Shadow Bubbles

shadow-bubbles-are under the Shadow Lords influenceShadow Bubbles are introduced at level 166 by the grimm Lord of Shadows. The Lord of Shadows is the boss for all the nasty ghosts that we so eagerly repel on every level in Bubble Witch Saga.

Shadow bubbles spread to all normal bubbles, one bubble in any direction for every time you shoot a bubble from the cauldron. You can use this knowledge at some levels as a part of tricky strategies.

As an example you can think on level 167. At level 167 you actually learn to LOVE Spider bubbles. That is because the Shadow bubbles don’t spread to them. At some levels you can successfully stop virus bubbles by letting shadow bubbles spread under the infection.

When you hit a Shadow Bubble with a matching bubble from the Cauldron, it steals bubbles from your Cauldron. This is an awesome way to earn lots of points, if you do the timing correct. Bursting shadow bubbles when you have green spiders can be quite lucrative!


You have read the Shadow Bubbles Guide, so we think that you also might be intrested in some general tips for the Bubble Witch Saga Shadow Lord Levels, CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE!


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    • You need to shoot at them when you have a lot of green spiders and a big cluster of shaow bubbles to pop. That way the bubbles that the shadows steal from your cauldron will be doubled when they hit the green spiders and therefore give you more points. :)

  4. My game ends at eternal isle 25 and level 165 on the main map. I see help for level 247 and eternal isle 28! How do I get to these levels?

    • Este juego me encanta, pero me a surgido un problema, en el iphone he llegado al nivel 295 y no tengo opción de continuar. Espero que en la próxima actualización aparezcan nuevos niveles para los móviles.
      tengo instalado PUFFIN en el móvil, solo me permite acceso para jugar en facebook, pero la aplicación de appstore sigue igual.

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