Pet Rescue Saga level 217

Level 217 has been changed 30th May 2013, it is very easy now, look below to see historical clips of Pet Rescue Saga Level 217.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 217

217Target for Level 217: Save 5 pets and get at least 15 000 points. 

This is a very hard level, there is several videos at Youtube on howto pass this level, most of them use the method with fast clicking to get several Block Buster Boosters bought  with coins in order to pass the level. personally I kinda think that this way is exploiting a bug in the game, so I passed the level eith the help of using Mesh masher booster in the End. People get so mad at me whenever I upload something with a paid booster to Youtube, so I didn’t make a video of that.  Below I have listed 3 different videos for Level 217, it is really possible to pass the Level with the only help of 3 Hammers, so it is your own choice if you exploit the bug or not.

Many of you might have saved up on the paint brush booster, so I think that could be a good option too, but it really need to be thoght through carefully if used. :)

2 hammers and one Spring used:

4 hammers used, decide for yourself if it is a cheat for Pet Rescue Saga Level 217 or not.

3 hammers used

5 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 217

  1. What a tragic end to a great game. I’ve very disappointed. You slam abusing the gliche but create a game where normal people need more than 3 hammers.

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