Papa Pear Saga Level 60, tips and tricks by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Level 60 task: Light up the buckets, get at least 22000 points!

The level starts with only 17 Papa Pears, plus on the board, 6 Split Papas.

Well the pic is saying that you have a work to do here…we try to help you with some tips on the pic.You have 15 papas and 6 split papa pegs to remove 5 covers on the buckets and light up those buckets.Try to use those 2 bouncing blueberrise to get more points (5000 gives you a papa grande!) and more points to finish the level with higher score.The black 2 lines show you where to shoot to get to first and last bucket but to do so,first you have to remove those onions and acorns that are in you way…We realy are hoping that this will help you to pass the level and only can say…fingers crossed


The Video walkthrough should get you some GREAT ideas about Aiming, Timing and an awesome Gameplay! You can find the video below this strategy image with Aiming HOTSPOTS for Papa Pear Saga Level 60. In the Strategy Picture you see where the Papa Goes when you shoot it. Those spots will take a life or two to find by instinct  so I suggest you keep the Pic with the tricks open beside your game when you play Level 60. 🙂


Historic information about Papa Pear Saga Level 60: When complaining about the Papa Pear Saga Level 60 at the Official Papa Pear Saga Fan Page I got a comforting answer from a representative of King, the devs of Papa Pear Saga, the exact wording was this: “I think we have good news for you. We’ve overheard that level might be tweaked soon. ;-)”

And it sure was, the Level 60 was changed after only two weeks after the game itself was released to the general public! And in late May 2013 it was changed AGAIN to be even MORE easy!

old, 15 papas

Below is a pic of the level design as it was made as the very first version. IT WAS SO FRIKKIN’ HARD!!!! You can make a search on Youtube fore Lynette passing this level before it was changed, you’re so gonna be amazed on how she ever did it if you see it….

Papa Pear Saga Level 60

Picture by Lynette Lawrence for Papa Pear Saga Level 60

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  1. Dennis

    I can’t move past level 60 even though I win itis there something wrong with this game I won’t play it no more


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