Pet Rescue Saga level 090

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This Upper video is the changed version of Level 90

I enjoyed playing the old Level 90 very much and I am sad that it was changed, sure the new one is fun too, but the first version was EPIC!

Below historical information about Pet rescue Saga Level 90.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 90, tips for 3 Stars

Target: Save 8 Pets, get 16 000 points

90-fortified-blocks-removed-to-let-the-spring-come-downUse Block Buster Boosters in the very beginning to achieve a good start and remove the grid from the fortified blocks. I have tried to play level 90 multiple times without using the hammers and it just doesn’t seem to work out. You never get matches near the fortified blocks unless you start out planning it with a little help of the booster.

Get the spring down two rows (see strategy pic), then fire it to remove all the wooden cages that are holding the pets.

Then save all the pets by triggering a spring at the bottom. Level 90 is now pretty much cleared and you can go star hunting.

To get a really good score (like in the video below) you should remove any small matches for just two blocks and
then start to pop balloons. Pop balloons until you have just one move left and then remove the giant block cluster with a last match. Voila, you can get more then 500 000 points from that last single move! :D

9 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 090

  1. I have already started level 90 and didn’t know I could buy the block buster before startingn now what can I do

  2. I am having same problem that the spring completely wipes out pets and cages and it is impossible then to complete the level. This has happened at least 5 times. There must be some glitch.

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