Pet Rescue Saga level 201

Pet Rescue Saga Level 201


Use Rocket on green evil spiked balls!

Target: Save 5 Pets, get 3 000 Points

Level 201 is a long level indeed!

For the first upper part, try to stay at right hand side to build up the first rocket. whenever you got the rocket you remove the green spiky fruit, since that one will make lots of trouble if not removed very fast. This goes for the spiky fruits lower down at Level 201 as well! Don’t let the blocks lower before you have assured that you have eliminated the spiky ball.

When you come down to the floor, you will have to use either the buildt up rocket to remove solid steel blocks or rely on your luck that springs drops from the sky. A combination of both is probably the best solution here.

Special tips by Ronnie Ray Flores for Pet Rescue Saga Level 201:

Start clearing from the top. Use the springs sparingly to help you inch up and do not disrupt the “Green Balled Monster” Use the the Booster Rockets to hit the Green ball and the paint brush will give you extra moves along with the Hammer’s. Just be disciplined enough and as you have discovered once the Green Ball gets disrupted, they keep on multiplying and knocks off your blocks randomly which is quite annoying and ruins your momentum to proceed. *know on what height limit that ends the game and where the falling blocks land to help your strategy. Hope this helps.

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