Store the extra hearts your friends send you!

[ Last UPDATED by Admin on February 16, 2012 at 20:02, changes to fit the new great feature that turns lives into coins ]

This is a tip I know that many of you are going to appreciate. Energy in Bubble Witch Saga has a cap of, five, six, seven or at this point max eight hearts right know. You get extra lives from friends, but the problem is that you get them even when you already are at the energy peak of your own.

I have devised a trick for saving lives until I need them. It is totally legitimate and will safe you a lot of hearts.


Never close the tab with Bubble Witch Saga!

My cheat for sparing hearts is multi tabbing for all other tasks in the web. All modern browsers allows you to use many tabs, so just pin the game and never close your browser. On this picture I have four tabs open. I tend to have the tab Bubble Witch Saga open all the time and I just do all the other browsing in other tabs. Doing it like this you can play all your energy, reload your page and have a lot of hearts to collect. If you close the tab with Bubble Witch Saga in between times you play your hearts will be changed to coins when you load the game with the energy cap reached.

I have also noticed that the hearts/coins tends to buffer up somehow with this method. So when I load I get say six hearts and if I reload again in ten minutes, there is hearts transformed into coins that have been sent to me hours ago!

This is great when you go to do your domestics, go to school or work, you leave the tab open on your computer and let the time go buy, you return later on and continues in the same tab, play your hearts and then use all the gifts that you have stored!

Tabbed browsing is just so great, don’t you think?! :D

53 thoughts on “Store the extra hearts your friends send you!

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  2. please i could really use your help on 93 level.i am started saying something about helping but then you stopped…thank you in advance..

  3. Yes, the friend I was making it for cleared level 93 by himself. I’ll make 93 for you and it will be my next post. :)

    • I can not load eternal isles 32 at all Every time I try I get connection lost. I have paid 12F to get in and am still trying two days later Please advice

    • Well, the thing is that you don’t load the lives before you need them, therefor are they stored in the limbo between being sent to you and you having accepted them.

  4. Well when i open the game up it pops right up and u have to like accept them or is that where the extra window being open comes into play??

    • The extra lives loads into the game when you reload the game, if you don’t reload the game until you need the lives, you have them stored.

  5. I’ve been working in getting three starts for each level and can not seem to get three stars on 13. Did you ? could you show me ? three stars on 13. please…..

    • I have only two Stars on lvl 13. I’ll make an update to this comment if I get the third. :) One of my friends managed 3 on lvl 13 though. Maybe she have an insight?! I’ll ask her.

  6. Hi. I have just started playing Bubble Witch. I don’t know whether I am just plan stupid, but I would like to buy a magic portion with coins, but don’t know where?

    • Being a nub isn’t the same as stupid. :P It is actually very smart to ask!

      You earn Stars by playing levels. When you have earned enough Stars, you are entitled to buy Magic Potions. Click on the blue words in this reply to see facts about these features.

  7. Hi, I haven’t been playing this very long (couple of weeks) so am only on Lv 31. I have a question about those extra lives please: I don’t seem to be presented with any dialogue box to accept them. I get posts in my feed that they’re there, but when I load the game they’re nowhere to be seen, so I can’t accept, or store them as discussed further up this thread. Am I being dense? (probably!)
    Thanks in anticipation for your help though!

  8. How do you get free facebook credits? Also when I see my other friends playing they have a heart attached to their pic how do you get that>> Thanks

    • You get free FB credits by doing surveys and bying stuff via the special FB-offers. You’ll find those in the game as a blue button named earn FB-credits.
      the hearts are present, so you can click on them and that way send lives to your friends! Try it!

  9. I went on the surveys to earn extra credits. I did them and I received nothing…???? I cant get passed 43 any help? thx

  10. Hi i have been trying for weeks to get through level 91 ive tried extra bubbles, rainbow bubbles, holes in the ceiling and still nothing i get one star but it doesnt count can you help me pleaseeee ive watched the videos but still cant get through.
    thanks in advance

    • Same thread as before, Caz wrote about 91:

      No potions etc – nothing used just precision charm. Clear as far you up through the middle first then right then left. Precision is the name of the game and for once I had no missed shots. Missed shots = wasted bubbles. Hope this helps x

  11. I have been trying to get past level 117 and have watched the videos, but no matter what I do, I cannot unlock that damn chain, has 2 locks on it – can anyone help with any advice?

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  13. I have beaten all 170 levels, & was wondering when the new levels will be ready for play? I am now on EI9-7, which is a real pain, but it’s something to play.

  14. i beat levels in EI 9, trying 2 go 2 level EI 10. the ghosts & arrow are there, but it doesn’t ask me 2 get help from friends. it doesn’t do anything when i click on them. how do i get thru 2 EI 10?

  15. even though i’ve beaten EI 9 level 10 several times & have a star. it tells me connection was lost..reload. i do but it says the same thing each time. could u please help me so i can move on. thank u

  16. Hi, i just browse & play games, so i’m not very computer “smart”. How do u “pin the game”? also when u say “never close BWS, does that mean u have 2 have ur computer on 24/7? i have 2 close all tabs when i shut down. These r probably pretty dumb questions, but i just don’t kno how 2 do it. Thank you for your help.

    • Yeah, if you shut down your computer, it will not work. Pinning a tab is a browser feature, you can google on the browser you use to find out.

    • I am so sorry, the indexing have to be done manually and I am working on an exiting project for an official guide for BWS at the moment, so stuff here at the website is lagging a bit. They are available at but I haven’t had the tim eto pull off that index yet. I’m so sorry for that.
      // with love Peetra,

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