Known issues and FIXES for them

loadingIf you can’t see the daily balloon in BWS, the  levels will not load. FIX IT by loading the game again before you even try to enter the level, that way you will not loose a life and potions.

Missing notifications in the game don’t seem to have any working fix. Keeping other programs at a minimum might help slightly.

Most issues are easily solved by refreshing the game, so just hit the function key F5 to refresh any time you encounter a problem.

click HERE to get the iPhone/iPad fixes.

ISSUE: I get only a orange screen when I try to load a King game:

FIX (works only if the problem is local, try several times, please): Try to clear out cache AND cookies, this logs you out. Then login again.

ISSUE: Friends missing from the map

FIX: Clear your cache and restart your browser.

ISSUE: My game is not fully shown, scores are missing at the right bottom.
FIX: you have minimized your app by mistake. Go to and click on a white part of the page, then hit the CTRL key and the zero(0) key at the same time to get the normal size.

ISSUE: My coins aren’t adding up
FIX: Sometimes they add up with no messages shown, do the general troubleshooting

ISSUE: I get 3 stars and the ceiling drop, but I o not move forward to next level.
FIX: Go through the tips below over and over, play again until you’ll manage to get a new Star and the next level to show up.

ISSUE: Game loads, but you can’t open up a level.

1st FIX: Open up the game in full screen and try to play. You open up the game in full screen by clicking on the left upper icon.
2nd FIX: Clear out your browser cache

General troubleshooting for Flash Games at Facebook (including Bubble Witch Saga)

  1. Logout in login again to Facebook (fixes the problem if it is FB server issues and you land on another server.)
  2. Clear out your cache, you find a guide for the most common browsers here:
  3. Update your flash to the most recent one
  4. Try another browser, download Google Chrome at or Mozilla Firefox at
  5. Remove your game and reinstall it. To remove the game go to Choose “Edit Settings” for Apps and Websites and then once again “Edit settings” for the game and remove all of the games permissions. To reinstall go to and accept the terms for the app.

266 thoughts on “Known issues and FIXES for them

  1. i can’t play bubblewitch on facebook. i keep getting the error that the page has been removed or moved to different location. on a different computer i can play with my account.

        • I´ve posted several times on your FB app page without any reply other than “clear your cache” and “try Chrome”. Well…. I have and I do! Also I´ve tried playing it on different computers but it doesn´t work. I click on a level, is says loading and that´s it… Oh yes, I have tried waiting; you´d think 15 min should be enough…
          There are several others having the exact same problem. The only common thing I can see is that we starde to get these problems when we started using the app on a phone. This can´t be a unkown issue by now, or…?

        • As for now, the only tiny bit of hope have been one player reporting that they had this problem and that they got everything to work out just by changing from Firefox to Google Chrome. It is certainly worth a try, as it only takes a few minutes to install chrome. :)

        • Cannot get into new level 20 Eternal Isles. Saw comment above but I’ve un-installed google chrome and re-installed. Nothing. Have 3 other friends that can’t get in either as well as other levels. Anymore ideas?

        • Wait for King.Com to get this fixed. King.Com have located the problem and they will have a fix out as soon as possible. They have a great team working with BWS and have never failed before, so I have 100% faith in them to get this fixed at the latest within a few weeks.

        • I tried Eternal Islands level 32 in firefox, safari, IE and google chrome. It dows not load in all the different browsers already for at least a week now. Please help

        • EI 32 haven’t been working for anybody since it was launched last Thursday.

        • I knew that but what about a message explaining the problem or better a fix instead of many players asking to reload and resulting in losing coins and lives?

        • after 5 emails….so havent yall fixed it ??? if ya know its not loading for anybody ??? just wondering

        • thks for solving the problem. I have completed all levels and collected all stars. When can we expect new levels?

  2. qualcuno sa dirmi come fare x sbloccare le ISOLE ETERNE 8 mi chiede un biglietto dorato a pagamento si puo’ sbloccare gratis se si potete aiutarmi a farlo x favore vi ringrazio gia’ da adesso a chi lo fara’ grazie

    ENG, TRANSLATE: someone can tell me how to unlock ISLANDS x 8 ETERNAL asks me a golden ticket fee you can ‘unlock for free if you can help me af

    • Right now it is only Pay-To-Play, but there are many players with hope that you could find it somewhere after the next feature release.

  3. Please help

    I can’t play. My path disappeared. I do not know what to do. I’m stuck at level 25 and can not press any buttons.

  4. I’ve reached 303 stars but haven’t received the 50000 coins due. I’ve cleared the cache, tried to reload but nothing. Still haven’t received them. Also, on trying to complete EI lvl 1/6 I managed to get 129,000 (no not enough for the star) but it’s not registering the score. Any thoughts please?

  5. I haven’t had Bubble witch saga for 2 mos! I have two accounts for that game on one pc. Mine quit working. I have refreshed over and over, I have cleared cookies over and over, I have cleared cache over and over I have taken app off and redone it over and over. I have clicked F5 over and over I have tried ALL the browsers and still nothing. Yet it cont. to work fine with the other facebook account. This would be why?

    • A few accounts jam up all the way and can not be repaired by the user her/himself, you have certainly done everything in your means to try to fix it, I see nothing else left than trying to contact King.Com.

      • I also have this problem, used Report/contact this app to leave report and screen-shot, got automated response outlining standard solutions, which I tried (and some), but to no avail. Since then I have had no further contact. I’m loath to uninstall and re-install as i have managed to get to level 91. Further help or contact details to real person would be appreciated.

        • Hi dave! Unfortunately the Blog have no contact that works as a support person at King.Com, our contact have another role in the company. But they will most likely response to you if you are clear about your problem and polite. One trick to get an answer from King.Com that have worked is this; When you have got the automated letter from King.Com, respond to that with the Subject intact, that way they can keep track of your ticket.

    • This is a game like jacks now. Repeat, repeat, repeat, 5 days now & I still need 100,000 for the first phase of 166. Too boring for me. I may visit once in a while, but no money. The charms etc I have are no help.

      • The shadow lord levels are really hard, the guides we have here provide some help, but when it comes to playing the levels you have to do them yourself. :<

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  7. I need to contact They sent me an email saying they were going to penalize me money if I didn’t play games anymore. I play Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Safari daily. Are they not games. How do I reach them?

    • I can assure you that they haven’t sent you aby such mail, you can answer th mail you got if you want to, but it is probably a scam mail. Scan your computr for viruses. Bubbl Safari is a Zynga game.

  8. I am on 170 and received a message that if I paid $1.60 I could get out of 170 so I paid it but I’m still playing 170, about 5 extra times now.

  9. Hello! My game stops loading at 99%. I have cleared the browser cache, I have reinstalled the flash player, deleted and reinstalled the application on facebook but I still got the problem. I am playing on Mozilla and I’ve tried Internet Explorer as well, but with no results. I can play Candy Crush Saga with no problems…only bubble witch saga is not loading; on my other PC all games work fine.

  10. Are there probIems with getting into EI19?? I can’t use my facebook credits to pay to get into Eternal Isle 19 and all the levels seem to freeze when I try. When I go into EI19, the invite box comes up blank, the “give lives” box comes up but only with the people that play BubbleWitch rather than giving me the option to choose who I want, friend requests seem to be OK (have only gotten few). Then when I click on the black ghosty guys, the options come up to ask friends for help or pay to go into EI19 but nothing happens and all the levels freeze…I can’t access them. But I can click on and get into Wilbur’s shop, the white kitty and her stories and the tournaments games. I have tried FireFox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome but no luck. I have re-installed the flash but no luck. I don’t know what else to do.

  11. Well I tried one last thing….I deleted BW and then went back into it on Google Chrome and so far it is working. But not on FireFox or Internet Explorer. I haven’t been able to play on Fire Fox for awhile as it was freezing and pixelat

  12. pixelating so bad. Well just thought I would let you know everything is OK for now soooooo……back to more bubble breaking.

    • Thanks! Several people get the issue that some browser isn’t working properly and it is usually a matter of cleaning out the browser. Sometimes it have been worldwide problems with some browsers.

    • You’ll need to clear out your cache and then replay the level. You also will need 3 friends to unlock the next Eternal Isle for you.

        • I just found out that this have happened recently to another player as well. There might be a new bug in the game. I am sorry to say, but for now the best thing to try is actually to try to clear cache and cookies between tries and just try doing it over and over again. You can also contact King.Com about the matter, if it is a new bug they certainly would want to know!

    • Yep, at this time there seem to be no fix. My best suggestion is a bit crappy, but it is to keep trying, delete cache between tries. There is something wrong with the game at the moment, as there are so many reporting that they are having the same issue. I would appreciate if yo7u write back, when you succeed to move on. :)

    • I actually managed to reproduce this issue and it felt that this issue was during to a heavy load on my computer. I have over 1000 friends and the power peak needed by my computer to load the friends for the highscore list seems to be too much and I get disconnected from the game. I closed all heavy programs on my computer and the game and highscores started to work for me again and I do not get disconnected any more. I hope you reposrt back if you too discover that turning off other programs helps to keep the connection.

      If you dare, the antivirus program is usually the heaviest and it should help to close that among all other programs as well. YOU TURN OFF YOUR ANTIVIRUS AT OWN RISK THOUGH, the Blogging Witches do not normally recommend such drastic measures, but for those that are a bit adventurous, why not..? ;-)

      • Well, I just noticed that I do not have any problem at any other levels of Bubble Witch except in the Eternal isle level 4 10. So, I believe it is a glitch in theprogram. I am a ittle disappointed that I can’t go any further as I think I am addicted to this game. Simply love playing. :(

  13. Since Tuesday, I’ve had the same message – Connection Lost…I had actually just completed a level and was ready to move on when I got that message.

    I’ve cleared the cache, updated flash, installed Chrome, nothing. I can play on FB just fine but not on google + (which is where I like to play). I also don’t play at work, just at home in the evenings.

    • I found a temporary fix for ppl having this issue on FB, google+ players haven’t reported back at this time. If we just close all other programs,the load on our computer is not that big and we can okay without interference.

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  16. I can’t move on to level 2/20 on eternal ilse. I have completed all 170 regular levels. Its not my browser because I have tried 3 different ones.

    • King.Com is working on this issue. For a few users just being persistent and reloading and trying in different browsers seems to have helped, but the majority will have to wait for King.Com to get a patch done. We can assume that will happen within 7-14 days.

  17. I also am having “connection lost” at level 45. I can pull up any of the games from the background map and run them with the “connection lost” error on the screen. I think the problem may be linked to the witches waiting to receive payment to continue. There is a down arrow blinking above the witches, but double clicking the witches does nothing. I also tried everything recommended in past posts.

  18. This “connection lost” problem is clearly a bug with the software and my account not with the computer I am using. I have 4 other computers in my house and it happens with all of them when using my account.

  19. I am having issues since the addition of the advertisement that runs every 3rd or 4th round. The ad begins to load and then my game freezes. I just completed level 135
    WOO HOO but the game froze again and so it shows I have not advanced. BOO! I have a screenshot of the comleted game. Need to find out if this can be corrected and how to avoid this issue in the future.

    • As I have purchased something in the game I don’t get the commercials(at least I think that is the reason), so I haven’t been able to locate any real fix, some players have reported that they have used ADBLOCK and ADBLOCK PLUS together and therefor can avoid all ads, so that their game doesn’t freeze.

  20. I’m having exactly the same issue as djgall above. Finished level 155 and right away recieved a connection lost screen above everything. Game will play but you can’t see anything because of this screen so it’s useless to even try. This needs to be fixed! I’ve tried on 2 other computers and same thing happens so it’s the game and not my computer. But I did update flash, try on google chrome, IE and firefox, cleared cache and every single other thing that’s been mentioned with NO result.

    I also am having “connection lost” at level 45. I can pull up any of the games from the background map and run them with the “connection lost” error on the screen. I think the problem may be linked to the witches waiting to receive payment to continue. There is a down arrow blinking above the witches, but double clicking the witches does nothing. I also tried everything recommended in past posts.

    • This sounds that it might be related to the Eternal Isles issue that you can read about by clicking on Pic below the Logo…?

  21. im on level 43 but the game shows me at level 123!!! cant go back to play through levels as its showing i have completed them all but this is infact my wifes game but its showing as mine

    • I have heard about a few couples that have had the same issue. Try to Clear out all your cookies and cache and uninstall the game on both accounts. Then reinstall it. If you report back on how it go, I would be jolly glad, as this is quite an interesting problem.

  22. This is really getting frustrating. Yesterday I kept getting connection lost and today I go in and I have two arrows in level 175 and it won’t let me move forward. I have been a big fan of this game and I am beginning to wonder if they are able to fix all these problems. I sure do miss playing. :(

    • I believe they are. This message just cane through from King.Com:
      “Some of you may be experiencing problems loading the game. Rest assured, the Bubble Witch Saga team is working on this, and we hope the issue will be resolved as quickly as possible. Try logging in a little later today, and thank you for your support!”

  23. since processing ‘free’ 1 click coins i am having issues with background sounds. music only plays while game is loading then during play i get no sounds at all. any solutions/suggestions to correct this please?

    • It is a bit buggy, some of the ads doesn’t freeze the game, but in my country most of them do, so I just don’t click them any more.

  24. Am still stuck with it not showing my friends list. I need three friends to help me move on from level 75 but it just keeps acting like it will show the list, but never does.

    • It is a Facebook issue, try using https instead of http or vice versa, that might or may not help. It also can work better on another computer. My personal choice of operative system was inflicted with facebook issues a week ago, but they fixed it. I had to log in with my secondary computer with another tech to ask for help in games.

      • I have tried everything, except using another computer, which I don’t have access to. I tried going through Mozilla Firefox and it did the same thing. Still stuck on the Ask your friends to help you out page….won’t show list of friends.

  25. So I’m stuck on level 165, and I’ve been trying to break the spell to play level 166, but I can’t select any friends to help. Nor can I break it for 3 FB credits (I have 8 credits in my account). I had Bubble Witch installed on my iPhone and iPad, I have now deleted the app from both, plus tried to delete and re-install the app on my PC (it didn’t ask me for permissions though), I’ve cleared the cache, tried Firefox and Chrome, all to no avail. I’ve run out of ideas! Can anyone please help?

    • It can be so that your computer/network isn’t quite compatible with Facebook at the moment, so if you get the chance to log in with Facebook with another computer and try, that might be a good idea to try.

  26. Goedemorgen,
    Ik speel graag bubble witch saga en Candy crush saga.
    Ik eindigde in niveau 104 in bubble witch en niveau 65 in Candy crush saga.
    Nu ben ik niet meer in staat om de betovering te verbreken.
    Bij “vraag een vriend om hulp”venster duurt het oneindig lang om mijn vriendenlijst
    te laden, dus heb ik een “oneindig lang ding”probleem.
    Onze dochter ging op haar laptop inloggen met mijn gegevens omdat wij dachten dat het aan
    mijn laptop zou liggen maar ook daar was hetzelfde probleem.
    Wie kan mij vertellen wat ik nu moet doen?
    Alvast bedankt.

    • Many players are experiencing this at the moment. We should try to find out some way to tell Facebook about this. I’ll tr to search for the proper report place at Facebook.

  27. I am stuck at lvl 115 on Bubble witch saga and lvl 35 on candy crush I am unable to get past these lvls .When i click to get friends help to go past, the friends page just loads and loads and loads. I have tried this from another browser, i have cleaned out my history, cookies, etc. and even updated flash. Any idea on what i can do to get this to work? my other acct is not having this problem nor is my other friend whom plays this

  28. Hello!

    The newest block of ads (they seem to be Google-based) don’t leave my screen when I complete a level. I’m forced to restart the level, even if I passed it already. I’ve waited as long as 5 minutes before I’ve refreshed the page. Is anyone else having this issue?

  29. can’t get into Canyon after level 115, when i click ‘ask friends for help’ or click the ‘+’ to add friends to ask it just bounces back to the previous screen. tried clearing cache etc.

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