Pet Rescue Saga level 027

Pet Rescue Saga Level 27

This is an optimal place for the Pickaxe/Hammer/Block Buster Booster. Jyst pick away the pink block under the bird to save some moves trying to get the pink block paired up.

Level 27 Target: Save 8 Pets, Get 20 000 points, 60 moves

As with all blue levels, Level 27 in Pet Rescue Saga have quite few available moves compared to the amount of Pets you need to get down.

Always try to remove all blocks under a pet very fast to save it fast, to get the next pet showing up fast.

Use the balloons to remove single blocks between a pet and the floor! This will save you loads of moves!

You might have to use one or two Block Buster Boosters (buy them with coins before you enter the level) to get all the Pets saved. the right place to use a Block Buster Booster is if you have one single block between your pet and the floor and no fast way to get the single block paired or clustered. See Picture attached for the perfect timing of Booster Usage at Level 27 in Pet Rescue Saga.

A good thing to know is that the next Pet that appears after one Pet have been saved is always going to show up in a column were you just busted a block. This gives a great way to score good, just take a while before you choose what to bust, think the move through, so that you give the next pet a fast rescue! Remember, the bigger cluster, the more points! :D

This is the Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga, Level 37, it have the web address To find a walkthrough and see what strategies, tips and tricks other levels have, simply change the number in the URL to find your desired Pet Rescue Saga Level Guide.

68 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 027

  1. I played this and was supposed to save eight pets, I saved 11 and I failed the level? Why.. I don’t know how it works really… Am I meant to save the pets with a certain number of moves only?

  2. j’ai réussi le niveau mais le pont est cassé et pas moyen de passer je n’ai pas assez d’amis comment faire merci

  3. I’m trying to get over the bridge that comes after level 27. When I click on the triangle to ask friends the next screen comes up with three empty boxes. How do I get my friends to show up there?

  4. I really like the music that is played during level 27 of the Pet Rescue Saga. Can anyone tell me the name of this piece of music? It is very relaxing.


  5. comment passer le pont sans acheter ou demander de l’aide a un ami merci
    how to pass the bridge without buying or seek help a friend thank you

    • I don’t think there is a third way. At least I haven’t heard of any. Many games from have an inbuilt feature to let people pass for nothing after a certain time being stuck, but since Pet rescue saga is fairly new I haven’t at least yet heard of that particular feature for pet rescue Saga.
      Google translate to French: Je ne pense pas qu’il existe une troisième voie. Au moins je n’ai pas entendu parler. Beaucoup de jeux de ont une caractéristique intrinsèque de laisser les gens passer pour rien après un certain temps d’être coincé, mais depuis saga de sauvetage Pet est assez nouveau, je n’ai pas du moins pas encore entendu parler de cette particularité pour Saga sauvetage pour animaux de compagnie.

  6. don’t have but two friends playing this game, so how do I get across this bridge at level 27..been stuck to long!!!

  7. I been stuck on level 27 for more than 20 days..only two of my friends are playing this game..i cant get unlocked to get across, its making this game not fun to play anymore…you need to do something about this level please!!!!!

  8. Help, i cant cross the bridge at level 27 i have only 2 friends playing this game and they have helped but i cant get a third person, can someone help……pleaseeeeee

  9. pet rescue saga, quand je demande de l’aide pour franchir un pont (il me faut de l’aide de trois amis) et je ne vois pas dans les listes certains de mes amis qui jouent à ce jeu, pourquoi ?
    je souhaiterai pouvoir leur demander de l’aide

    merci d’avance

        • I am afraid that you’ll either have to keep sending out the requests or pay. Nothing I can do. :(

        • Friend me and I’ll do it so you don’t have to PAY!

        • no, impossible, inviting friends does not work as it should. I invited lots of my playing friends, but no one appeared to have received my requests!! Pls HELP!!!

  10. looks like time to delete the game permanently as the app does not send the requests on… it will not activate the blocks and I see I am not the only one.. bye bye pets saga

  11. Não consigo passar a ponte após o nível 27… quando clico no triângulo para mostrar amigos aparece uma caixa com 3 quadros vazios (sem nenhum vizinho dentro). Quando clico em “Pedir aos Amigos” nada acontece, nem consigo visualizar meus amigos… Como faço??? Se não conseguir resolver vou parar de jogar e excluir o jogo, pois já estou presa nessa maldita ponte a muito tempo.

  12. Ridiculous to be stuck at a level because you don’t have friends who are playing. I enjoyed pet rescue but that is inefficient and bothersome. There are other games to play. I guess bye bye pet saga….

  13. I too am bored with level 27, only one friend is playing so it is impossible to cross the bridge. Bye bye pet rescue, it was fun, but now it’s just stupid.

    • hey Dianne

      I need 2 friends to cross the bridge I can help you and you help me!! that’s cool ?
      don’t give up it’s a funny game :)


  14. BOA NOITE!


  15. i too am stuck at the bridge after level 27. I’d be glad to help someone if they could return the favor! Help????

    • hey

      I’m stuck too i pass the levelbut i need 2 more friends to cross the bridge I can help you if you still need afriend and you can help me, sounds good don’t you think? :)


  16. I have been stuck on level 27 for a long time and I have 2 friends that have sent me help and many more that have sent me coins after they have tried to send help! Is ther something special they have to send to get me over that blank bridge! Great game but very frustrating when your friends are helping you and it does not work!!! Please help

  17. I don’t like this facet of the game. Why do we have to have 3 friends to cross? I can understand maybe they could save us coins, but why stick us there wondering how to get new friends, especially when FB frowns on friend requests without knowing the person in real life! I hate pestering strangers to be friends just in order to play this game. At least Farmville allows such a thing as “community neighbors” who are connected through Farmville only and not FB friends.

  18. Friends and I are not able to help each other cross the bridge. We send each other requests, but nothing works and forget paying. I will find another game if you can’t get me through. I liked this game.

  19. he llegado hasta el nivel 190, pero aunque consigo superarlo, no me cuentaan los puntos, entonces no me deja pasar de nivel, por favor es un fallo del juego, lo areglan.

  20. I am just as fed up, its been MONTHS and i persist but cant get past and its so irritating i think i will have to give up on it too, as i cant get the 3 friends playing and dont know how to keep going….help any one?

    • You could be a bit naughty and go against facebook policy by adding a few new friends that you don’t know IRL. =) Ask got friends at our Pet Rescue Saga Fans page at Facebook. =) Don’t answer the question that facebook asks about if you know the persons you accept as friends, since that will hurt the gamers that you add.

  21. Been stuck on Level 27 like forever. Finding a different game.
    It seems I’m not the only one unhappy with this game.

  22. I really enjoyed playing this game. However, I’m not on FB therefore, I cannot proceed past level 27! Never thought at my age that I would have to be active on FB in order to play on a game on my iphone….Deleting the app and advising others to do the same!

  23. I find it ridiculous that you cannot proceed past level 27 without Facebook. I’m not on Facebook and don’t want to be. I enjoyed playing the game but cannot go any further. Disappointing!

  24. I too will be deleting this game after level 27. It is ridiculous that you cannot move through a level without going on facebook. It’s a shame because it is a very enjoyable game

  25. I have been stuck on crossing bridge. None of my friends play it and I am not going to start paying .99 everytime I get to a bridge. I have enjoyed pet saga but I guess like all the rest of the people I am going to uninstall. Does any one know of another game that is sort of like pet saga ? I have also been playing candy crush…

  26. I an stuck at the level 27 bridge…I have asked numerous friends to help unlock…they say they see my request on facebook but not on pet rescue…they accept but it still will not show me that they accepted. I deleted game and re-downloaded it but still nothing! I am ready to permanently delete game since this is an issue. Help!

  27. I to have been stuck at level 27 . It is that they are holding the game hostage. I have not even been offered the option of paying money. I have 2 peopole helping but. Can not find the last one needed. Where do go to pay, as I am handicap, and this game helps me pass the day away. Can anyone help me?

  28. Pleas reales an update that make pass on the levels without connect to facebook , it is very foolish to be stuck on a level caus you dont have a facebook acount

  29. I have completed level 27 a total of 3 times. Since I will not ask my friends on F/B tor help I obviously can go no further. I really like the game however your mandatory advancement method is by friend request only, then I guess that means I may as well delete the game. I am sorry that providing entertainment is not your top priority and obviously gaining access to every one ‘s friends list is. Maybe sometime in the future you will have a change of heart. When and IF that ever happens then I can consider coming back.

  30. My friends sent me help but now I have to get over 50000 points and save 8 pets with 50 moves. The best I could do was just over 40000 and 8 pets. Why don’t I just have to get 20000 points and 8 pets?

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