Pet Rescue Saga level 205

Pet Rescue Saga Level 205


Here I use the paint bucket to change colour on as many boxes as possible to unlock caged blocks.

Target: Save 5 pets and get at least 20 000 points. 

Tips by Lynette for ‎Pet Rescue Saga Help (Close Group at Facebook)

In the first section of blocks, bring them down quickly so that you can start making matches beside the mesh to break it.
Use matches and the paint cans to help you move down and to the left to release a key.
Once the Pets have dropped try to manoeuvre a bomb beside them to destroy the metal boxes and wooden cage before you bring the pets to the bottom.
Also work on removing the mesh and metal (this takes two matches beside it) from the block in the far right column under a pet there, then it too can be rescued.

Tips by website Admin:

Start out the level by lowering it so you can start focusing to get the cages into normal blocks, avoid using the Bomb as for long as you can. Sometimes more Bombs and painting buckets drops down to help you with the cages, but not always. Save Bombs and Buckets if you can, to get them to the left, they are awesome to get to the left hand side key removed properly!


Here I use the Paint Bucket to remove cages similar to the upper pic, if you have used mesh masher boosters at Level 205 this picture will probably just look silly to you.

It is really hard to get done, so I suggest you hesitate using the hammers too soon if you want to save your coins. The possibility to fail in the upper part is such great and you’ll need the hammers at the bottom.

When you have the key removed,one of the pets will usually fall into a cage, but you’ll get bombs in glass boxes at the Bottom of Level 205 to help you, but luck is actually a bigger help to get the solid stone block and the caged pet removed, relying on getting a bomb dropped from the ceiling near the caged pig is a big part of the strategy for me.


Boimbs are the solution to save the pet in the cage and get rid of the solid stone blocks. There are not so many built in bombs at Level 205, so most times a person pass it is vbecause there have fallen Bombs as random drops from the sky.

Charlie Eagleton about Level 205 in Pet Rescue Saga Help:

I actually had to do 205 twice because first time did not reg. It is a bit hard level to explain, make sure you have a bomb beside key for when you release the key often a pig drops into a cage so you can then blast it out then you have to try and get a bomb on to the grass to blast a black box away to let pigs down.

If you want to invest in a paid Booster the Mesh Masher is definitely the best one to have. :)

Total amount of Hammers used for this guide and the video was 31 because I just kept loosing lives all the time…

5 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 205

  1. I tried everything and cannot complete this level. I went through at least 50 hammers. Too bad you need to buy stuff to continue. I guess I’m done with Pet Rescue. Bummer. :-(

    • Just try to do it, answer and use some nasty words on this comments, publicly whining seems to do miracles to your gaming skills. I think it is Murphy’s law. :D

  2. Hi. I just cannot figure this one out. I have gotten to the bottom many times, but those gray squares are always there. Either that, or way too many blocks left. I agree with someone above—it would be nice to be able to use coins to buy rockets and other things. I REFUSE to get out my credit card and PAY for help. Silly……… !

    • Have you not found the pet community page yet? They give you hammers for free. You only have to click on each hammer or use the one click button and your computer will collect them for you. Level 205 is a hard on for me too. I have went through sever hundreds of hammers but I know I will get it.

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