Pet Rescue Saga level 010

Pet Rescue Saga Level 10, 3 star Tips

Target: Save 3 pets and get at least 18 000 points. 

10-highscoreSince you just have unlocked the Color pop balloon level 10 gives you a free balloon to try out. EVERY TIME! this is for good and for bad. You are forced to use the balloon in the beginning and going after the 3 Star score can therefore be rather painful…

Even if matching BIG clusters of blocks gives you higher score, this isn’t the most lucrative way to get as high score as possible at level 10. Instead you need to save up the Block Buster Boosters until the End, so you can use them to clear out the whole boar. By clearing out every block at the board you will get PLUS 20 000 points and a that means dazzling 3 Star score most of the times.

Don’t use the Column Rocket Blaster that you build up too often, because you get lousy score form the blocks removed with that. It is good to have in the End to remove that last bog cluster, bit using it more than once before that can mean that the 20 000 plus score aren’t enough.

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