Level 342

Bubble Witch Saga 342

Strategies, Pictures and Tips by  Patti Frazier-Laundree

Starting Bubbles:  30
Recommended Potions: 3 holes in ceiling, Rainbow bubbles,  Gold spiders optional
Charms/Wishes: Precision
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars:  650 000, 90 000, 120 000
Special Bubbles: Infection, Dooms, Shadows, Crystals, 2 bombs

Pic level 342: There are a few ways to approach this game depending on your color layout and how well your holes in the ceiling are situated.  The game is short and using golden spiders will give you colored spiders in the beginning helping to increase your score and more spiders as you proceed.  Here are a few suggestions that will hopefully be helpful.  If you have a good color combo and can drop a bomb first do so..if you have a matching bubble to rupture the crystals, do so. If you have no real bubble color cluster matches..you can add one but no more than 2 extra bubbles to prepare for a later hit.

However, you do lose your gold spiders. If you use more than two, the infection will get ahead of you. Take your time and plan your next shot before you take the first shot.

You will most likely be able to drop one bomb without difficulty even if ignited.  You must try to contain infection and drop at least one bomb before it reaches them.  If the infection reaches the bomb before you can drop it, just clear extra bubbles below and let infection encase it.  If it is ignited, patch it to stop the countdown, then you can proceed with the remainder of game or you can use the wish/charm of disarm.  The dooms will drop as you move along and the shadows will have reached the ceiling.  Use your rainbow bubbles to hit the shadows at the ceiling preventing emptying bubbles from cauldron and leaving more to exit cauldron after ceiling has dropped +/or use to increase or change to colored spider or to drop ceiling.  2 stars

Non Charm Video, 2 stars, 4 Potions:

Charmed Video Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

A whole new world have opened up in Bubble Witch Saga Level 341 – 355

Bubble Witch Saga, the Road Home!

15-more-exiting-levelsOh yeah, HAH! Muhahhhahha! Whoop!

I am so pleased, so pleased indeed! King have uppered the screen making the Level layouts normal again. The two past weeks that they were one row lower were odd indeed. I guess I wasn’t the only one playing the old levels and getting upset with the the impossible aiming. I know that many of the staff at King play their own games, so I imagine this might not even have been a bug reported, but some grumpy co-worker in the coffee room stating their opinions? If you have no clue what I am talking about, read the news post that I had titled with breaking changes(BTW… Nobody said a word about my little toying around with the saying “breaking news”. I guess I wasn’t as clever as i thought myself. ;-) ).

And…. Indeed! We have new levels again! We get the first (easy?) five new levels opened up by the cats, then to enter Level 346, we’ll need the help of 3 friends as usual. First when I opened up the game this morning I really didn’t get what was happening when the Baronees, Morris and Wilbur popped up telling me that the Peaceful Sea is open. The little thing that the new world starts from the upper part really confused me. I guess there have been a bug or two to many in the game, because I first thought there is something wrong… :lol: :lol:

If you get connection errors, please clear out your cookies and cache and you should be good to go again. :)

free-arcane-bubblesAfter playing Level 341 we recieve 3 free Arcane Bubbles, that should help us if we get stuck some where on the Road Home really badly.

At the moment I am just racing through levels enjoying myself, I hope you will too! I usually don’t have the sound turned on, mostly because of my family, I can’t really have them listening to my gaming all days long, now I however have the peaceful music in the background and my boyfriend that worked all night haven’t woked up and I also like it.

Here are the five level videos from the the Road Home, the Peaceful Sea uploaded to the Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

Bubble Witch Saga Level 345

Bubble Witch Saga Level 344

Bubble Witch Saga Level 343

Bubble Witch Saga Level 342

Bubble Witch Saga Level 341

One Click Coins for Bubble Witch Saga – 10 000 coins

One Click Coins for Bubble Witch Saga by Marlies Dunkel

Here is a nice add to your coin bank. 10 000 coins in the one click coins button and 2000 coins as Bonus Coins. :)

The next one click coins button is launched as soon as possible after this post gets 200 “Likes”, so please share this post with your friends so they also can “Like” it and we get the new button soon! :)

At Saturday the 8th December 2012 there will also be published a double BIG BUTTON post with
2 X 13 000 coins at once, since we then turn one year and that really needs to be celebrated! The whole week will be a bit of a celebration actually with contests that have charms and Facebook credit gift cards as prices. :)

But now back to todays coins. :) You might want to start out with collecting these standalone links before you use the One click coins Button, that way you’ll minimize the risk to loose a request for help from a friend.

  1. 500 Coins from Marlies
  2. 500 Coins from Marlies
  3. 500 Coins from Marlies
  4. 500 Coins from Marlies


Here are the coins from the Button as links that you can click one by one, if you want to.

  1. 500 Coins from Marlies
  2. 500 Coins from Marlies
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7000 coins in just one click, like them for the BIGGER one!

Bubble Witch Saga 7000 All in One Click Coins

Jump to Button…
You keep surprising me indeed. I had no idea that you wanted bigger buttons THIS much, but here it comes, the 7000 coin button. Let’s raise the cap even more, okey? If this button get 260 “Likes” an even BIGGER button for 8000 coins will be published! :-) Remember to share this post with your friends, so they also can enjoy all the free and fast coins for Bubble Witch Saga!

You should take care of your friends for the game, even if you can collect all this fast money. Therefore I suggest you collect these bonuses before you hit the “Collect 7000”-button. They will hopefully lure all the cached requests from friends to appear before you roll on with the automagic button.
1) 500 free coins made by Sabine 2) 500 free coins made by Sabine
3) 500 free coins made by Sabine


the Button(1) has been removed, as the links goes old in 7 days, please use the this link to look for fresh coins.
… or collect from the daily bonus stream.

Here are the links we use today as normal clickable links, if you don’t want or can use the button provided.

  1. 500 free coins made by Sabine
  2. 500 free coins made by Sabine
  3. 500 free coins made by Sabine
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The next Button will have 8000 coins and get launched ASAP after this post get 260 “Likes“. The next button can not be launched before 24 hours have passed from that this button was published though.

Collect 4000 Coins, all of them in just one Click!

Bubble Witch Saga All-In-One-Click-Coins

I hope you all are having a nice weekend and have remembered to collect your in-game Daily Coins Bonus. If that wasn’t quite enough, here are some more. First a few standalone links, so that you can load your game manually to answer requests from friends before you hit the one-click button, as it will load your game multiple times and you might don’t quite can catch up with the request before the game reload itself.

EDIT!!!! button removed as the coins went old…..!!! They go old in 7 days, you know…

Next week we will start out with of course more coins on Monday(I’ll try to make it late Sunday. (It depends on what else have to be done Sunday evening, there might be a lot of other bubbling for this Witch then) and Tuesday I have promised that iPhone owners shall get a chance to win a very own quite rare iPhone(4G/4S) cover, that King.Com have sent us.

Have a nice Weekend and 5000 coins in one click!

Bubble Witch Saga 5000 Coins-All-In-One-Click

[edit] button removed, these links had a best before date on them and it is gone now.

Don’t you just LOVE the new feature in Bubble Witch Saga? We seems to get a new daily game every day at the time being UTC 00:00!

But I know, I know, a bubbler need coins, lots of easy money indeed! So here is yet another One-Click Button, please leave your feedback according to the amount and frequentness, if you have any thoughts on this button or the new Daily Bonus Levels in the game.

First I paste you a few links separated from the All in One Click Coin button, as I assume you might want to check out for requests from your friends before you set off the button. If you let it roll fast, you will have no time to answer requests, so it is better to collect a few manually first. :)

  1. 500 Free Coins For Bubble Witch Saga
  2. 500 Free Coins For Bubble Witch Saga
  3. 500 Free Coins For Bubble Witch Saga

[edit] button removed, these links had a best before date on them and it is gone now. 


All New One Click Coins! (4000)

4000 coins Bubble Witch Saga, all in one click!

Scroll down to the Button that states Collect 4000 coins and click it. Do not close this browser tab or the opening tab while the All-In-One-Click Button does it’s magic. Closing either tab will disrupt the collect. If you prefer to collect manually, you’ll find the coins as manual links at the bottom of this post.

It is polite to answer requests from friends in Bubble Witch Saga, but the Button will open up a new game after the chosen amount of time(default 23 seconds) and that might cause you to miss some requests. I suggest that you load the game a few times before letting the Button do it’s magic to answer buffered requests. You can do so by loading one or more of these standalone coin links that are excluded from the button(you can consider it as a bonus, but now you collect the bonus first ;-) )

  1. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  2. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  3. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  4. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
Sorry to diappoint you, but coins are fresh only for seven days. :(
please try the menu link
1-click coins under the logo up on the page. There have been delivered a million coins via that link, you know. ;-)
The next button will be published late Thursday or early Friday depending on where you live. :)