Pet Rescue Saga Boosters

Pet Rescue Saga Boosters

There is  a whole bunch of different Boosters in Pet Rescue Saga, they can all be purchased with Gold Bars, but only one can also be purchased with Coins.

Use the Boosters by clicking on them when they are coloured while playing. The interesting one, is the one that you can buy with in game Coins , the Block Buster Booster.

Coins is a currency available only at Facebook, not in the mobile version at all.

Block Buster Booster (Hammer, Pickaxe)

The Block Buster Booster looks like a Hammer or a pickaxe and you use it to smash one unwanted block. The Block then will disappear from the game giving you better opportunities to clear the level with a great score. The Block Buster booster costs 3000 Coins  per purchase or 9 Facebook Credits.  You get 3 Block Buster Boosters in one set when you buy one.

Block Buster Boosters can be found as the booster you build inside the levels in episode (30) Level 418 and higher.


use coins to buy block buster boostersYou can not use coins to by a Block Buster Booster while you are playing an actual level, but you can buy it with Facebook Credits while playing. If you want to use the Free coins to purchase Block Buster Boosters, you can do so by purchasing the Block Buster Booster before you enter the level.

The Color Pop Booster (Balloon)

You get 3 Color Pop Boosters for free when they are unlocked and they also appear on many levels for free. If you want to use them on Levels that haven’t any Balloons in them you need to buy them. They costs 19 FB Credits for a set of 3. The Color Pop Booster can be very powerful used right, especially when you get to choose the colour of blocks to pop when you use it as a purchased Booster but gains poorly of score for your score meter. Color pops are unlocked after clearing level 9. (Natural Build Up in higher level episode )

The Column Blaster Booster (Rocket)

is available at some levels for free, it builds up by busting blocks, the bigger cluster of blocks you blast, the faster it builds up. You can also buy the the Column Booster Blaster Booster with FB Credits. You get your 3 freebies of Column Blaster Boosters after unlocking Level 17.

A good thing to know about the Column Blaster is that you actually can put it back to the Rocket holder if you are using it at a level where it appears naturally.

The Line Blaster Booster (Springs)

The Line Blaster Boosters appears at some levels naturally and is really useful at levels with solid steel blocks. By triggering a Line Blaster Booster you remove the whole row that it is located in. If you use a purchased Line Blaster Booster you can choose the row freely.


The Mesh Masher Booster

The Mesh mash Booster comes in very hand whenever you are playing a level with caged blocks. When activated it removes all cages and makes any caged block to an usual Block cutting off any wires around any visible wired block.

The Mesh Masher is unlocked after successfully playing Level 18.


The Key Booster

KeyUse this at Levels with locked stone Blocks to make the stones unlock and vanish.

23 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga Boosters

  1. entonces hay que comprar los boosters? entonces para que sirven las monedas!! yo no tengo dinero ni tarjetas de credito para jugar, diganme por favor si ya no se puede jugar gratis gracias

  2. Pet rescue 132 I have cleared this level about 80 times and still says not enough points. If board is cleared what elese to do. Beginging to think it is rigged. Getting much agravied will stop if continues.

    • I’m on level 141… They are definitely harder to pass. To max up your points you have to try to clear large numbers of the same colored blocks at a time. It’s hard but doable.

  3. I have NEVER seen the option to use coins at the beginning of a level, so I have never been able to use them to buy boosters. If I try to buy one, I only get the option to buy them via FB credits. Your screenshot with the big “USE COINS” on it is something that has never appeared for me.
    I have several tens of thousands of coins and I can’t do anything with them :(

    • Hi, I use a android tablet to play and cant see the coins on there either, therefore I can’t buy boosters. When you get to a stage that you are struggling with, login through a laptop / PC and the view is diffent. You will be able to use your coins there. I also find that my extra lives don’t sync to the laptop so I only use it for t hose hard ones.

  4. How can you ever get enough points to clear level 40? Have bought boosters etc but can still never get enough! This sucks

  5. I just completed level 42. I have only a couple of friends and am not getting the 3 digit code to go forward. So I decided to pay the 12 gold coins. It told me I had to buy coins, even though I had plenty. So I bought enough to get the code. However when I tried again, it said I had to buy coins! How do I do this?

  6. On prs level 207, my mesh masher boosters did not work. I paid $ for them and am not understanding why they didn’t cut the wire????

    • For double and triple caged blocks you will need more than one mesh masher i order to get all of the grids removed.

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