Pet Rescue Saga Mobile at iPad / iPhone / Android

It is possible to play Pet Rescue Saga Mobile FULL VERSION at your iPad, iPhone or Android using a flash supporting web browser at your mobile device!

pet-rescue-saga-is-available-at-mobile-devicesTo find the official Pet Rescue Saga mobile App developed and launched by King, search with your mobile device in Google Play or AppStore. The app is not available for all androids, so if you don’t find it in Google Play with your Android, it probably is not available for your phone.

The iOS mobile version (seek for it in AppStore) have 432 levels at the moment and the Android mobile version of Pet Rescue Saga have ???  levels available in Google Play. The biggest difference between the full version and the mobile app at the moment is that you can’t use coins for the Block Buster Boosters with your phone. That feature will hopefully be added later on for the mobile version or something instead, but at the moment you’ll need to pay around one US  dollar worth of REAL MONEY for 3 hammers.

Instructions and review for playing the FULL version of Pet Rescue Saga at your mobile device.

I have tested out the Puffin web browser quite throughout with many of King.Com’s games and best of them all works Pet Rescue Saga on iPad, it has a lower resolution with Puffin than with my PC, but the functionality is as fast and the tricky gaming is as fun at iPad as it is at Android and on my PC. And the Music sounds so awesome at iPad and Android! I played a lot of Pet Rescue Saga on iPad and at my Android phone and can’t say anything else than WHOW! This is so cool! 😀 Finally i get some other game than Modern War into my phone! (My phone is sadly not compatible with none of the 3 most popular King mobile apps,  Bubble Witch Saga, Pet Rescue Saga nor Candy Crush Saga.)


You start by downloading Puffin to your mobile device. The web browser is free, but the essential thing to play Pet Rescue Saga, FULL version at your iPad is the Flash.  The trial is free and then you can give your promotional code to your friends so both they and you get more free flash time.  You don’t need any promotional codes to get started and there are no problems removing the browser if you don’t want it or if your trial is over.

I strongly recommend not to go with the paid version before you have tried the free one. I have read around a bit about Puffin and there are people left alone with their problems even if they have paid.

DOWNLOAD free version of PUFFIN

When you have Puffin installed at your mobile device you will need to login to Facebook. This can be somehow painful with Puffin, since Facebook might think that you are logging in from California. That means that you must answer security questions and know who of your friends are tagged in random photos. As a gamer I found the later task impossible.

Facebook Security Check while logging in the first time with Puffin.

To avoid the security check I recommend that you are logged in at Facebook at a computer at the same time that you login with Puffin the very first time. You will get a note from Facebook in your everyday device (You need to have facebook open in a web browser on it of course, Safari might work, if you are logging in with Puffin/iPad, just swap between the both browsers) that asks you if it is okey that you are also loggin in from an unknown location. Since you know that it is you, because you are just trying to login with Puffin, just answer yes and continue at your mobile device by trying to login a second time.


Facebook will now skip the security question and let you straight in.

Your iPad/iPhone/Android is now logged into Facebook and looks exactly like the real Facebook. Just find Pet Rescue Saga the same way you do whenever you want to play at your computer and start saving Pets with your friends!

A few small tricks to make the Pet Rescue Saga gaming experience even better are:

1) turn of the behaviour to Zoom on double-tap. You can turn it off in the settings for Puffin. I found that my zoom kept changing whenever I tried to answer friend requests.

2) I have troubles moving on the map, but I make a small workaround for this, I tap at the magnifying glass at the lower left side corner to make the map bigger. Then I tap on the corner of the direction where I want to move. If I not yet reach my destination in one set of doing this I redo. It takes 6 taps to get myself from location level 87 to level 2.

3A small warning is probably in order here… I managed to play much faster at the iPad than I do with my computer, so I lost Coins by the ten thousands in just 10 minutes… 😉

DOWNLOAD PUFFIN to play Pet rescue saga.

Also Pepper Panic Saga works well with Puffin as a Pepper Panic Saga iPad / Android / iPhone Pepper Panic Saga version for mobile devices.

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    1. just go to puffin and downlolad an troubleshoot within the app if it doesn’t work right out of the box (usually does though)

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