Bubble Witch Saga Level 336

Bubble Witch Saga Level 336

You can find different video links for all the rounds, full vids in the end of this guide and direct Youtube links to start of the round. The video links and the videos in the end of this guide are not the same, so it might help to watch them all! All rounds have 3 different visual video walkthroughs.

Strategies, Pictures and Tips by Patti Frtazier-Laundree

Recommended Potions: Rainbow Bubbles, 3 h0les in the ceiling, 7 extra bubbles, golden spiders (optional)
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 185 000, 365 000, 440 000

Bubble Witch Saga Level 336, round 1, video starts at 0:35

Starting Bubbles: 50
Charms/Wishes: Precision
Special Bubbles: Shadow Bubbles, Black bubbles

Start with classic V pattern to clear corners and sides, dropping lower black bubbles and trying to contain shadows.  Drop one side with upper black bubbles if possible to allow angle shots to other side.   The upper shadows seem to spread slower until second side is dropped and screen lowers.  Continue to ceiling avoiding shadows if possible. Clear and drop.  Save your rainbow bubbles for part 3.

Bubble Witch Saga Level 336, round 2 starts at 3:07

Starting Bubbles:  55
Special Bubbles:  Dooms, Black Bubbles, Shadow Bubbles

Clear sides to contain shadows and up sides of black bubbles and dooms.  Try to shoot high when possible.  Drop dooms and column of black bubbles for screen to lower and ceiling appears.  Drop at least one cluster of the upper black bubbles on side for easier aim. Shoot up to ceiling avoiding shadows if possible. Clear & drop.

Charm/wish salvation could be useful.

Bubble Witch Saga Level 336, round 3 starts at 5:37 (3 Stars)

Starting Bubbles: 70 
Special Bubbles: Black bubbles, Spiders, Shadow bubbles, Infection, 1 bomb

This is the hardest section.  The lower black bubbles are difficult to drop.  Go up sides to contain infection and partially up middle without igniting bomb.  You may need to drop bomb before the black bubbles which will ignite it.  Be prepared to drop within final count. Try to drop at least one set of black bubbles using rainbow bubble if needed..but try to save the second rainbow for ceiling to use against shadows and help drop ceiling.  You need to drop at least one cluster of black bubbles to increase your aim.  Both clusters need dropped for screen to lower and ceiling to be seen. Raising bottom a bit may also help with difficult shots to help  clear and drop the cluster.  Angles to ceiling are difficult with remaining row of black bubbles.  Attempt to drop while clearing ceiling  and/or one side of infection.  Clear and drop ceiling.

Charm/wish disarm & antidote could be useful.

Non Charm Video:  by Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

Charm video by Youtube Channel Jean-Pierre Verbesselt.: http://youtu.be/5C9wRzPHn34

13 Stars – Bubble Witch Saga, the Movie. ;-)

Bubble Witch Saga lord of shadows

Sorry for the festive headline, but the video clip happens to be as long as a standard movie, so I couldn’t resist! ;-) The reality is that I started the screen recorder when I unlocked Level 336 and stopped it when I was done with 340. :P

aintoveryetI believe that this is a first for a whole uncut episode to be uploaded to Youtube, I did lose a life to the lord of shadows, but since it turned out to be a nice showcase about what happens if a bomb explodes (01:01:41) I ain’t gonna admit to anything else than that it was planned as a part of the “movie”. ;-)

Another thing that absolutely must have been a fixed deal is the amount of stars earned, 13 Stars for 13 as in the witches lucky number! 

I have saved the free scrolls we have got and being cheap really paid off this time, hihi. ;-) At 1:20:22 I was saved by the  Magic Scroll called Lightning Bubble.

As for the future, the Bubble Witch Saga team have a real challenge ahead, at the moment the game is pretty much perfect, so how are they gonna top up that?! Well, I am usually happy with almost everything King push, but at the moment I am truly concerned. Both Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heroes Saga have recently got Grumpy elements/episodes introduced. So worst case scenario is, that we might get 170 more Bubble Witch Saga Levels that all would be grumpy!!! :O I believe that the staff at King have some kind of inside joke and find these grumpy thingies very amusing, but I don’t. It doesn’t feel like I am achieving anything special by removing grumpiness, I want to do Magic, solve tricky problems, save the world and be a super hero! As a mother I deal with grumpy kids on daily basis in real life, so why would I like to do that for fun too..?

You can browse this last episode hereunder. Or at Youtube, I have listed the starting times as clickable links so that you can go to the round you want to study closer just by clicking the time. :-)

Uploaded on Jun 13, 2013 to  Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

Bubble Witch Saga Level 336, round 1 starts at 0:351h1m16s
Bubble Witch Saga Level 336, round 2 starts at 3:07
Bubble Witch Saga Level 336, round 3 starts at 5:37 (3 Stars)
Bubble Witch Saga Level 337, round 1 starts at 9:21
Bubble Witch Saga Level 337, round 2 starts at 12:27
Bubble Witch Saga Level 337, round 3 starts at 14:41 (2 Stars)
Bubble Witch Saga Level 338, round 1 starts at 21:48
Bubble Witch Saga Level 338, round 2 starts at 25:12
Bubble Witch Saga Level 338, round 3 starts at 32:10 (3 Stars)
Bubble Witch Saga Level 339, round 1 starts at 38:29
Bubble Witch Saga Level 339, round 2 starts at 42:21
Bubble Witch Saga Level 339, round 3 starts at 47:18 (2 Stars)
Bubble Witch Saga Level 340, round 1 starts at 01:02:30
Bubble Witch Saga Level 340, round 2 starts at 01:06:58
Bubble Witch Saga Level 340, round 3 starts at 01:13:33 (3 Stars)
Start at 01:01:41 to see the Bomb Blooper in between rounds at Level 340. :)

Finally THEY ARE HERE! Pile up your Potions to DEFEAT the Shadow Lords!

Bubble Witch Saga Shadow Lord Levels 336 – 340


I had Lady Luck on my side here, the Magic Potion 3 holes in the ceiling didn’t remove anything that would have compromised my gaming, but a few others have walked right into the BOMB TRAP, that we indeed can be certain that exists very very much on purpose. ;-)

After many boring weeks of waiting they finally are here, the boss levels! I have played only 3 of them myself, but love all of what I have played! It is late night here where I live now, I was pre-occupied with real life stuff (why is that always meddling with my gaming anyway? ;-) ) so I think I’ll leave the two last levels until tomorrow.

I really like the fresh look with the score bar up high, more visible and I have indeed been waiting for that little button that let us send lives to all in the list. The NEW “Send to All”-button is located below the high score list at your right hand side on the same screen where you buy the Magic Potions.

…and?! Am I imagining stuff, or is it a bit faster to load the game? I really don’t have a timer, so I wouldn’t know, but sometimes earlier my computer (well, the processor in it, but anyway…) started to work much harder when I loaded the game and now it seem to be more comfortable loading the game, not only in Chrome, but also in Firefox! :D

I have uploaded my first stars to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe for more! =)