Level 334 – Say WHAT?!!!!

Bubble Witch Saga Level 334 guide with Strategies, Pictures and Tips

by Jean Pierre Verbesselt

Starting Bubbles: 70
Recommended Potions: Rainbow, 3 holes in the ceiling, 7 extra bubbles
Charms/Wishes: Precision
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 150 000, 320 000, 370 000
Special bubbles:
Ghost Lock on Chain 1 2 Lock Bubbles on 1 chain
334aObstacle Shadow Bubble Shadow Bubbles
Mystery Bubble, Special bubble type Mystery Bubbles

Picture level 334a

Another mystery level so luck is more important than strategy. The shadow bubble will spread quickly but can be easily eliminated with rainbow bubbles. The chain has 2 locks and there are no other special bubbles.

The strategy that applies here is if a mystery bubble gives you a rainbow bubble, use it on the shadow bubbles so you don’t lose any bubbles out of the cauldron. And try to free the clusters of mystery bubbles so they can be dropped with one shot. Then you can start hitting them. To have enough at the end you really need to hit a lot of mystery bubbles. They will give extra bubbles and green spiders. If you have blue spiders and a lot of bubbles bouncing around, don’t wait and hit the mystery bubbles so the blue spiders turn green again

334bPicture level 334b

Cleared enough bubbles on the ceiling so it can be dropped, time to make as much green spiders as possible and clear the level with 3 stars.

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