There are four kinds of  Papa Pear Saga levels and we have all those different Papa level types covered with level specific Papa Pear level guides/documentation!


These are the four different level types that Papa Pear Saga keeps available, excluding the Papa Pear CHALLENGE levels.

    1. Light up the Buckets! You need to bounce your papas into buckets colouring up all five buckets. Sometimes the buckets have lids on them giving us a really hard time.
    2. Bring down the fruits. At the fruit levels your buckets are usually already coloured and your task is to get the fruits into the buckets. If you get a challenging layout for the fruits, quit the level and try again, the fruits haven’t fixed placements in the level design and might appear on an easier place.
    3. Remove a certain kind of obstacles, such as onions, acorns, carrots or PowerUp Pins(also used as Boosters).
    4. SCORE A LOT!!!  Get a certain  amount of points in order to achieve at least 1 star at that level and pass the papa level by making a great score.

Papa Pear Saga Level Index / Solutions for ALL LEVELS

From this cheat sheet you can pick your level to get a walkthrough with the gameplay for that particular level.

  • Level 1-97
  • 98-199
  • 200-299
  • 300-399
  • 400-525
  • 526-570
  • 571-600
  • 601-690
  • 691-765
  • 766-795
  • 796-885
  • 886-997
  • 998-1048
  • 1049-1080


Our mission within the Blogging Witches Papa Pear Community is to have all Papa Pear Saga levels documented including video and written textual hints and tricks for the Papa Pear Saga Levels we document AND talk about! 

Papa Pear Saga Level Index, tricks and tips for all Papa Pear Saga Levels

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76 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga ALL Levels SOLVED!”

  1. isabel bueno muñoz

    hola,no se si alguien me podra ayudar ,estoy en el nivel 90 me sale una flecha encima como q repita el 90 ,y la parte de arriba la siguiente pone coming soom ,q puedo hacer ,gracias

    • isabel bueno muñoz

      hola, no sí si Alguien me podra Ayudar, ESTOY en el Nivel 90 me la venta Una flecha Encima Como q repita el 90, y la instancia de parte de arriba la siguiente aplazar viene Soom, q PUEDO HACER, gracias

      19 de junio 2013

    • Admin

      I don’t know. Thank godness we are many people doing this help site, because I am in the same boat…

  2. Debbie

    I am on level 202 , this level does not show same setup as the level help page , I have 3 carrots over top and when I get threw still unable to get the bonus to get 6 power to pass level..would be nice to get some help for my version

  3. rosie

    hi, I’ve just bought some gold bars and have google wallet receipts for them but each time I tried to buy them it said the purchase had failed, so the bars aren’t showing up in the app but I’ve been charged for them, 3 times! I have email receipts for them but when I click on the link given in the email to report problems, it just goes to an empty receipts folder!! I don’t have the game connected to my Facebook, is this causing the problem? please can someone help with this because I seem to have no way of requesting a refund! thanks

    • Glenda McCarty

      I’m stuck on 285. It seems to be impossible to get 800,000. I can get just over 600,000 and once got just over 700,000, but no way can I get 800,000. So I’m stuck and can no longer play. Sad, but true!

  4. Crystal Collins

    How can I move on without Facebook or spending real money? I’ve been sitting at level 90 since right before Christmas. Newupdate did nothing.

  5. wanda

    How come 403 is different on Ipad than computer. I am having trouble on this but my sister did her on Ipad and went right on Thank you fun game

  6. wanda

    Is anyone else having trouble with this? I have played at least 20 times today and there is no way to get this

  7. Patricia Hill

    How can I progress to the next episode? I always have to wait for about a week before I can continue; although my friends send me help it doesn’t seem to make any difference to how long I have to wait. I have just finished game No.195 but can’t progress to the next episode. Any clues please!!!!!

  8. teresa

    I am looking for fan page so I can help others and they can help me…I looked up but I just get choices that don’t help..where do I go what do I look for ..where..layman’s terms please

  9. Jill

    Why does papa pear levels 496 and up not show on my Samsung Galaxy s4 tablet. They do appear on my pc.

    • Admin

      The mobile apps always lags a bit after, it is merely because of google play and Apple AppStore validation

  10. Sandra Reed

    could you tell me when level 511 up is coming on android I’m getting withdrawl because I love this game and I would like to carry on playing

  11. Kim Hale

    I have finished level 510 just wanting to know why no new update all I get is coming soon. I see other people have had the update.

  12. Jessica

    How do I get more gold bars without having to buy any ….. It won’t let me go on with only 2 I need 3 to advance to the next level

  13. Tana

    Finished level 525 back in November, got the coming soon message App not yet updated on iPad, whats the problem. TIA

  14. Jackie

    Have completed level 510 several weeks ago and am still waiting for the “coming soon” next level..???? Hurry up please.. Is boring and am losing interest…

  15. Julie

    I need help on 531. I wTched the vide it the big papa pears are not coming up even when they bounce over 50. Don’t know what the secret is.

  16. Bob Thomas

    When might we see some level for Papa Pear Saga after 540? Been waiting……

  17. Lisa Cooper

    I have completed all levels through 555. When will new levels be available?

  18. Anne

    You just upgraded why not level 550 which is impossible. Need more lives then 17 to get this level.

  19. BlakeYRaiden

    Aw, this was a really nice Papa Pear Saga post. Spending some Gametime in the Kingdom and making an actual
    effort trying to beat the dves.

  20. reni hay

    can not complete papa pear sage level 543 and can not find any help on how to complete it

    • debbie

      king games are crap now took me year to pass level 550 once I did and got to 555 I passed it and then couldn’t keep going as I had no way there was Clouds in the way there shouldn’t be clouds there No HELP FROM PAPA PEAR , they have lost a player who loved this game so much and they don’t even share my comments very Rude . I would say keep trying but doesn’t matter you wont get far without help from game keepers .

  21. renee

    there is no help all levels are not solved 556 can not keep going to the next level when you pass its not working and you will not help me I have asked and asked until you have made this game so not fun anymore I use to love this game so much its really sad papa pear can not help me .



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