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  30. I had unlocked 2 scrolls …one scroll (the Arcane bubble) at level 17 and the other scroll (the lightning bubble) at level 23.
    Today I do now have those 2 bubbles. I amat level 148 and have always had those 2 bubbles , can anybody tell me why they have disappeared . thanks in advance

  31. sorry….I meant to say now I do NOT have those 2 bubbles…….I had unlocked 2 scrolls …one scroll (the Arcane bubble) at level 17 and the other scroll (the lightning bubble) at level 23.
    Today I do NOT have those 2 bubbles. I amat level 148 and have always had those 2 bubbles , can anybody tell me why they have disappeared . thanks in advance

  32. I play bubble witch sage and I have not been able to connect to face book fron the site. I get a message that tells me the web page is bot available. I uninstalled the app and then installed it again. It says that I can get ferr gold coins when I connect to fb. Wht’s the problem?

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  34. Lose. the word is lose. Not “loose”. You will not LOSE any data. Your pants are LOOSE, you LOSE a game. Digest and remember.

  35. Level 41 will load up to the point of the loading the actual game itself and then it just says “loading” and never loads. I cleared the cache and it didn’t help. I’ve never had any issues with this game before but I haven’t played for two weeks.

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