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- The Founder of Blogging Witches Network! "I started late 2011 when the awesome Bubble Witch Saga became my first true love at FB." Pet Rescue Saga is my current favorite. I have a strong feeling that Odus the owl from the Candy Crush Saga DREAMLANDS will end up at my dinner table soon as the eatable drunk devil he is!

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  1. Is it possible to get a FULL SCREEN (or some approximation thereof)?

    The game can be a strain for my eyes. I would surely, surely appreciate knowing how (or if) it ca be done.

    Many thanks.

  2. why is it not letting me go to next level when my score reaches level needed to proceed. been stuck on L37 now for a wk. I have made a score high enough to break to next level numerous times but keeps saying need higher score !! ( L35 was terrible — took a month to get it to let me proceed)

    • Clear put your cache, game and computer and keep trying. This is a bug that is happening to a lot of ppl.

  3. Why does my bubble witch game start shooting bubbles with out me touching anything???????? I’m on level 123 and it’s frustrating when you have 43 bubbles left, you’re almost to the top and the game just starts shooting bubbles~ Grrrr I know it’s probably a glitch but it’s one I could do without~

    • That is because of a glitch. If the game register two fast clicks, it does this. There is not else to do than close the level(button at your lower left hand) and replay.

  4. Paying for eternal isles 8 ??? I don’t wanna pay for a game :( will be looking elsewhere to keep me occupied me thinks

  5. What happens if I “Surprise a Friend With a Gift” ( a Charm) …. but they already happen to HAVE that charm?

  6. The game loads for me and the map comes up…but when I click on my picture and level… doesn’t open up. Suggestions??? Seems to be a glitch, as it has happened to me before. thanks.

  7. what ewxactly are the rules for clearing the top out? Sometimes it will clear with 3 bubbles and sometimes with 4 but sometimes it will not clear no matter what I do? what is the catch?

  8. My coins keep disappearing.I left the game and had over 3000,when I came back I only had a little over 400.Is the a place to send a ticket,or get support?

    • A few thousand coins can disappear sometimes, sometimes the same amounts seem to add up as mysteriously!
      No, you can’t send a ticket via this Blog, we are unofficial,
      you need to send a ticket via the app. Howto find contact form to bws devs

  9. When I don’t pass a level while playing in Facebook, the game will “show me a video” and it says that closing the window will still get me my “reward” – I have let the videos run, and closed them when finished, but NEVER gotten a “gift” or “reward”. Any ideas??

  10. AFter the ceiling falls, no matter how many bubbles I have left in the cauldron, it only releases 9 bubbles. I know that it says that it only gives you half of what is left, but mine doesn’t even give me that much.

    • 10 is the max amount that can come out from the Cauldrons, except for some Shadow Lords Levels, where ALL comes out.

  11. I have been stuck trying to get into the Forest forever at level 26. 2 friends joined to help and they showed up right away. Several times a 3rd friend has joined but it never shows up to break the spell. I am tired of this. Can you fix it?

  12. How do you get more levels for iPad? They say new levels are added weekly, but I have finished level 165 two weeks ago with no more new levels.

  13. Hi all, Once again I am getting constant RELOAD popup cat buttons. I can no longer play tonight. Oy! Does doing the one-hit coins make this issue worse.
    Thanks all, Mary

    • The all-in-one-click coins button can jam up your game temporarily, but if that happens, all is returned to normal simply by clearing out your cache. You can read about the constant reload problem by clicking on the Eternal Isle Picture in the upper middle of this Page.(hope you read this before I change the Pic…)

  14. I need to break a magic spell, but when it takes me to the Ask Friends to Help Out Box, it doesn’t show my list of friends, it just keeps acting like it’s trying to do something. I’ve tried doing F5, rebooting, and clearing cache.

    • It is a Facebook issue, try using https instead of http or vice versa, that might or may not help. It also can work on another computer. My personal choice of operative system was inflicted with facebook issues a week ago, but they fixed it. I had to log in with my secondary computer with another tech to ask for help in games.

  15. I just have a glich everybody will like (or not..?) I was playing level 204 and my last bomb have 2 on it, and I can not do anything to stop it, and still a lot of holes needed in the ceiling.

    I just shot angry on that bomb thinking I lost a life. It was something like… I don’t even know what!
    Just for few seconds the game disappeared, and show back up telling me I have 3 stars on 204 and a crown. Probably other players have those kind of gliches too, once in a while? Nobody tell anything?

  16. I have problem with my bubble witch saga facebook account. I can open the game, i can send lives, i can invite but if i klick to play it say loading for ever… In the same pc with other account i can play, like my brother for example! With my account loading! So i think that the problem is with my bubble witch saga and no with my pc. What can i do?

    • You can try to unistall the app from your account. Then clear out your cookies and cache, after that reinstall the app. Good Luck.

  17. For some reason it is showing me as completed levels that i am not anywhere near but strangely they are where my partner is. We have both got separate accounts but when i log in to mine it shows me on the same level as her and that all my scores are the same as hers.
    I have tried reinstalling etc but it is still the same when i log in via FB.
    ANY help will be appreciated

    • How does it goes, if you log in with another browser? Firefox and Chrome are both equally good for Bubble Witch Saga.

      • exactly the same im afraid. Ive tried it on my iphone, ipad and chrome, firefox and they are all showing me on level 164 where i now i am 95…..its really annoying :(

        • At your right hand side you got an item here, where it is explained howto contact the developer, I am sorry , but I have no fixes left for you to try. :(

    • Fill the Gap of air around the Bomb or drop it from above. Also check level guide for Level 76 here at the Blogging Witches’ Blog. :)

  18. I have lost the rainbow bubble. You can buy it but it doesn’t show up. I am only 5 stars from being complete on all levels. What could’ve happened?

  19. I lost 50,000+ coins overnight and now I am in the negative for coins that I paid for! How do I get my coins back? Please help!! I like this game but I’m not going to play if I’m losing money.

  20. I have passed L225 and at witches spell. 4 friends have helped me, but the spell is not broken and I cannot proceed. What’s up?

    • The app is free, so if you paid something you probably have the wrong app. Are you playing Bubble Witch saga at Facebook, Google+, Android, iPad or iPhone?

  21. I cannot get level 30 to show up. I finished level 29. And just a ballon for a daily play shows up. Nothing else. Cannot play anymore. I miss playing.

    • If you are playing on a PC/Mac, clear out your browser cache. If you are playing at a mobile device, do a complete shutdown of the device.

  22. I keep asking freinds to help me break a spell but nothing is coming through the only thing they keep sending me is lives what do they have to do

    • You need to get a certain amount of points and have nine holes in the ceiling in order to get a star and move on to the next level.

    • It is done with the Charm or Wish of Disarm. You can also plug all gaps around a bomb to stop the countdown until a hole is reopened near it.

    • If you don’t get it each day you log in, try to clear out your cache and cookies from your web browser every day, that should help.

  23. I just cleared level 275 and tried to clear the witches standing between me and the next level. Instead of clearing them I get this message: “The app you are using encountered an error. Please try again later.” This issue has been going on now for several days. I have done everything I can think of; cleared my cache and cookies, logged out of and back into FB, downloaded the latest version of Flash, you name it I’ve done it. No joy. Please tell me how to resolve this! I have invested a lot of $ into playing the game and would hate for it to be wasted! Help?

  24. i don’t understand how the infected bubbles work…i am totally away from them in level 50 and making matches yet it still adds another infected one in the middle any time i make a match somewhere else on the board. can someone please explain how these bubbles work?

    • You are unfortunately not the only one that have an issue with this. By clearing out cache and cookies on daily basis, some gamers have been able to solve this issue.

  25. I can’t progress to level 276. I am using my iPad and iPhone, so I can’t clear cache, etc. Have tried getting new stars and replaying level 275. Srill no luck! Help!

    • There are no more levels for mobile devices at the moment. You either need to wait for new levels or continue with a real computer.

      • Topped out again at Level 295. Could you PLEASE open more levels for mobile devices? Love BWS! And want to keep on playing!!

    • Ar eyou also being charged for the scrolls, when you try to get them, or is it like that you buy them, but can not use them at the level, even if they are visible at your left side hand, (PC/Mac)

  26. I am stuck at the magic spell after level 35 but I do not have facebook and I do not want to pay. Is there another way?

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