Candy Crush Soda Saga Review by fbvideogames

Candy crush soda saga can be seen as candy crush saga 2.0.


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Candy Crush Saga Soda Review by fbgamevideos that makes walkthroughs in BETA version and publish then at his at the website

The game is very similar to the candy crush saga game that we all know, but king has giving it a new twist.
In this game it’s all about the bears! I hear you thinking: Bears? Yes bears!! Gummy bears
At this moment there are 75 levels available with 2 different game types.

1. Break the ice levels(similar to clear the jelly levels in candy crush saga).
2. Soda levels (similar to the “bring down all ingredients” levels in candy crush saga levels)

In the break the ice levels you have to break the ice and try to find the hidden gummy bears underneath them.
Like i said it’s very similar to the clear the jelly levels in candy crush saga, but the extra element in it is that you
have to find the hidden gummy bears underneath the ice.

Candy Crush saga soda

Candy Crush saga soda

The soda levels are similar to the bring down the ingredients levels that we know from candy crush saga, but now
you have to raise the soda level and clear the way for the gummy bears to reach the candy string.

This new candy crush game looks similar compared to the “old” one, but on the other hand it’s totally new.
King has managed to give the “old” candy crush saga a brand new look in this candy crush soda saga game and I think that lots of the candy crush saga fans will like this new game too!

Breaking news! Candies have gained control over 72 % of Earth

The invasion have started. The candies are ALIVE!

1009906_628532470490429_473415201_nWe first heard whispers and saw hints about the invasion. Then we all the sudden had them wrapped up in a cute game at Facebook, just to rapidly move right on into your mobile devices.

The native beings from a galaxy far far away was on their way to Earth in huge masses and nobody could really tell what their intentions were… Just to be on the safe side most of humanity have taken up the fight against these aliens and crushes as many alien candies as they can.

Rumors tells that the invaders have gained critical posts in all the major countries governments. Their head quarters is in Sweden and in some  parts of the Swedish capital playing with the invading Candies have became the only task worth doing.

As the HQ of the invaders Stockholm (Sweden) even have it’s own team of talented young IT professionals working long hours with Candy Propaganda, just to make the world a more Candy friendly place. Have the Candy Crush Saga team succeeded yet? Is Candy Crush also YOUR first priority now?

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Daily Bonus Post 27th December

I hope your bellies are full and minds are peaceful, the year is going to it’s End and Christmas is soon to be all over for this time. I feel lucky, almost like winning the Lottery, since I immediately knew what level we got today as Bonus Level. Sometimes Small things make a small Witch very happy indeed! :P

For next year I have a lot of Bubbble Witch Related stuff in mid, both here at the Blogging Witches Site, but I am also involved in a little bit of this and that as well. King,Com have seeked out new partners and one thing I can reveal… There will be much more help available for all of you Bubblers next year both directly and indirectly from King.Com! :D

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 19 Level 10

Today I recognised the Daily Bonus Level, so if and when you need tricks and tips for the daily bonus, please check out the guide by Patti written for Level ei19-10! he guide also includes both a  non charm video and a freshly made 3 Star Charm Video! :D

Here are some Bonus Coins from us as well, since the Bonus Level for today just might be too challenging to get that 4000 coins all by yourself.

  1. 500 Coins
  2. 200 Coins
  3. 500 Coins
  4. 350 Coins
  5. 500 Coins
  6. 500 Coins
  7. 500 Coins
  8. 500 Coins
  9. 500 Coins
  10. 350 Coins

Candy Crush Freebies now LIVE!

If you have been stuck, sick and tired at Candy Crush, maybe even deleted the whole app, now it’s time to give it another try, since King.Com decided that a good way to sell more items might be to give us some for free! I haven’t really decided if i am gonna take up the game again, but I indeed passed Level 50 today, after being stuck for a month or so, who knows..? Only one thing is sure, I love this Reward Week thingy! :)

If you need to refresh your memory on the CCS basics, take a look at this Beginners guide for Candy Crush Saga. :)