A gift for you: Best Strategies and Must Know Stuff about the Papa Pear mobile App and Facebook Game from King: Papa Pear Saga

King brings us yet another wonderful game to fill up our weekdays with, Papa Pear Saga! The game is about shooting Papa Pears from a cannon up in the heavens and bounce them on items in the game. The items are mostly fruits, berries and vegetables. A fun detail that I noticed is that turnips don’t give you any points, we can assume that is because the person designing that object don’t like the taste of turnips? 😀

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Play Papa Pear Saga at Facebook by clicking this.

The game has more than 500  Levels (Summer 2015), you can find a cheat sheet for video
walkthroughs RIGHT HERE
at the Blogging Witches website! That is the link you should have bookmarked to pass every level! 😀

Papa Pear Saga unlimited lives (no cheat, no hack)

You lose a life if you fail to complete the level you are playing. Lives refill over time, but it is painfully slow, you get a new life every 30 minute if friends aren’t sending you any.

You can request additional lives from your Facebook friends at any time, even if you already have a full life cap. Just click on the plus sign at your upper left hand side of the Saga Map to request lives immediatly you are starting your gaming day! Lives from friends that are unused are stored in the message center for one session, when you reload the game the message center is cleared out and filled with the most recent lives and
requests. In order to be a good friend you should accept any request before you shut down the game in your web browser, so they get the life sent back to them, that they have sent you in order to help. After days of heavy Papa Pear Saga Gaming I have came to the conclusion that ~300 playing friends is enough to satisfy any Papa – maniac’s need for lives, since you have friends sending them all the time and also sends them back you have unlimited lives always! 😀

Because of the different way of using mobile apps, we can expect this to be a very good solution whenever this get out as a mobile app, since the storage probably will work better on an app you actually never close.

Make sure you add as many friends as you can to get more lives faster!


A little something about Papa Pear Saga Scoring:

Shoot directly into a bucket and earn 1000 points.

Hit the ceiling hard via an obstacle to earn 500 points.

Onions need 3 bounces to go away

Episodes in Papa Pear Saga (as per 7th April 2013) :

Click Pic For Papa Pear Saga Level Index, Level 1-240

92 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga – the first Survival Guide”

  1. DONNA


  2. John

    When are you going to make this game available for iPads? Also, you need to increase more lives! Your othe game Sugar Crush, needs to be, in some levels, to have some incentives to allow you to move on! You will loose players because of the frustrations of the gam. Wake up and listen to you players!!

  3. missy

    Help, I am on Level 107. Everytime the +1 pear comes up at the end it will not fire and I cannot finish the game and I have to restart it. Now I finally beat the game and at the end a +1 pear come up and now I cannot fire it because it says I have to use all the pears in the game. Any tips I really don’t want to have to restart again since I finally beat this level after a few days playing it.

  4. Evelyn

    unable to send lives to friends. get error message saying please try again. like this for about 3 weeks. help. love the game

  5. Shawn

    I read the ultimate survival guide for PPS in hopes of getting some answers I have about playing the game. Sadly it didn’t address most of them. I was wondering if there was a guide that explains things like the basic scoring, what each of the ingame boosts do and how/when to use them, is it better to have all three balls in play or just one at a time. I watch you level guides but sometimes I honestly can’t see what i’m doing differently that causes my score to come no where close to the required score (when a score is what is required to complete the level successfully). Another question I have concerns how to get the bonuses to appear in game? Is it random or are the ways to bring them out? I have figured out the trick about how to make the ball fire out straight and fast as opposed to having the drop slowly to a shorter distance, but was wondering if there were other tricks. I’m asking this because I’ve been stuck at level 107 for over a month and I am just about to the point where I give up and move on to some other game. I’ve been stuck before in the game but never for this long so any help would be appreciated.

  6. MJ

    I need help getting past level 202? Any advise on how to get more Giant Papa Pears on the screen. I even did something I swore I would never do..I bought some and still I can not get more then 5 Giant Papa Pear’s on this level. Please help!

  7. ShawN

    I bought some of your boosters for the game recently and I have to tell you that practically everything I bought got wasted because your buttons to use them sit at the very top and I kept clicking too high and using them unintentionally. If there was some way that those buttons could be moved to a spot less likely to be clicked on accidentally I would buy more… Just thought I would share. 😛

  8. Helen Driver

    Please can u help, I have sent several requests for friends to help to next level, all they get is requests for life’s but not to help me to next level

  9. Annette lefforge

    I can’t get passed 120 it won’t let me!, want to stay playing. Can’t get flash player with I pad

  10. Annette lefforge

    Can’t play passed level 120. I can’t get flash player with I pad!,,! Want to pla!

  11. Kathryn S Korthank-Rikess

    Stuck on level 102, can remove all the watermelons but no star. Stuck here fir about a week.

  12. Margaret Scott

    I am trying to open Level 91. I have received Gold Bars from friends. I open them and only 1 shows and The rest are gone. Whyncan’t I open this level. I have tried for 2 days and keep asking for gold bars to advance to the next level. How do I gt to the next Evelyn???

  13. Sally

    My husband is playing this as well I’m on FB but he is not n he has reached a point to where he needs help to ask friends on FB but he refuses to set up a Facebook acct will he be able to continue without having to buy help???

  14. Maggie

    I flew through the first three episodes with no problems (iphone), but episode 4 will not unlock without connecting to Facebook, or paying for bars. I wish to do neither. How is it that I could pass through the first three episodes without this happening? What is so special about episode 4? King’s website says that you CAN play all levels without money, or connecting to FB, but they certainly aren’t giving up HOW!? Very annoying.

    • Admin

      this have been the case for other apps from King as well. I suggest tiy show your dislike by uninstalling the app. Keep an eye on app updates, King will probably add this feature if many stops play if forced to connect or pay.

    • Kelly squirrel

      Me too can’t access level 72 without paying or Facebook. It happened before further back and eventually given access after days of not playing. Must be 3 weeks since I played. So annoying.

  15. Ali

    I have been waiting for about a month for the next level to be unlocked. Is there any reason why it’s taking so long? In the past the most I’ve had to wait is 2 weeks. I’m on level 270, and it appears that there are higher levels made?

  16. May

    While playing level 116 picture freezes then screen goes blank and goes back to start which means I loose a life every time .

  17. kesha

    I can’t advance pass level 165 next level says coming soon advance through facebook but I can’t find it

  18. Martha Hernandez

    I’m trying to unlock to next leve but all I get is lives .i don’t know what to do I want to stop playing.

  19. andréia

    oooiii, adoro jogar Papa Pear, porém gostaria de saber se tem como deixar ele mais rápido.Por exemplo quando vc lança ele , o meu vai beeem devagar .e já vi os videos q vc postou q é bem rapido q ele corre.obrigada

  20. Patti

    I’m on level 316 and can’t find a video to help me figure out how to get it done. Where can I find one?

  21. Kent Johnson

    I’ve never had any problems with Papa Pear crashing on me until I got to levels, 327, 328 and 329. It took me 3 times beating the level before it didn’t crash as I completed the level. The screen freezes right before it says level completed. It happened several times each on levels 328 and 329 as well. I have 8 gigs of RAM and an Intell i7 quad core processor. It’s not my machine. I believe there is a problem “Houstin”.

    • bam Bam

      I will send tickets to you and you do the same. I’m on 123, need friends. Please help.

  22. Tiffany

    Why aren’t gold bars part of the game in higher levels? I hate that I can’t play unless 3.friends send help. And what happened to the “invite friends” option

  23. Jillian

    Hi.. On level 215 the papa bears get stuck in the tree canons and the trees look red like they’re going to fire but never do. When 3 get stuck, I can’t make any more moves after that :/ anyone else have this problem?

  24. Sue Morgan

    I have completed level 150 and there is no level 151′ just a note “on a cloud” saying coming soon

  25. Margaret.

    I. Cannot. See my friends faces. On papa pear. And not. Letting me. Go to next. Level. I’m on 150. I’m getting help but. Not opening. Anyone got answers to this please

  26. Jamie F

    Level 151 says commingsoon I connect to Facebook, but still nothing. Help

  27. Bruce Deacon

    Why can’t I buy gold bars. It tells me it can’t access the store,yet I can access them on another device

  28. Jamie F

    I have pros can tablet and need to unlock level 151. Says comming soon. Please help

  29. karen

    No one receives my request for help to unlock a level. why isnt it going threw

  30. michele

    I need help getting past certain levels. I have no friends who play this game. Can anyone,help?

  31. Jennifer

    I saw a video for level 226 and the bottom bucket the ball that went into, the person held the ball in the bucket until they wanted it to shoot. How do you hold knto the ball so I can pass this level??

  32. KP

    No tips on level 420, 421, 422 etc? I see the video, but the explanations really help. Where are they? Thx

  33. Nancy Norris

    I am writing to you again –I keep getting robbed of my success on Level120 – once again I got all the buckets lighted up and once again it said the level failed –is it possible to move me to level 121

    • Firepapa

      Did you get the points also need to pass the level? from what device do you play? In order to maybe help you we need more info 🙂

  34. Kelly Godley

    I am on level 153. Cannot get past it. Suppose to get 6 power ups but only 2 available on this level. Love this game but frustrated right now. Tks

  35. Chris

    I have passed level 52 over and over and it says. I have failed. It won’t let me progress. I really enjoy this game, lots of fun! Please help!

  36. Kim

    I keep getting booster gifts from my friends cut cannot find them to use them. Where are they? I do not see them at the beginning of each level and they do not show up above the game. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  37. Chris

    I do not okay on Facebook and I can’t get to level 106 without going through FB?

  38. Connie

    What is the reason that we can not connect to Facebook with the game. I have an iPhone 4s. I have not been able to connect to Facebook for over a week. I get notices that friends have sent me lives but can’t get to them. Also I am unable to make in app purchases.

    • MissB

      I have the exact same issue, on all devices for over a week now! No Facebook connection nor access to store so can’t get onto the next set of levels! Very frustrating!!

  39. Dani

    Same issues as most. Can’t connect to fb or the store. At the end of an episode so can’t move on…..

  40. Shell

    I could play till I reached episode 4. Then the game wanted me to log into facebook or buy goldbars that I can keep on playing. I don’t want to do either though! Very disapponted!! I’m going to erase the app 🙁

  41. susy

    I can’t get out of level 47, when I look up help, level 47 is different than the one I’m playing

  42. Nancy

    I am done with level 450 but have lost my mail and friends can’t send lives or receive because of no mail. HELP

  43. Stephanie

    My time between each life has screwed up in stead of 5 mins it reads 1244:11 just wondering if there was a way to get it back to normal.

  44. Mike

    I need help , I have been stuck on level 181 for over 15 months , how do I get passed

    • Susan

      Level 525; says coming soon, well I’ve been stuck here waiting for new level for months. Doesn’t this game go any higher?

  45. Lana

    How long do I wait to unlock the next episode if I don’t have any friends to help me?

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