Pet Rescue Saga level 052

Pet Rescue Saga Level 52

Target: Save 6 Pets, Get at least 25 000 points


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Take as 2 or 3 Block Buster Boosters into the game, to free some single blocks in the end.

You got 3 keys at the top when you start out the Level. There are 3 possible columns that can be used to crush blocks after you have lowered the screen (See Strategy Picture 1) . By using the middle key first you have all 3 possibilities left, so I suggest that you use that one to get rid of the first set of stone blocks.

When the first Column Blaster Rocket have built up, save it a bit longer, to use it either to keep the pets at the  left side(the Column Blaster will not harm the pets) alive or to blast away one or more blocks from under a key, so it can remove the stone blocks.

When you reach the metal block, use the spring in the same row to remove it, that way you still have the column rocket blaster left to help you with something else at the bottom.


This is the Walkthrough for PRS, lvl 52, it have the web address To find help and see what cheats, tips and tricks other Pet Rescue Saga levels have, just alter the number in the URL to find your Level…. WE’LL SAVE ‘EM ALL!

8 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 052

  1. My level 52 looks completely different on m y iphone and pc than the youtube film, i am stuck for 3 weeks all goes well untill you reach the bottum.

  2. I don’t understand but on level 52 it will not let you save a key until the bottom if it has “opened”. In other words if the key is in the box it will move down with the game – but if two keys bust open on the same move, and you use one – the game will not continue moving down unless you use the other key – EVEN if you don’t need to use it then.

  3. I need to unlock Level 58 on Pet Rescue. I have sent two lots of requests to unlock this level. I have received some notifications to say friends have replied, but they are not showing up on the game. How can I unlock this level?

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