Papa Pear Saga Level 50, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Level 50, third level design
Task: 12 Papas to Light all the Buckets; 25,000 points.

New video, 12 shots but 2 lids. Warps will put you over center bucket above onions. Use the doublers to help light up buckets. Hard to hit unfortunately.


Historical data about Level 50:

Task: light up the buckets + 25000 points
At Papa Pear Saga Level  50 our advice to you is to shoot for the middle to get the points. The Rotating mill and bouncing blueberries will help you easily get to the buckets, with the help of 8 papas and 2 split papa pegs…

The swirly portals landing point is right in the middle, but will not automagically get the papa into the middle bucket anyway.

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