Get 500 coins from mini games (officially named feed games by Facebook devs)


One of my personal favorite features in Bubble Witch Saga is the Mini games in the wall feed at Facebook. You find them easy by clicking on the My wf-link in the second menu here.

The mini games looks like small videos and work the same way. You click on the button that you would click to play a video. Then the mini game in your feed is started. You play the game and depending on how good you score, you get 200, 350 or 500 coins as reward. You collect the reward by clicking the green Play Now button.

If you do not want to play the mini game, you still can collect 100 coins from the wall post in the feed by clicking the link at the right of the mini game that says “Play and win free coins!” If you loaded the mini game and click the green button with the text “Play full version now” or if you fail to get a star in the minigame, you still get 100 coins from that post! As for now it seems that you can re-load the My wf Facebook Page unlimited times and play the mini games over and over again to gain more coins.

You can also play your own mini games at your own wall or Timeline to gain coins! By commenting your post before sending it from the game you find it in your timeline without going through the My wf-link. Here is a help article on how you might find mini games on other persons Timelines, even if they are only small pics in one single box.

Here is a sample of the mini game, but you don’t get any coins from playing this mini game. This sample is mainly here for all of you that have problems with your settings at FB and can’t see the mini games in your feed. This mini game belongs to King.Com.

I suggest that you use the Facebook wall filter for Bubble Witch Saga (“My wf”) to play mini games, there you can play on all your friends games. =)

You’ll find a lot of 500 coins posted at Gamers Unite!

54 thoughts on “Get 500 coins from mini games (officially named feed games by Facebook devs)

  1. Loving the mini-games, great way to build up coins whilst waiting for lives, thanx for the tips on that admin! Also loving the Eternal Isles and can’t wait for further levels.

  2. I win 200 this time so can you change the 500 in you menu to coin in game or 200.350or500 jusr try you luck or something so ppl will not get confused they gonr get 500 all the time

  3. And 350 again but every time i have diffrent combinations. I played them before but did not pay attention to this though every one mini game is a sort of diffrent lavel no you can have diffrente level just from one game!

  4. Eternal Isles level 6, I just can not get enough of a score for even one star and refuse to buy any more facebook credits. This is the closest I have been to giving up on Bubble Witch Saga

    • It have to be a glitch, the old proper ways should work, but mini games from before the new features shouldn’t work any more.

      • I’m not getting my coins from playing the mini games. Why did you guys have to change it? It was working awesomely…. As the saying goes, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it………
        Back to the frustration………… Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

        • This Fan Site is maintained by a private player, so you will not reach the devs this way. The mini games was exploited and therefore fixed.

        • You took the words right out of my mouth Debbie. You need the coins for the potions, some games are tough and it helps, being stuck on a level for more than 3 days (or longer) becomes boring and you just dont want to play anymore.

  5. Sono arrivata al livello 10 delle Isole Eterne, credo che tanto lavoro e costanza, nonchè incazzature, debba essere premiato con un regalo: l’amuleto della precisione !!! Mi risulta difficile proseguire e mi dispiacerebbe molto abbandonare questo bel gioco che mi ha tenuto tanta compagnia !!!

  6. I have tried this and not all the time do i get my coin credits from my own page. about three days ago from here this site every time i played the mini game i always got my coin credit. for some reason now it doesnt always give me the coin credits from here either. what could be wrong???

  7. since facebook has addded that time line crap majority of the games and this sweet cool game witch saga, problems have been accurring. maybe this is why all of us are having problems recieving a free credit coins in the mini games.. its like a html bug flash problem conflicting …

  8. Have also stopped receiving coins from mini games…sooooh frustrating! Seems to me too that the change to time line has caused an awful lot of problems with this game. Real shame, I am stuck on 138 and could do with a few coins about now lol!

  9. What is going on with the mini-game? It only gives the coins from the first game you play! Have they changed the rules or is it a glitch? Oh I guess they changed the rules as they realised people could continually play mini-game to build up coins rather than buy them! Not fair Bubble Witch!!!!!

    • I’ll have to check on that, on Sunday I got coins everytime I played, but I have been REALLY busy after that! If someone else that reads this have a copmment, please respond! =)

  10. I haven’t been able to claim a single coin from any of the mini games for the past 7-10 days. It always says that I have won, but fails to add them. I have tried everything as suggested, but I no longer have any means to claim extra coins. Is this happening to everyone?

    • No, it is not happening to everyone, but I hear a few complaints every day. Unfortunately I haven’t any better advise at this time than to try another browser.

  11. Sorry, can’t seem to find where “Post” on here. Can anyone advise?
    After I completed Level 79, I seem to find myself at Eternal Isles.
    Where is Level 80? I seem to be on 2 different places on the map (79 & EI2) and have tried clicking on the dots around L79 but nothing. Do I have to complete EI to get back to Level 80?
    Any advice gratefully received.

  12. You have to have BWS closed while playing the mini-games, then when you click “Play Now” you get the coins. Go back for more – but close the game each time. Refresh the wf page to keep playing.

  13. I can´t see the minigames anywhere. When I press the “wf” button, I go to my fb-page, but there are no minigames. Do I need to change som settings? Please help me:-)

    • You have probably edited the permissions for Bubble Witch Saga to show up in your feed. When you click on my wf, look for a edit option. The edit option is written with quite a smalll font where there are now mostly white space for you.

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