Bubble Witch Saga Notes for different Levels

This is a page for various old notes, please use the navigation at your left side hand for all levels and the menus to access guides and videos for Eternal Isles. 

On this page I list hints of what might going to be published later on, it is a way to remember what I want to write about. This is not accurate nor should it be read as fact, I do not promise to deliver any of these subjects, but I really want to. Clickable notes are published.

I like writing for actual human beings, so I’ll put a priority on levels that someone ask for

I will write an own post for the dialogue about playing over-socially, that I and Ewa have been doing in the comments on this note. DONE: http://bubble-witch-saga.se/legit-cheat-unlimited-energy-in-bubble-witch-saga/

Level 74 needs all the potions you have! (done!)
LEVEL 86 where the Crystal Bubbles are introduced.
Milestones for achievements up to 400 Stars, there is no more at this point, even though you can earn 465 Stars.

History of Bubble Witch Saga (the cats and the witches)

Level 35Level 40Level 44 seems to be tricky, will add walk through.
Level 37level 49Level 50

Warning about cheat engines and pointing out that there is no such thing as downloads for Bubble Witch Saga. It is an online game. – Kind of done, I could write a lot on that topic, but I ain’t shore if the readers want it….

Level 80 has a nasty bomb bubble in the upper left hand corner, level 82level 87
level 88, cap of start screen

Level 95, level 99, level 100level 101, level 102, level 103level 104, level 105level 106, level 107, level 108, level 109, level 110, level 111level 112

level 113level 114level 115level 116level 117level 118, level 119, level 120level 121level 122level 123, level 124, level 125

Level 131, Level 132, Level 133, Level 134.

level 136level 137level 138, level 139, level 140, level 141, level 142, level 143level 144level 145level 146, level 147, level 148level 149, level 150, level 151, level 152, level 153, level 154, level 155


Levels to come: http://bubble-witch-saga.se/tag/level-156/
Level 157-16x


You click on her/his avatar on the Saga Map. If they have a green Check sign and you can’t click them a life, they have to ask for it and you need to reload the game to get the request.

Use the tags at your left side to find your level or the Upper purple menu to find your Eternal Isles Levels.

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Archive Bug, fixed 13/09 2012: ISSUE: I can’t click on the hearts to send lives to friends.
FIX: The lives are actually sent, but it feels like they aren’t. When you go into the level next time, the green check marks appears.

20 thoughts on “Bubble Witch Saga Notes for different Levels

  1. I am at level 125 and ready to enter the moon coast. I need friends to help me break a spell. Everyone has been helping but none of it goes through to me. So far one friend has helped from my end, but from their ends over 25 tries and nothing. Any ideas?

  2. On the daily game 5/16/14, I get 8 of the 9 ceiling openings, but it tells me I need one more. The exploding bubbles the ones that set off the bombs, are protected by the block bubbles. How do I get past the block bubbles in order to get that last ceiling bubble? Thank you

  3. I’m stuck on level 173. I get all the bubbles to fall, even extra gold spiders, but never enough to get a star. What am I doing wrong?

  4. I am stuck on level 233. Don’t get the daily bonus. Arcane bubbles, etc., or if I do the next day they are gone. Can’t use the 5 lives to get the bonus items so have no ammunition to play with. It seems I can’t win!!

  5. Stuck on level 233. Don’t get the daily bonus, or if I do, they are not there the next day. Can’t use the 5 lives so can’t get extra arcane bubbles. So I have no extra ammuniton to play with. Frustrating! Feel like giving up, but I know I won’t!!

  6. I recently came back to the game. I’m on Level 497. Is anyone else having a problem with delays in the shooting between shots? I don’t know if this is a problem with my computer or a part of the game to frustrate players!

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