Mystery Bubbles

Mystery Bubbles are black Bubbles with a question mark. The question mark is for the surprise that you’ll get by hitting the Mystery Bubble.

A Mystery Bubble Mystery Bubble, Special bubble type Mystery Bubbles can change into a black bubble-is-hard-as-rock Black Bubbles, into Bubbles to shoot in the Cauldron, into an Infected Bubble Infected Bubble and many more things!

Tell us what kind of surprises you have got from your Mystery Bubbles! Mystery Bubbles are introduced at level 130 in the Game Bubble Witch Saga. Mystery Bubbles can also be found at level 148 and level 149 and many other levels, originally the Mystery bubbles weren’t introduced before level 146, but this was changed in May 2012. At Eternal Isles 13-5 you can get 10 green Spiders with the help of Mystery bubbles!!!!

Here you can have a sneak peak at the Mystery Bubbles in action!

In this video the Mystery Bubble turns into a Rainbow Bubble Rainbow Bubbles!!!

12 thoughts on “Mystery Bubbles

  1. Turns into black bubble
    Turns into infected bubble
    Turns into bomb
    Turns into pile of several bubbles that fall, leaves empty space
    Gives you extra shots, leaves empty space
    Gives you rainbow bubble, leaves empty space
    Gives you spider

    That’s it I think

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