Linked Bubbles – BWS is introducing a new special bubble!

Bubble Witch Saga Linked Bubbles

eternal isles 33-3

Picture from Level ei 33-3, where I am about to shoot a purple bubble at the yellow linked bubble in order to make a match and drop the 3 bubbles under the yellow linked bubble.

Linked Bubbles comes in sets, if you pop one linked bubble, all other linked bubbles of the same colour will be removed.

The linking isn’t working if the linked bubble is above a locked chain (Level 309) You need to unlock the chain in order to pop the linked bubble above the chain.

When you shoot direct at it, the bubble match all the other linked bubbles of the same colour. You can shoot with any bubble you like at a Linked Bubble. It is always a match if you do a direct hit on the linked bubble! :D Aiming beside the linked bubble but not hitting it directly will not pop it.

However, the match is done for the linked bubble and NOT for the surrounding bubble clusters that might be of the same colour as the bubble from the cauldron. Start watching at 1:10 in this video for Level 33-2 to see what I meen, the red bubble from the cauldron doesn’t match the red spider bubbles nor the ordinary bubbles, even if it touches both clusters.

Bombs are ignited if a linked bubble is right beside it and removed, however, a bomb ignited by a removal of a linked bubble starts it’s countdown from 10 and not from 9 as bombs otherwise do.

Linked Bubbles provides an additional way of making green spiders. If you just have made a green spider and then pop a linked bubble, that pop will make another green spider.

Here is another video from the very first Level with linked bubbles, Level 33-1, played for Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!


  1. Level 306 with Linked Bubbles, Classic Strategy Video:



Shadow Bubbles

shadow-bubbles-are under the Shadow Lords influenceShadow Bubbles are introduced at level 166 by the grimm Lord of Shadows. The Lord of Shadows is the boss for all the nasty ghosts that we so eagerly repel on every level in Bubble Witch Saga.

Shadow bubbles spread to all normal bubbles, one bubble in any direction for every time you shoot a bubble from the cauldron. You can use this knowledge at some levels as a part of tricky strategies.

As an example you can think on level 167. At level 167 you actually learn to LOVE Spider bubbles. That is because the Shadow bubbles don’t spread to them. At some levels you can successfully stop virus bubbles by letting shadow bubbles spread under the infection.

When you hit a Shadow Bubble with a matching bubble from the Cauldron, it steals bubbles from your Cauldron. This is an awesome way to earn lots of points, if you do the timing correct. Bursting shadow bubbles when you have green spiders can be quite lucrative!


You have read the Shadow Bubbles Guide, so we think that you also might be intrested in some general tips for the Bubble Witch Saga Shadow Lord Levels, CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE!


Mystery Bubbles

Mystery Bubbles are black Bubbles with a question mark. The question mark is for the surprise that you’ll get by hitting the Mystery Bubble.

A Mystery Bubble Mystery Bubble, Special bubble type Mystery Bubbles can change into a black bubble-is-hard-as-rock Black Bubbles, into Bubbles to shoot in the Cauldron, into an Infected Bubble Infected Bubble and many more things!

Tell us what kind of surprises you have got from your Mystery Bubbles! Mystery Bubbles are introduced at level 130 in the Game Bubble Witch Saga. Mystery Bubbles can also be found at level 148 and level 149 and many other levels, originally the Mystery bubbles weren’t introduced before level 146, but this was changed in May 2012. At Eternal Isles 13-5 you can get 10 green Spiders with the help of Mystery bubbles!!!!

Here you can have a sneak peak at the Mystery Bubbles in action!

In this video the Mystery Bubble turns into a Rainbow Bubble Rainbow Bubbles!!!

Morph Bubbles – post includes great trick!

Morph Bubble Morph Bubbles are shape shifting Bubbles introduced at level 106. They change colour every other turn. The colour pair for a Morph Bubble is determined in the beginning of each level where you can find Morph Bubbles.

morph-bubbles-106-polymorpicBLUE – PURPLE

The ting with Morph Bubbles is to memorize the colour pair and use tactical thinking while playing a level where they appears. I use to go “red-blue, red-blue” as a mantra in my head, just memorizing one pair. The other can be discovered by knowing the first Morph Bubble pair.

Trick provided by Jari Kanerva: Take two screen shots and have them both open, that way you don’t need to remember ow they change. :)

These Morph bubbles might seem very challenging, but as plaster on the wound these colour changing Bubbles can not be infected!

I have figured out a way to cheat these Bubbles, if you double click when shooting Bubbles, the first Bubble go away so fast, that it hit the Morph before it have had the opportunity to change colour. This way I have more chances of clearing a Morph than I otherwise would have.

Examples on levels with Morph Bubbles: level 106, 137, 142

In the video clip from level 137 I have a baby blue bubble to shoot and after that I really fast slide to pointer slightly to the left and take down the yellow bubble cluster as well.

On Youtube, there is some settings to slow down the video, I suggest you tune to ½ speed and HD over there, if you don’t get the idea by watching it here. :)

My six year old kid came up with another really good cheat for Morph Bubbles. She loaned me her crayons, baby blue, purple, red, green and yellow, so I can make small marks when the level begins and check from my marks how the Morph Bubbles are paired up. :)

Crystal Bubbles

Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles have a chrystal shield that have to be broken to make the crystal bubble into a normal coloured bubble. You break the shield of a Crystal Bubble by bursting bubbles nearby the Crystal Bubble. When you have broke the spell to the Crystal Caves, you are introduced to Crystal Bubbles at level 86. Good bubbling!

You can find a list on where Crystal Bubbles can be used in the topic on Special information about Charms at GU!

crystal bubbles are introduced at level 86

crystal bubbles are introduced at level 86