List of Special Bubbles

As the game go on you will be introduced to different new kind of Bubbles, these obstacles make your gaming harder, but I would rather talk about more challenging and more fun! Here is a list on every type of new challenge that you are going to meet in the game. Click on the name of the Bubble to learn more about it and on the level to watch the video of the level where the obstacle is first introduced.
black bubble-is-hard-as-rock Black Bubbles are introduced at level 16.

yellow-spider-bubble Poison aka Spider Bubbles are introduced at level 26

skull-doom-bubble.png Doom Skull Bubbles are introduced at level 36.
Infected Bubble Infected Bubbles are introduced at level 46.

Bomb Bubble Bomb Bubbles are introduced at level 76. Once activated, the Bomb counts down 9-1 for every time you shoot a Bubble.

Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles are introduced at level 86, they have an ice crystal coating.

Morph Bubble Morph Bubbles are introduced at level 106. They change colours.

Ghost Lock on Chain Locked Bubbles on ghost chains are introduced at level 116.

 Mystery Bubbles are introduced at level 146.

Red Shadow Bubble Shadow Bubbles are introduced at level 166.
Linked Bubble, Special bubble type Linked Bubbles are introduced at Level 306


12 thoughts on “List of Special Bubbles

  1. I am on level 40, can wipe all the bubbles out every time but I keep getting the message I do not have enough stars. I have back tracked and replaced games, earned stars and when I go back to level 40 I get the same message, I do not have stars. I’m lost in my reading. What are power ups? What are FB credits ?

    • Power Ups are the Magic Potions, sometimes also called Boosters, there are four of them, you don’t need real money for Potions.
      FB Credits have to be bought with real money. You can play all levels without FB Credits though.

      Read the specific level guide for level 40 to get the grip of how much you’ll need to score to get a Star.

      • Make smaller combs to turn your spiders yellow x2. But try to save the red ball to clear it out cuz if u make to many combos it stops giving you red ball and you will lose 2 spiders every time you miss and won’t get enough points to earn stars. I beat it without potions. Good luck.

  2. Ahoj :-)
    poraď mi,prosím, jak se zařadit do losování. Sdílela jsem,ale nenašla na stránce “BOX” k napsání e-mail adresy.
    Hra je super !!!! :D
    Děkuji Renáta


  3. I love reading your tips! I start out looking for a specific question and get sidetrack by others questions. So, my question is one I have not seen and since I have been playing ( am on level 99/EIlev 5), I have not found the answer myself. WHY do some bubbles fall and sometimes not? and How can you get enough points if the bubbles are not ALL falling?? I have been to the top of lev 99 over and over and it will not allow me even 1 star to pass. Thanks for being so helpful! And Persistance does pay off…BTW, I don’t by potions very often, and am still able to pass levels…OMG! THANK YOU for the “my wf” tip! Although I does not give me the coins all the time when I do pass, How do we get more mini games on the feed?
    So sorry this is so long, but I do want to understand all I can about BWS. :)

    • You got many good questions there! :)
      A bubble fall if you don’t burst it. You need to burst bubbles above clusters to get them to fall.
      When you have nine holes in the ceiling all the bubbles will fall. You can’t pass a level without breaking the ceiling.

      One way to get more mini games into the feed is to have more friends that post their winnings to the feed. You can also go back to earlier levels and play them and post to your feed. Then you can play your own mini games for more coins. :)

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