Level 185 made us giggle!

Bubble Witch Saga Level 185

We was all so surprised when the first round was over, we thought that the game was lost, but… then the second round began and it was quite easy to get a decent  score. The devs trolled(in a good way) us again. Bravo! :D :lol:

Points for stars 1, 2, 3: 140 000, 205 000, 265 000
Potions: extra, rainbow and ceiling

Strategies and Pictures by Patti Frazier-Laundree, Mainewil Peetra and Teresa Atkinson

Round 1, Level 185

Level 185 Bubble Witch Saga

Starting Bubbles: 14
Special bubbles: none

Pic 185a: No obstacles are seen. The bubbles are in single rows with one space between them. There are a pair of bubbles scattered in the spaces – white

First level, nothing sinister lurking, just clear it like level 15 but score as many points as you can.

Round 2, Level 185

Starting Bubbles: 32
Special bubbles: mystery, shadow, poison, 2 locks on 1 ghost chain

Pic 185b: There is a chain to get past then lots of Mystery Bubbles, shadows and poison bubbles. If you have only yellow Spiders when you get the opportunity to strike many Mysteries in a row, miss some bubbles on  purpose so you get blue spiders that will become green when you hit a Mystery. Use all of the mystery bubbles but make sure you can clear them if you get bombs. Keep the shadow spread contained. Not to bad a level to clear but getting the points is crucial so aim to get green spiders where possible.

Above chain you see doom bubbles on both sides – marked in red in the 185b-pic, and a cluster of spider bubbles in middle – marked with a green triangle. Note increasing gold spiders on bottom!!!

Pic 185c: Ceiling is seen. You have the same pattern of bubbles remaining as in first screen.

Charms in use for this screencast: The Charm of Plenty, The Charm of Shielded Spiders

Magic Potions used: +3 holes in the Ceiling, +7 bubbles, RB Bubble.

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  1. Great video,but o boy just few points away from 3 stars ( I hate when that happen) the stars bar they should change a little , so many times is white all the way , but ups 2 stars . I was so exited few times that I get 3 stars and was surprised was 2 , have to go back check the points how many is needed for 3 stars .

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