Level 69 – watch your bubbles in the cauldron!

Starting Bubbles: 40
Points needed for stars: 1. 60 000, 2. 80 000, 3. 100 000
Recommended Potions: none (7 extra bubbles optional)
Useful Charms: The Charm of Precision
Special bubbles: doom bubbles

Strategies & Tips: By Patti Frazier Laundree.

Your biggest problem will be having enough bubbles. I have played and ran short and I have played without any potions and acquired three stars. I only use the precision Charm.

Pic 1: New layout for bubbles, now in diamond shaped patterns with a a total of 3 doom bubbles at the top of each one. Doom bubbles underlined in white. You need to drop the doom bubbles before the next screen will drop.Strategy Pic1 for level 69

Pic 2: This shot takes down last doom bubble and the screen will drop.Strategy Picture 2 for Level 69

Pic: 3 This is your next screen of bubbles with three more doom bubbles underlined in white. Only one diamond shape formation is present. There is a doom bubble at the base on each side and one at the top. The top one is located in the middle of your ceiling. Again focus on dropping the lower doom bubbles without hitting them.Strategy pic 3 for Level 69

Pic 4: Now you just finish up and drop the ceiling. By clearing out the lower doom bubbles you have already placed holes in your ceiling.Level 69, Strategy Pic 4

Here is the 3 Star video for Level 69

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