Papa Pear Saga Level 51, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Video demonstration for lvl 51 made by Rich K.


56Task: Light up the buckets, get + 110000 points

You have 23 papas…use fire papa to get more points with spinning mills (aka portal). By starting out hitting a papa into the right hand side portal you’ll gonna see awesome papa behaviour. TRY IT! 8)

Try to remove more carrots for higher score.

8 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 051”

  1. zacchai

    Now it comes with THREE covered pots. With the wormholes right above them, it is much harder. Frustrating to the point of “Do I even want to keep playing this game?” In the left-hand corner I have 3 wormholes and 2 lids–even if I could get a pear to hit the pot it will take 8 shots to light up both pots–but with the wormholes there, it is nearly impossible to land even ONE shot. If this level had no lids it would be exciting to figure out where the wormholes lead. But with 3 lids, all you can hope for is a lucky shot. No fun!

  2. zacchai

    The only way I won the round was by inexplicably earning a “light up” peg while I still had one pear left. No way you can light that left-hand bucket (with a lid) without that light-up peg.


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