Pet Rescue Saga level 028

Pet Rescue Saga Level 28

Video walkthrough for Level 28  by Christine Duczek.

This is the Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga, Level 28, it have the web address To find a walkthrough and see what strategies, tips and tricks other levels have, simply change the number in the URL to find your desired Pet Rescue Saga Level Guide.

12 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 028

  1. I’m playing PRS on a Samsung tablet. I don’t play through facebook so how can I unblock level 28 so I can continue?

      • Yes it does and I never pay to play. So are you saying that fb and pay are the ONLY 2 ways to continue playing? That truly sucks!

        • I know! I have had that opinion told to King (the game makers) in rather colourful words when I found out that this is the case. I think that you should make up an account for Facebook, since Facebook is not in any way a God that can state what you have to do or what you don’t, I think you can use a fake name and picture.

  2. I have 3 friends who gave me lives to pass to level 28 from level 27. But I still can’t get pass the bridge. What must I do?

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