Level 167 – video and great extra green Spider tricks!

Kisses and hugs to the contributors for this Level 167 walkthrough: Jorge Valenzuela Meléndez and Patti Frazier-Laundree.

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Level 167 have 3 rounds, as all the other Shadow Lord levels.

Recommended Potions: Holes in the ceiling, Rainbow bubbles (part 3)
Charms: Charm of Precision, Charm of Foresight, (Charm of Webbing, Charm of

Salvation for green Spiders, part 3)
Points needed for 1, 2, 3, Stars 290 000, 380 000, 475 000

Level 167 – Round 1

Full layout Part 1 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Full layout Part 1 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Starting Bubbles:60
Special bubbles: Shadow Bubbles, Spider Bubbles, Black Bubbles

Remove the poison spider bubbles first to advance fast to take out the shadow bubbles.

Level 167 – Round 2

Full layout part 2 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Full layout part 2 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Starting Bubbles:45
Special bubbles: Shadow Bubbles, Spider bubbles

Drop either the left OR the right side first, to get aiming possibilities and big cluster drops.

After when you see the ceiling, think through your shots, so that you bursts as few shadow bubbles as possible, other wise you might run out of bubbles before the ceiling breaks.

Level 167 – Round 3

Full layout part 3 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Full layout part 3 by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Starting Bubbles: 55
Special bubbles: Shadow Bubbles, Spider bubbles, Doom bubbles

Click on Pics below to enlarge.

Drop the sides first to increase your aiming spotsTake out bubbles on the sides first to get some aiming spots, check your score and decide if you can afford hitting Spider Bubbles. The Spider bubbles efficiently prevents the Shadow bubbles to spread down, but keep an

eye on which side they starts to grow on and take out that side first if possible

Use Rainbow Bubbles to get green spiders

Save the rainbow bubbles to get green spiders. If you already have 10 gold spiders, you can pop some spider bubbles to get one spider to go back into the ceiling and get a new blue spider at the next shot. Then use the rainbow bubble to “miss” a shot and you get a green spider. You must have 10 spiders and one must be blue to turn green.


Activate a Disarm Bubble with the Cahrm of Salvation


There is no actual need to do this trick, but if you happen to have the Charm of Salvation, activate it and shoot somewhere else to get a green Spider. :)


Video by the Blogging Witches Round 2 starts at 2:43 and round 3 starts at 5:40

Quick Start for Lords of Shadows!

Last levels bubble witch saga
Level 166 is here, I can’t believe it!! It is finally here! Party, let’s party. Woop, woop!

These are free levels for everybody, you just need 3 friends to unlock the spell!

Here is what we now about the Shadow levels for now; The shadow Lord Levels are only five, but don’t be disappointed, they all have 3 rounds in them! You take the spiders and points earned in earlier rounds with you to the next round. When a new round begins you get a new set of bubbles int the cauldron.

Rainbow Bubbles and Charms that have a certain amount that they can be used don’t fill up when entering a new round, so one wants to save the Rainbow Bubbles and Charms to the last round, as it is the hardest round on all Shadow Levels.

Linda Johnson’s Potion recommendations for the Shadow Levels; I used rainbow bubbles and extra ceiling holes on all the levels, they’re both necessary I think. Extra bubbles was pointless as most of the levels start with 80 or more bubbles (one was over 100) in the cauldron.

Jay Taylor used rainbow bubbles, extra ceiling holes and extra bubbles on every level and succeeded.

shadow-bubbles-are under the Shadow Lords influence

Click on Pic and Learn all about Shadow Bubbles

It is good with long levels, as we need some time to get to know the new obstacles; Shadow Bubbles. You usually need to avoid bursting shadow bubbles, as The Shadow Bubbles are stealing bubbles from your cauldron. This can be taken advantage of though if you dare to try. ;-)

The remaining Bubbles in the Cauldron seem to go by a new graph, at some Shadow Lord Levels they all comes out and at some only half. It could take some time to figure out how the math goes. If we work together and pay attention and then comment on what we get on different rounds, we might get clearance on this one soon enough.

If you have troubles entering the game, clear out your temporary Internet files.