Papa Pear Saga Level 46, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admin Rich K.



Old version looked like this:



Task: Light up the buckets, get + 50000 points


With the help of 20 papas and 6 split papa pegs you need to find the way between the pipes so you could get to the buckets with a cover on it. There are 5 so be careful and think a bit on how you aim before you shoot. 😉




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15 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 046”

  1. Becks

    I just started playing Papa Pear. I can’t get to level 46 has anyone else figured out how to without Facebook?

  2. gina

    I’ve passed level 45 but don’t have facebook to get onto level 46 what can I do please help

  3. susan

    got to level 45 and dont have any friends who play to get me onto 46 Veggie volcanoes. Help please.


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