Pet Rescue Saga level 026

Pet Rescue Saga Level 26

Target: Save 7 Pets, get 20 000 points


If you are going for 3 Stars at Level 26, make sure you don’t forget to clear out the left side block in the first row. If you miss a single block at any level, you can’t get rewarded with that extra 20 000 points that you’ll need for the precious third star.

There is only seven pets at Level 26, 4 in boxes and 3 more lower down in the game. The problem with Level 26 is to keep all pets alive until they reach the floor. That said, I want to encourage you to use Block Buster Boosters. Save the Block Buster Boosters until the End, if you just can. It is NOT important to clear every single block, if you are trying to pass the very first time, but if you are going for 3 Stars, you might have to use a Block Buster Booster in the beginning (see strategy pic attached) to avoid loosing that upper left hand block.

The four boxes that you start out with have pets in them, so you’ll have to treasure the them and be careful not to loose them. You can have the Pets in the boxes until you see a balloon that fits it, there is no need to match the boxes in order to save the pets.


If you choose not to pop the balloons at any level, they will last longest and you’ll avoid loosing pets and blocks.

A good way to avoid having blocks and pets fall is to avoid popping balloons (see strategy Pic attached). Especially here at Level 26 that is a handy trick to now. By avoiding the balloons as long as possible I can replay the Level and see the floor every single time! :D

Spare as many Block Buster Booster as possible until you see the floor, the pets at Level 26 tends to pile up in pet columns and the probability you getting down to the floor with non ,matching blocks under the pet pile(s) is significant, so you will want to have the Block Buster Boosters left to remove any unmatching block that would otherwise be in the way for the pets to be saved.

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  1. In your definition above, level 26 of PRS, you are explaing how the balloons should be avoided as long as possible. But, please explain further what you mean when you write: “by avoiding the balloons I can ‘replay’ the level and see the floor every single time”. I don’t get what you men by “replay the level”. To me, it sounds like you have a way to ‘replay the level’ before actually completing it for your final score. I’m sure your explanation is quite clear, but I can be a little ‘slow’ at times….. :).

    I look forward to your reply. I am assuming you will send it to my Email address above.

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