Papa Pear Saga was launched 26th March 2013 as a part of the King Saga Family. There are three kind of different levels.

  1. Light up the Buckets! You need to bounce your papas into buckets colouring up all five buckets. Sometimes the buckets have lids on them giving us a really hard time.
  2. Bring down the fruits. At the fruit levels your buckets are usually already coloured and your task is to get the fruits into the buckets. If you get a challenging layout for the fruits, quit the level and try again, the fruits haven’t fixed placements in the level design and might appear on an easier place.
  3. Remove a certain kind of obstacles, such as onions, acorns or carrots.


Papa Pear Saga Level Index

From this cheat sheet you can pick your level to get a walkthrough with the gameplay for that particular level. Papa Pear Saga Level 1-5, video

15 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level Walkthroughs and Video Guides”

  1. isabel bueno muñoz

    hola,no se si alguien me podra ayudar ,estoy en el nivel 90 me sale una flecha encima como q repita el 90 ,y la parte de arriba la siguiente pone coming soom ,q puedo hacer ,gracias

    • isabel bueno muñoz

      hola, no sí si Alguien me podra Ayudar, ESTOY en el Nivel 90 me la venta Una flecha Encima Como q repita el 90, y la instancia de parte de arriba la siguiente aplazar viene Soom, q PUEDO HACER, gracias

      19 de junio 2013

    • Admin

      I don’t know. Thank godness we are many people doing this help site, because I am in the same boat…

    • Firepapa

      What do you mean by that? it is not loading or?If so change your browser,or clear cockies and cache and check your flash player it should help

  2. Debbie

    I am on level 202 , this level does not show same setup as the level help page , I have 3 carrots over top and when I get threw still unable to get the bonus to get 6 power to pass level..would be nice to get some help for my version

  3. rosie

    hi, I’ve just bought some gold bars and have google wallet receipts for them but each time I tried to buy them it said the purchase had failed, so the bars aren’t showing up in the app but I’ve been charged for them, 3 times! I have email receipts for them but when I click on the link given in the email to report problems, it just goes to an empty receipts folder!! I don’t have the game connected to my Facebook, is this causing the problem? please can someone help with this because I seem to have no way of requesting a refund! thanks

  4. Crystal Collins

    How can I move on without Facebook or spending real money? I’ve been sitting at level 90 since right before Christmas. Newupdate did nothing.


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