Pet Rescue Saga level 034

Pet Rescue Saga Level 34

Target: Clear 95% of the Blocks, get 18 000 points.

Everything will go much smoother, if you remember that it is the left hand key you should use to remove the first set of stones. That will make the second key go on top of the centred block a little bit down as in the Picture attached.

This is a situation quite in the beginning. Fortunately the Column Blaster have been activated and can be used to remove the blocks between the stone and the key.

Use the Column Blaster wisely at Level 34, you should use it mainly for three different things.

  1. Use it to remove columns that are about top drop blocks from the screen, since dropped blocks is exactly what you don’t want, since the task is to clear almost all blocks by yourself. That means that you can’t afford to drop that many blocks. Remember that the Column Blaster Booster clear cages and turn them into ordinary Blocks.
  2. Use the Column Blaster to remove columns to drop a key on a stone block. If a column have several non matching blocks between the stone block and the key, it is unwise to use a Block Buster Booster, since you must pay to use more than 3 at a level and you might need your Block Buster Boosters at the Bottom of the Level.
  3. Remove the cage around blocks with the Column Blaster. This will save you from dropping the upper blocks in columns with cages.

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