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What happened to the “Like” Counter?

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At the lower left side here at the website we have a “Like” Button, well, it says “Recommend”, but that is just the same thing and do the same stuff. The reason the website have it on a not that visible place is because for some reason the “Like”-button jammed up the whole page, while waiting for data from Facebook. I will move the “Like”-button to a more visible place, since something DEVASTATING have happened. :o Earlier this year this website had almost 5000 “Likes” and now it have somehow dropped to only 779. [insert big witches tears here]

Since the website is gaining more and more visitors and the feedback is mostly positive, I am certain that it is Facebook that have done something nasty and dropped away 4000 “Likes”, I am thinking of a spell to cast at Facebook to change it back, but in the meanwhile, why don’t you check that you have “Liked” the Blogging Witches by hitting “Like” in the box I made in this post? :) It is a copy of the counter located at the lower left.

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus Level 29th December

Today’s Daily Bonus Level is Eternal Isles 16-3, the real fun Tic Tac Toe Level that caused real fun discussions last summer. You can watch the original Level Video and get some tips and stats at EI 16-3 in the existing post for the Level.

Here is a freshly made video by @Patti for 2 Stars. Thank you Patti! :D

Woop, woop! Todays Daily Bonus is a ONE CLICK COINS BUTTON! Late evening Ronny Bräuer posted a nice bunch of links for us, 22 of the links included are 500 coin links and here I post most of them in the Button, but to assure that you don’t miss out on any friend request these six first links are excluded from the One Click button and I wish that you click them before you set the Button off, in order to click yourself through any pending requests. Your friends are worth that, don’t you think? :)

COINS REMOVED because they get old in one week.

Psst… There is a Giftcard for Facebook Credits saved in my personal notes that we’ll have a contest for soon!

…and the group Admins are also discussing a New Years Charm contest! :D

….so don’t forget to check back. 8)

7 thoughts on “One Click Coins Button – We want you to LIKE us! :D

  1. Thank you very much for the coins,. I LOVE this site! I’ve made it to level 177 without any permanent charms but it getting very hard!!! i ALWAYS CHECK A LEVEL HERE BEFORE PLAYING. :)

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  3. This is truly wonderful, the help, the forums, and the fantastic, and the sharing of coins. I wonder on day if there will be charms to share as well. Not all of us, are a wiz at this…I especially love the videos, thank you so much for this site. YaY! Bubble Witch Saga!!

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