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Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 429 no boosters Video Walkthrough, hints, tricks and tips by the unofficial Gaming Network called teh Blogging Witches


In Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 429 task is to clear the top with 36 moves. This is little tricky level so maybe these tips can help you on your way:

– you have Cameleon bubbles and they change color every time you make a move. Try to match bigger sets of bubbles cause you need to save moves

– there are 3 lines of Cursed bubbles, first is just above Cameleon so try to make a match above it and using both walls. If you got good board this should be a problem, Also save your moves.

– same thing you need to do with second line of Cursed bubbles. If you don’t have a good match, make five Cursed bubbles and it will disappear and move on πŸ˜‰

– third line of Cursed bubbles in on your way and this is where you need to make good match and have ome luck.

– above third line of Cursed bubbles, you have one line of bubbles then the bomb that is counting 7 til explosion.

– above the bomb and one line of bubbles, right in the middle there is the LINE BLAST. So even if you don’t see it you can aim and drop down all bubbles that are under it. You can see it in action in video at 2:05.

– now you can see the top but the game isn’t over yet. Actually it all depends on how many bubbles you have in cauldron but you need to have at least 6,7 bubbles. Best would be to have like 2 god matches at the top. Hit some Zen bubbles so they can remove bubbles and black bubbles around it.

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