Infected bubbles

Oh no, the bubbles have gone sick. Hurry to get rid of all bubbles under the infected bubbles, because the plague spreads down-wise. One infected bubble will infect other bubbles underneath.You often get a chance to burst bubbles above the infection and then the infection fall into the cauldrons generating lots of points.

Infected bubbles are introduced at level 46. Special thanks to tumba25 for tipsing about the level. :)

Sick bubbles from level 46

Oh no! The curse tormenting the country is starting to infect the bubbles.

Insight by KellyK:
Infections give priority to shots that make clusters. If you have a situation where you have two bubbles and can’t help but hit an infected bubble as well, the infection won’t take your shot away.


The charm of antidote is probably a good charm to invest in.

If you are a money player, there is a way to heal infected bubbles. You will need to buy the magic charm of antidote, it’s current price is 117 facebook coins.




Here is a video walkthrough for level 46 uploaded by skillgaming.


22 thoughts on “Infected bubbles

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  2. Charm of antidote sorry don’t cure the infected bubble ones per game you can use ony move infected bubble few row but they grow back so fast another waist of money

    • You really have to wait until just the right time to activate your antidote charm or will not help you in the least and you’ll just get into trouble again. A good rule of thumb is to continue playing even though you know your infected bubbles have touched your dooms, bombs, black bubbles or even each other. Play until you have no more shots available to you..then activate your antidote charm/wish. If you do not have a matching bubble to shoot..use a rainbow bubble to help get you started. It really is an amazing charm most of the time. :)

  3. O I didnt know that I never try buy 4 of them before I bought the magic charm so I asume( never neverasume anything in life thi what I am teaching my children and I did asume)thet when I was able buy 4 everybody could so haw meny you can buy at once for mi was still waist of money becouse onlmagic I am buing is 3 hols in yhe celing do you know haw charm of webbing work?

  4. No , the Charm of Webbing is a mystery to me, but as far as I know it will increase Scores, so the Charm of Webbing just might do the trick if you want to get those 3 Stars on all levels.

  5. no no more charms for me I was very good on aiming I finish bubble saga so i had lot of practice but now after I bouth charm of aiming mine aims are mesd see what happen if you want easy now I am plaing without any charms lv 69 todey is not so esy charm of aiming and charm of scrolling realy make it easier so very big cong to you you finish very fast with out

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  8. The red heart has the number 2 in it. I thot this meant that I had two lives, but it won’t let me play and wants me to buy more lives. Wha? Also, I don’t know three people who play to get me into Level 36. Is there a play-around or am I finished here?

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  10. I finished all 165 of regular levels. I am now stuck on level 10/25 in enternal isle and the sub level #8. I’ve had no luck passing it. Even when I finally get everything cleared it won’t move up for me to see what’s above. I then purchased the charm of antidote and the bubbles still get infected and move down. Is there something impeticular to make it work. It says I have it on the left side. But nothing help!!!

    • You need to click/tap at the Charm of Antidote to activate it. (iPad location at your left hand side, if I remember correctly) It can be activated once each time you play an infected level. It will remove the infections that have arisen after the level began, but not remove the core infection.

  11. Is there a pattern to how infected bubbles spread?

    For example, at the start of a level if there is one infected bubble on the right, one infected bubble on the left, and one infected bubble in the middle, is there a pattern to how each of the 3 infections spread?

    Sometimes it seems like they alternate after every shot. Sometimes it seems like only one infection spreads after every shot.

    Is it just random?

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