List of Magic Charms

Charms are no more available for sale, they have been replaced with the Wishes, that have the exact same Magic Powers as the charms, but can be used only once.

About at the same time as the Charms were removed the Magic Scrolls were introduced.

ALERT, ALERT! The Charms are now only available via the mobile app (6th March 2013) They might vanish from there too in the next update? 

Charms were paid items that permanently were added to your inventory when purchased. The gamers that got charms when the feature to purchase them was removed still have their charms and can use them forever. It is very easy to use the payment system provided by Facebook, read about precocity actions for payment methods, so you don’t need to be surprised in a nasty way. The charms are a good addon for gaming, but there are HC-gamers that consider these as cheats. We wouldn’t be delivered any more levels or even have the possibility to play, if no one paid for our gaming, so I think charms were a great way to support the development of Bubble Witch Saga.

Charm of Life | Charm of Foresight | Charm of Shielded Spiders
Charm of Precision | Charm of Scrolling | Charm of Plenty | Charm of Fortune Spiders | Charm of Antidote | Charm of Webbing | Charm of Immortality
Charm of Disarm | Charm of Salvation | Charm of Wealth
Charm of Shattering | Charm of Delay | Charm of Magic | Charm of Insurance


Charm of Life +3 to the life cap. Price on Google+ 9.99 $, unlocked at level 8

Charm of Foresight With this charm you can switch between 3 bubbles in the cauldron instead of 2. This really helps to get many bursts in a row, so you can get  yummy green spiders. It is unlocked at level 14. Price: 129 FB Credits.

Charm of Shielded Spiders puts only one Spider(instead of two) back up on the ceiling if you miss a shot. Price: 69 FB Credits  unlocked at level 15. Watch a Video example for the Charm of Shielded Spiders.

The Charm of Precision extends your aim and makes it much easier to burst bubbles, when you have to shoot in angels via the wall. This handy tool is claimed to be the most purchased at Facebook in our beloved Bubble Witch Saga and becomes available at level 19.  Price: 119 FB Credits.

Charm of Scrolling is designed to help you scroll the level. Three times/level it allows you to scroll up to the ceiling. This is a debated Charm, some says it is better to make screen caps than to scroll. I think the combination of the Charm of Scrolling and svreen caps would be best for many levels. Price: 99 FB Credits/on google+ 9.90$ Unlocked at lvl 24-25

Charm of Plenty adds 5 extra bubbles to your starting Cauldron. Unlocked at level 40. Price 59 FB Credits

Charm of Fortune Spiders is a permanent item, you get two extra spiders glued, so they never ever rise again, no matter how long you play, or how many levels. Price: 79 FB Credits. The Charm of fortune Spiders is unlocked at level 49. Great insights from Linda Patterson, that was kind enough to test this out really properly; “It looks to me that you start out with the 3 blue spiders and even if you miss shots, you still keep 2 spiders. At the end they could be any colors based on the shots you made or missed. I’ve tried to play and miss shots on purpose and ended sometimes with blue, sometimes with one blue and gold and even ended with a gold and green.”

Charm of Antidote heals infected bubbles once per level. After the healing the virus start spreading again. You can not heal bubbles that already are infected in the beginning of the level. Virus bubbles that springs out of Magic Bubbles can not heal, they are considered as original infections. The Charm of Antidote is unlocked at level 51. Price: 119 FB credits.

Charm of Webbing Userreview by KellyK: the charm of Webbing puts a spiderweb over the two biggest cauldrons, allowing whatever bubble that falls on them to bounce back to hit the spiders again. This goes on for 18 bounces, then the web dissolves. I’ve had it bounce a bubble back to a green spider which then took me from 2 stars to 3. Fun to watch! Price: 83 FB Credits. You can buy the Charm of Webbing after you have cleared Level 52.

Charm of Immortality Unlimited life forever, never ending hearts! It is really tasty, but it costs 799 FB coins. Unlocked at level 71.

Charm of Disarm helps you disarm Bomb Bubbles 2 times/level. Unlocked at level 78. Price: 139 FB credits.

the Charm of Salvation unlocks at level 83. With this charm you can neutralize one cluster of Doom Skull Bubbles two times each level.

Charm of Wealth gives you 20 000 coins every day you log on to play, it costs 299 FB coins. You have to log on 54 days to get the Money Charm to be a good investment compared to buying coins directly. Unlocks at lvl 86.

The Charm of Shattering unlocks at level 89 and costs 89 FB Credits, read more

Charm of Delay Delays the morph bubbles so they change every other shot, instead of every. Price: 89 FB Credits, unlocked at level 106.

Charm of Magic gives you the ability to activate and play with all four Magic Potions all the time. The Charm of magic cannot be purchased before you have 130 stars. If you not have the Charm of Magic you can use only 3 potions in the game. So if you have the ability to buy and use 4 Potions at once you are using the Charm of Magic. If the Charm of Magic isn’t working that means that you can only use 3 Potions instead of 4. Many have misunderstood how the Charm of Magic is supposed to work and that you still need coins to buy the Potions.

Charm of Insurance is unlocked at level 43. It let you hit a Doom Bubble once every level without getting hurt. It costs 139 FB coins and if it bought at a level before 50 it WILL BE WORTH MUCH MORE to the player.

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Squiggy as model? (Pic by Shelea)

Squiggy as model? (Pic by Kelly)


The costs of Charms can be different from listed here, as they sometimes change. And there is new offers for Charms every day, so you should really try to use those great offers!!!

I found this video by LuliGuilarducci where you can see some of the Charms in action.

Use facebook coins to buy magic charms

Use facebook coins to buy magic charms

Magic charms, +3 hearts, foresight and webbing

Magic charms, +3 hearts, foresight and webbing

So many charms, so little FB-coins…..
List of Charms

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  4. I want my money back, the Charm of Magic does not work. It is unfair to faithful users of the bubble witch game to buy charms and not be able to use them.

    • Hi, I can’t get you your money back, but you can use the “Contact” links below the game to get in contact with King.Com.

      • Hi, I bought it thinking it would give me free unlimited use of the potions. I won’t use it cos I never want to use all four at the same time. This was not clear before I bought it and am now a bit peed off. Can I reverse the transaction somehow? There is NO link to contact King.Com beneath the game. I have tried them all, none of them allow you to send a message or give any contact info.

        • well thats funny because on bubble wich saga and candy crush saga its taking a remarkably long time to restore the purchases. i really dont hope this is fraud and might leave a complaint on customer services

  5. How on earth do you buy things with the regular coins, NOT the facebook coins?? I have 20,000 of them and there doesn’t appear to be any way to use them from what I can tell. So ridiculous…

  6. Did get my charm of magic either. Reported through FB. send e-mails to say I should try it. Have complained but they sent e-mails saying it takes up to 48 hrs etc……….its been 3 weeks now, What a rip off!

  7. The Charm of Wealth does not work either. In one week I have gotten the coins only twice despite logging on every day. You have to log out of Facebook and back on, but this doesn’t work either. I like the game and don’t mind paying for charms occasionally, but I DO expect them to work. Boo to

    • At your left hand besides Level 78 you’ll find the Eternal Isles with 70 free levels and 30 Pay-To-Play Levels.

  8. I used my facebook credits to get 5 extra bubbles and something called bubble witch full life. I have not seen anything happen on the full life. I feel like I was ripped off on that. It seemed to me it should be lives that don’t run out. What is it and why don’t I see it after I used my credits?

    • The Bubble Witch Full Life means a one time fill-up to the cap. If you have max 8 hearts, it fills up ONCE to 8 hearts when purchased. Never ending Life can also be purchased. Click on the Charms menu item in the Upper menu to read more about it.

  9. I am supposed to have ‘earned credit” for 400 fb credits …I donated to ASPCA as per instruction on tab in Bubble Witch and later I sent proof of same, a copy of receipt email. But, no FB credits yet?? What do I do?

    • Oh my, that is serious! It is a matter that you need to sort out with Facebook via the contact form. If you send the proof to the wrong place, they can not process it.

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  12. I don’t understand how many points for each level to get stars, it does not tell you. Sometimes I clear the level and it says sorry you have to have at least 1 star but doesn’t say how many points or what to do to get them, then I do the exact same thing and it says I got 3 stars. Can anyone tell me the rules of the stars? Thank you Angela

    • Hi Angela,
      the acore amount needed for every level is stated in the guides here and also in the lower right corner in the levels.

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  17. Which 4 potions are you speaking of if you purchase the Charm of Magic? It sounds like a good deal, but I want to make sure that I can choose any 4. I hope you can answer me quickly, because it would really help to have it. Thank you!!

    • The Yellow Spider Potion, +3 holes in the ceiling, +7 bubbles in the starting cauldron and the Rainbow Bubble.

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  26. I have purchased the charm of magic through my bank account in July but it still doesn’t work. How about refunding my money back or making the charm actually work…going through thousands of coins for potions….I really enjoy the game but lets be fair.

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  31. I have had various issues lately including the “reload” freeze issue.

    The last couple of days whenI go to turn on the webbing charm, balls start shooting out.
    It seems supersensitive. I am trying to highlight and press the webbing turn-on tab, and it shoots bubbles instead. It shot two doom bubbles, thereby ending two games for me. Frustrating ! I don’t seem able to turn on the charms nearly as easily as before. Thanks, Mary

    • Use the form at your lower right hand of the game to report this to King.Com. You need to reply to the automated answer you first get from there to get through.

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  34. I got to level 117 with nothing but the 4 charms that you acquire; not spending a dime. Never have and never will. I did the math on here – one of the charms didn’t say how much, and as listed here, to have all the charms, which a lot of the walkthroughs show are using, it came to $193.83 + (missing price listing); I could never and would never pay that. At level 117 I do not see any way oif winning without purchasing at least a few of the charms, so I guess I am done, is there anyone else that has beat that level without the charms you earn along the way past level 117? Loved the game but for that price I could by an entire gaming system! I guess I will go back and occasionally play my favorite levels. Bummer for me though. I am on disability and not much to do, Oh well! Best game I have played aside from Return to Ravenhurst (HOG and Adventure game from BFG’s which I have purchased many over 3 years). I guess I will go back to them, but they haven’t come up with any astounding games in a long time.

    • Oh my, that is a lot of real money you need to spend if you wan them all! I am fortunated, since almost all of my Charms have been gifted to me, keeping a Bubble Witch Saga Web Page gets me a lot of friends, hehe. I have also won some in the tournaments. With tournaments the Charms can become quite cheap. :)

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