Pet Rescue Saga Scoring

Pet Rescue Saga Scoring

There is a clear pattern in how the scoring goes, just know a bit of simple math and you’ll understand it. If you don’t care about calculating, just remember that big clusters means big score! :)

  • Remove 1 single block (use booster) = 20 points
  • Remove 2 Blocks in 1 blast = 40 points (2*20)
  • Remove 3 Blocks in 1 blast = 90 points (3*30)
  • Remove 4 Blocks in 1 blast =160 points (4*40)
  • Remove 5 Blocks in 1 blast = 250 points (5*50)
  • Remove 6 Blocks in 1 blast = 360 points (6*50)
  • Remove 7 Blocks in 1 blast = 490 points (7*70)
  • Remove 8 Blocks in 1 blast = 640 points (8*80)
  • Remove 9 Blocks in 1 blast = 810 points (9*90)
  • Remove 10 Blocks in 1 blast =1000 points (10*100)

On some Levels in Pet Rescue Saga where you can clear out all the Blocks, you get a 10,000 Bonus score.

Pet Rescue Saga 2x Blocks

The x2 Block is the Yammy Special Block in the game!
Anytime you remove a cluster that has a x2 Block in it, your score is doubled for that move.
If you remove a cluster with two x2 Blocks in it, it gives you four times the score.
Removing the pink cluster of four in the Pic here gave 640 points, but an ordinary blast of a four block cluster gives you only 160 points.

5120 points for Blue blocks

Here are some examples for the x2 formula:

One x2 Block in a cluster of 6 Blocks gives you 720 points (360×2)

One x2 Block in a cluster of 7 Blocks gives you 980 points (490×2)

Two x2 Blocks in a cluster of 6 Blocks gives you 1440 points

Two x2 Blocks in a cluster of 7 Blocks gives you 1960 points

Four x2 Blocks in a cluster of 8 Blocks gives you 5120 points

Four x2 Blocks in a cluster of 14 Blocks gives you15680  points


32 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga Scoring

      • How are we able to buy block busters w/ coins when the only time I am given that option is when I click on the spot to start the game. If I try to buy when I first go into the game, it cost 9 ($1.00). Thanks for any help and for this wonderful site,

        • That is right, you must buy them before the level starts. The block busters pass on to next level, if you don’t use them .

  1. Thank you for this information. I had wondered how the scores were calculated and how to maximise them for the rounds requiring a high score.

  2. Eu não consigo passar da fase 40, consigo salvar os 6 animais solicitados e mesmo a assim não libera fase…o que acontece???

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  4. comment user les pièces que l’on gagne dans le jeu pet rescue saga ,merci de bien vouloir m’éclairer là dessus

  5. I’m stuck on level 40 because I cannot get a high enough score. Now that I’ve read the scoring expanation, I will be able to play better.
    Thank you!

  6. Do you get the same number of points if you blow up the blocks with a balloon as if you click on them individually?

  7. What good does it do us to give each other extra lives, when you only get 5 at a time to play. Shouldn’t we be able to play those extra lives?????

      • The extra lives just vanish I am afraid. :( If you have used all 5 and reload the game, the one in cache will fill up the lives up to five.

        • That does not work. I just played the came, left and came back No Lives..I think the company should fix the problem in ALL GAMES., or remove the ask friend thing. That is stupid!!!!!!!

  8. il n’y a plus de publicité pour obtenir des vie supplémentaire .
    Comment on obtiens d’autres vie sans les amiees. Ou est le bouton de recharge

  9. Hi, can you explain the technique for having the animals drop faster please. I’m on level 178 and can not get the animals down fast enough to save them before I run out of moves. Cheers,

  10. I’m trying to collect the coins but when I do the screen that usually lets me accept is off to the side and is blank except for something written that I can’t really see because the box is down and to one side of the game screen but it looks like notifications cancelled. Any suggestions, helps?

    • We had pretty wide discussions about this and we came to no specific answer, seems it differs, as for instance with balloons you get a rocket with a lesser score than with a big cluster of blocks.

  11. I noticed for the first time today that when I went out of the game and came back in I had 5 lives that apparently my friends have sent me somewhere along the line it appears they may have been stored and given to me later.

  12. What I don’t understand is what is the value of the points? I make these points that are more than enough to move on and even get 20,000 bonus sometimes but they don’t give me anything. I don’t see that they are accumulating anywhere. Am I missing something? I sit at a point where I need assistance from others and only have a few friends. If, while I await, for the assistance, I play other levels it is just for fun, I guess, because the points aren’t going anywhere for my benefit, or are they???

  13. I am at level 102 waiting for the days to lapse so I can go onto the next level (unless I go down the path of getting friends). Why don’t the days count down correctly at this level – I started with a message wait 1 day, then 2, and after a jumble of different wait so many days messages I now am climbing up and now at wait 9 days – is this a way to force you to buy gold bars if you don’t have friends :( (also the gold bars don’t seem to accumulate while playing the game) – NOT IMPRESSED.

  14. On level 13 in Pet Rescue Saga, I am often left with many unused turns. Sometimes over 25 moves are remaining. How is the score calculated on the remaining unused turns. I noticed that the automatic completion of the game with the unused turns seems to make moves that are not very efficient. Had I been completing the moves, I would have been able to create much larger groups of the same color. Thus my interest in learning this information. Thank you for the scoring information you have provided.

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