Pet Rescue Saga level 180

Pet Rescue Saga Level 180

Clear 100% of the blocks and get at least 32 000 points

180It is a fairly hard level, first you need to figure out howto clear out all the blocks and then after failing to get the score needed, you need to refine the strategy to apply for enough score!

Open up the left hand side marble blocks as soon as you can. Don’t use the springs or balloons at the right hand side before you come to the part as shown in the strategy picture attached.

Don’t hesitate to use the hammer in order to make a bigger cluster to match, you will have difficulties getting the score needed if you don’t match big here at Level 180.

Watch the video for a successful walkthrough for Level 180.

9 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 180

  1. je fini le stage avec le nombre de poin main je ne passe pas au niveau suivant et mes vies ne baisse pas j ai toujours 5 vies merci de me donner une reponse merci
    I finished the course with the number of dots hand I do not go to the next level and my life does not always fall I have 5 lives thank you thank you for giving me an answer

    • I am sorry to tell you, but you’ll have to play the level again in order to get the score to register. The bug with life no being subtracted is affecting every King game like an on/off thing, different games, different players each day, just enjoy. ;-)
      Je suis désolé de vous dire, mais vous aurez à jouer à nouveau le niveau afin d’obtenir le score pour vous inscrire. Le bug de la vie ne se soustrait affecte chaque jeu de roi comme un interrupteur on / off chose, jeux différents, différents joueurs chaque jour, juste en profiter. ;-)

  2. nao passa o level 180, ja completei ela 15 vezes vou desistir, nao vou jogar mais, é impossivel passar de 32000 pontos.

  3. Bonjour,
    voilà plusieurs fois que je réussi le 100 %, je fais plus de 30 000 points, et pourtant le niveau n’est pas validé. Pourquoi ?
    Y a t’il une solution pour passer au 181 ? Merci

  4. I have beat 180 3 times i did the blocks and the score,each time it says i beat it,but it will not go to the next level 181..i cant go any further it just wants me to play this one over and over.thanks

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