Known issues and FIXES for them

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loadingIf you can’t see the daily balloon in BWS, the  levels will not load. FIX IT by loading the game again before you even try to enter the level, that way you will not loose a life and potions.

Missing notifications in the game don’t seem to have any working fix. Keeping other programs at a minimum might help slightly.

Most issues are easily solved by refreshing the game, so just hit the function key F5 to refresh any time you encounter a problem.

click HERE to get the iPhone/iPad fixes.

ISSUE: I get only a orange screen when I try to load a King game:

FIX (works only if the problem is local, try several times, please): Try to clear out cache AND cookies, this logs you out. Then login again.

ISSUE: Friends missing from the map

FIX: Clear your cache and restart your browser.

ISSUE: My game is not fully shown, scores are missing at the right bottom.
FIX: you have minimized your app by mistake. Go to and click on a white part of the page, then hit the CTRL key and the zero(0) key at the same time to get the normal size.

ISSUE: My coins aren’t adding up
FIX: Sometimes they add up with no messages shown, do the general troubleshooting

ISSUE: I get 3 stars and the ceiling drop, but I o not move forward to next level.
FIX: Go through the tips below over and over, play again until you’ll manage to get a new Star and the next level to show up.

ISSUE: Game loads, but you can’t open up a level.

1st FIX: Open up the game in full screen and try to play. You open up the game in full screen by clicking on the left upper icon.
2nd FIX: Clear out your browser cache

General troubleshooting for Flash Games at Facebook (including Bubble Witch Saga)

  1. Logout in login again to Facebook (fixes the problem if it is FB server issues and you land on another server.)
  2. Clear out your cache, you find a guide for the most common browsers here:
  3. Update your flash to the most recent one
  4. Try another browser, download Google Chrome at or Mozilla Firefox at
  5. Remove your game and reinstall it. To remove the game go to Choose “Edit Settings” for Apps and Websites and then once again “Edit settings” for the game and remove all of the games permissions. To reinstall go to and accept the terms for the app.

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249 thoughts on “Known issues and FIXES for them

  1. I have just got into Eternal Isles level 32 and it says reload connection error, I have reloaded numerous times and it makes no difference and each time I reload I lose a life. I paid to get to that level, the other areas of the game work ok, I am stuck on 279 at the moment. Can you help? Thanks

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  3. hi on Google+( plus) we have your game bubble witch saga,for majority of players we have trouble loading the game and when we do finally get the game to load it displays the invite friends page but does not go any further..the page becomes non responsive on the entire other words unable to click on anything to play the has become very frustrating to the players who don’t understand why this is suddenly happening..and has been like this for last 2-3 weeks ,can you please help to resolve this issue for us Google plus players.

  4. Ik heb meer dan 20000 munten in Pet Resue Saga, maar ik kan de boosters niet betalen met deze munten. Hij blijft maar aangeven dat ik FB credits moet kopen. Ook als ik voordat ik het level inga de booster wil kopen!
    Ligt dit aan het feit dat ik niet mobiel speel, maar via mijn laptop, of doe ik iets verkeerd?!?!

  5. Can anyone explain why I cannot retrieve the free coins from my “share” on FB? I use to get them just by clicking on the blue “play and win free coins”. I do not get them anymore. I do not get them if I play the small sized game either.

  6. Looking for help suggestions for EI 36 -5. Have tried several different ideas and not getting anywhere, please help. Thank you.

  7. I have played Bubble Witch Saga for quite a while, on my 6 year old Dell on XP. At level 211 i purchased a new computer, and managed 2 more levels, but the game is very jerky, all of the time. Very difficult to play now. When the ball is fired, it moves to the target ball in 2 or 3 jumps, sometimes just appears at the target ball. My computer has 6 GB Ram , Core i3 , Windows 7.

    • I suggest you check that your flash is up to date and maybe consider trying another browser. Adjusting Your mouse settings might also help, you’ll find that in the control panel of Windows.

      • Thanks for your response to my problem. I am already running the latest version of flash, I think I had better try a new browser, as it plays perfect on XP and on a Windows 8 computer. Thanks again. Trevor

  8. I have a problem with sending request to my friends so they could help me to get to next level. It says that i need help from 3 friends or i can pay it, but when i am trying to push button where i could ask help it does not do anything. Does anybody know what would help me to get on?

  9. I have not been able to open bubblewitch saga. It loads to 99% then says a shockwave plug-in isnt responding.I couldnt fix the problem so had my laptop looked at they installed google chrome and this fixed the problem for about 3wks i have cleared cache uninstalled and re installed bubble witch and still the same problem.Please help me this has been going on for about 6mths and i miss my game :(

    • Yu are doing it right. When you clean out cache, also tick the option to clear out cookies – just in case. You can also try Firefox. There is also something called Flas cache or something ike that and some peole have stated that they have needed to clean out that as well. Unfortunately I have no first hand experience about that, so you’ll have to google on that issue.

  10. Why can’t I use FB credits to buy additional games as in the past. I have 41 credits and when I go to buy additional games it charges my paypal account. Why buy the credits if you can’t use them as in the past.

    • I believe that is a Facebook Issue, unattach the PayPal account from facebook, clear out cache and cookies and then try to use the credits you have. :)

  11. bubble witch saga oyunu mozillada açılmıyor. Nedeni nedir? Mozillada açabilmem için ne yapmam lazım?

  12. i am unable to earn lives in firefox or ie i have used cccleaner and cleared cache and removed game shut down computer reloaded game and still can not earn lives only goes to download mobile app any help

  13. Are others having the same issue – BWS says it’s loading, but nothing happens?
    Also, my coins are now showing a negative balance all of a sudden – why is this?
    And, BWS on my phone is not showing ANY coins now, and I have double figures?????????????????????????
    Who is actually repsonsible for sorting these things out?????

    • First try to restart the app, if that doesn’t work, try to restart the whole device! The email address exists so that you can write and tell about your problems. Please mention your device type/generation and iOS version when sending your feedback or questions – it will greatly help King in detecting and solving the issue.

  14. My FB BWS only shows 169 levels, and yet peeps are talking about alot more levels in addition to the Eternal Isles. Where are my levels past 169?
    Why am I showing a negative balance on my coins?
    Have tried the above remedies for my laptop to no vail, and yet my Pet Rescue Saga is fine on FB on my laptop, so it must be BWS issues, and of course, guess what – zilch zero repsonse from

    • Please try to make a post at the forums, the guy from King keeping an eye on the bug section can be very helpful and understanding if he just get enough information, like device and all what you have tried and of you have tried on different devices. For some reason King is also very fund of screenshots, so you can provide a screenshot from the FB version and the mbile version in order to get your message through properly.

  15. three times now , I have completed a level (this time with 2 stars) and the game gets stuck and the only way out is to reload and of course, this cancels out that latest game (and my level clearing (with two stars!) really, really frustrating

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    • There is a bug affecting a few players that cause a completed level not to count, the fix seems to be to be as following, in order presented here:

    • Remove the app from facebook.
    • Clean out your cache and cookies.
    • Install the game again
    • Replay the level until you have passed it with at least 1 star.
    • This procedure sometimes have to be repeated several times before you can move on.

      This procedure sometimes must be repeated

  18. I am on. Level 136. I am playing on my mobile phone. I had 7 maximum lives on mobile, but pc only gave me 5. I logged out. When I logged back in I only have 5 maximum on mobile. I have cleared my cache, even uninstalled and reinstalled. I still don’t have my two extra lives. I still have my 191 stars . Any idea how to fix this?

    • I am afraid that you can’t. There have been changes that were made to decrease the cap of lives, since we then connect socially moire easily and that is one of the major points for getting these kind of free games popular enough to keep them free.

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  21. How do you leave the Eternal Isles? I went in as soon as they opened to check them out, but want to get back to the main map to play more levels there. I can’t figure out how to get back. Help!

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  23. Level 15 – I’ve completed it twice – got 1 star (have a photo of it showing it’s complete) and yet your system denies that I’ve completed it. Please check your system, fix it, and get back to me, or you will see my back walking out the door to this crummy game!

    • Go through all the DIY steps and retry, this is a glitch that have been present since the very beginning of the game I am afraid. :(

  24. I earned 3 stars with over 120,000 points and it said I was out of bubbles even though I made the necessary goal – This keeps happening lately – I will earn 1 star and I am told I am out of bubbles – This is getting frustrating and makes me not want to continue with this game – Just thought you should know about this

  25. can not connect to facebook on bubble witch saga on my android tablet it tells me connect to facebook cancelled. what can i do to fix this problem?

  26. I love bubble witch saga, but few weeks ago my game starter all over again from level 1. Why? I was so far- level 300 and up.
    Can you fix this for me? Or how can I fix it?

    • If you have connected your game to Facebook earlier, you just need to re-connect. Otherwise you can try to restore a backup for your mobile device.

  27. Level 106 will not open. I have trying for several days. “Connection Lost”. Using Chrome on Windows 7, HP Pavilion g7 notebook. All other games work fine. Tried Firefox, same results – “connection lost”.

  28. I have been playing Bubble Witch a long time. A few weeks ago it says “connection error”. I had the geek squad check it. I redid the app. two times waiting a few days in between. I have tried everything , but it won’t work. Other games do just fine.

  29. Em determinadas fazes do Candy Crush Saga aparece erro de sistema o que devo fazer para corrigir esses erros?

  30. Please help me understand. I play Bubble Witch in the morning, in the afternoon and when the new bubble comes in the evening. Usually I play more often but for sure those times. However, at 8 pm last evening, (Mon) I got the message “Play again tomorrow and the gift of Precision is yours (or words to that effect). I played again this morning, afternoon and evening. No gift. What is the deal?

  31. I’ve tried everything–emptying cache, downloading current versions of Flash and Java, whitelisting BW app, downloading Windows updates–I’m out of ideas.

    Why doesn’t my friends list load for me to ask for help to get into the next section??

  32. I have been trying to get help to unlock the next episode and everytime I send out requests for help and people help me the notifications disappear and I dont get the help. even when people help me the help doesnt go to my game. I am getting fed up!!!!!!

  33. Superb blog you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew
    of any community forums that cover the same topics talked about here?

    I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get feed-back from other experienced individuals that
    share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.
    Appreciate it!

  34. sir,
    i can play on cell but i cannot play on pc…& …
    Its not showing any error written there…..It never happened before. So i can’t say anything. Only for last few days this problem has started….game loading 100% complete but not start…plz do something…i m vry sad.. :(

  35. On my Galaxy Note 3, I
    Have completed Level 190 and for the last couple of months. Game says Coming soon with new levels. But nothing so far. Is there something I need to do? Please advise

  36. I am on level 506 and when I want to buy more gold the screen freezes on the largest amount available and doe s not let you select another smaller amount to purchase. I have tried this for several days now and it continues.

    • I forgot to mention that the game I am playing is Bubble Switch Saga that has a frozen screen to buy more gold.

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